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Here's How Law & Order: SVU's Chris Meloni Feels About Working With Mariska Hargitay

They were a TV duo unlike any other — Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson, the legendary "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" cops played by Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay. For 12 seasons, the pair worked together feverishly as police partners fighting crime in New York City before Meloni eventually stepped away from the show in 2011. He returned to the franchise and has been leading things on "Law & Order: Organized Crime" since its debut in 2021, which has sparked some awesome "SVU" crossover episodes and heartfelt moments between Meloni and Hargitay. With over two decades of friendship between them, it's no surprise the two are still close all these years later. 

"You know he, after my husband, he knows me pretty well," Hargitay told Entertainment Tonight in November 2021 after being asked about their real-life friendship. "You know we've gotten in there, we've gotten dirty," she said. But what does Meloni think about working with Hargitay all these years later?

Christopher Meloni calls Mariska Hargitay's energy 'comforting'

Speaking to NBC in a promo interview, Christopher Meloni had one perfect word to describe what it's like to work with Mariska Hargitay after so many years. 

"Comforting," he said. 

The "Wet Hot American Summer" star has always been fond of his longtime "SVU" co-star and was given the chance to present her with the Glamour Woman of the Year Award in November 2021. During his speech, Meloni told the crowd: "She's got great energy, great personality ... She's fearless, without the bravado of the warrior stance, but always with the open arms, the open heart." Speaking to People Magazine, Meloni explained that the reason for their strong bond all these years later was simple. 

"[We still] have each other's back," he said. 

 With Season 3 of "Organized Crime" and Season 24 of "SVU" both debuting in September, "Law & Order" fans will have a lot to watch this holiday season. Earlier this year, the two programs teamed up with the rebooted "Law & Order" cast for a historic three-show crossover event, and it appears that fans can expect another Benson and Stabler treat at some point