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Exclusive Clip: The Winchesters Discover An Ominous Clue In Season 1 Episode 7

Like its parent series, "The Winchesters" begins with one simple question: Where is Dad? "Supernatural" kicked off in 2005 with Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) searching for their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who disappeared mid-hunt. "The Winchesters" fills in the gaps between the past and the present, all while telling the story of a young John (Drake Rodger) and Mary Winchester (Meg Donnelly) as they navigate young love and the chaos of hunting. Of course, daddy issues are the Winchester way, and both Mary and John initially come together during separate pursuits of their missing fathers.

"Supernatural" canon tells us that John's father, Henry (Gil McKinney), sacrifices his life for his grandchildren in a time travel stint gone wrong. Yet we just might be getting more insight into Henry's whereabouts in tonight's episode of "The Winchesters." Alternatively, Mary's father, Samuel Campbell (Tom Welling), is newly missing at the start of the series — just like John was in the original show. It's safe to say that things have come full circle for both sides of this extended hunter family. Where are the El Sol bottles when you need them?

In Season 1, Episode 7 of "The Winchesters," aptly titled "Reflections," Mary and John are closer to uncovering the truth about their missing fathers — and maybe even snagging a reunion. Looper has an exclusive clip of the anticipated episode, where Dean narrates a grim moment for Mary as she discovers an ominous clue in pursuit of her dad.  

A bloody clue

Dean and Sam Winchester have faced more than their fair share of demons, ghosts, and angels without proper weaponry, but they always get the job done anyway — though usually not without casualties. While we know that Samuel Campbell is alive long to meet Dean in the time travel episode "In the Beginning," Mary doesn't have the omniscience that fans do.

In Looper's exclusive clip, Dean sagely says, "And the difference between winning and losing isn't whether you have the holy water, the wooden stake, or the silver bullet — it's whether you got the grit to get the job done." Who would have thought that years after "Supernatural" ended, Dean would still be around to give fans hunting tips?

Meanwhile, Mary and John stake out the area around an abandoned building and give the all-clear via walkie-talkies. Mary notes that Carlos ascertained that the radio tower near the building is ground zero for radio signals attracting "unicorn monsters" to Lawrence. In their pursuit of discovering what the Akrida want with the essence of the monsters, Mary and John go on a sleuthing mission inside the seemingly abandoned building.

Yet instead of finding what the Akrida are up to, Mary finds something much more disturbing: her father's monogrammed backpack covered in blood. Mary says, "It's my dad. His bag. It's covered in blood. " The clip pans out on two very concerned hunters with more questions than answers.

Luckily, fans won't have to wait too long for answers to those questions. "Reflections" airs tonight at 8/7 C on The CW and streams for free on The CW app and website the next day.