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The Entire Teen Titans Timeline Explained

Before they become the newspaper cover-gracing superheroes the world will one day come to know and love, every superhero has to start somewhere. For teenage DC superhero sidekick Robin and his pals Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, that somewhere is a super-cool housing arrangement where they can hang out playing video games and sharing pizza, waffles, and the occasional birthday cake.

Blending anime aesthetics and superhero tropes in a beautifully rendered tale that often favors good writing over canon, "Teen Titans" ran for five seasons and explores issues that all teens face while emphasizing the importance of friendship, communication, and learning to accept oneself. More than just a monster-of-the-week series, the show follows the Titans as they struggle to overcome their own personal baggage and find their own authentic selves and then use that authenticity to help others. Whether they're facing off with Slade or hanging out with Silkie, the Teen Titans continue to be a positive force in each other's lives and within their home of Jump City, but with all of those supervillain boss battles, it's a lot to keep track of. From romantic glances between Robin and Starfire to channel surfing with Control Freak, we've put together a complete "Teen Titans" timeline to help you keep it all straight.

Long, long ago

Long before the Titans first meet, their story is already in motion. Eons earlier, a Neanderthal named Gnarrk gets frozen under the Arctic sometime during prehistory in a tropical subterranean land where dinosaurs never go extinct ("Kole"). In 3000 B.C., Cyborg accidentally travels from the future and ends up helping a tribe of barbarians led by a warrior named Sarasim ("Cyborg the Barbarian"). By that point, the immortal military strategist General Immortus has gotten into the war business, leading armies through ancient Egypt (beginning around 3200 B.C.), the Roman Empire (beginning in 27 B.C.), the Three Kingdoms in China (220 to 280 A.D.), and Japan's Sengoku Period (1467 to 1615 A.D.) ("Homecoming – Part 2").

Around 1000 A.D., the wizard Rorek of Nol traps the dragon Malchior inside of his spell book, which eventually winds up in Raven's possession ("Spellbound"). Sometime during the Cold War, a scrawny fellow enlists in the Soviet military and ends up transformed into a super soldier as part of an experimental program run by Professor Chang. When his powers become uncontrollable and lead to a radioactive disaster, he exiles himself in the Russian tundra to prevent it from happening again. At some point, the interdimensional demon Trigon masquerades as a mortal and marries Arella, who is tricked into the marriage after joining the Church of Blood cult ("The Prophecy"). Together, they conceive Raven, and Arella moves to Azarath after her daughter's birth.  At some point in Tokyo, the artist Brushogun transforms himself into a supervillain by using dark magic to bring his own creation to life ("Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo"). He is eventually caught and imprisoned by the corrupt Police Commander Daizo, who begins using Brushogun's abilities to make himself look like a hero by 3D printing baddies so Daizo can swoop in with his Tokyo Troopers and heroically clean up the streets. 

Becoming Teen Titans

As a baby, Raven is nearly cast into Limbo by the monk Juris, who fears what she will become but ends up killed by Trigon. Temple Azarath's spiritual leader guides her education as she grows up ("Fractured"). Dick Grayson, who is destined to become Robin, grows up participating in a family trapeze act called the Flying Graysons. After mobster Tony Zucco sabotages the Graysons' trapeze wires, causing the deaths of Dick's parents, fellow orphan Bruce Wayne takes him in and trains him to be a vigilante crimefighter. Robin eventually moves to Jump City to do his own thing. Elsewhere, Terra grows up as a princess of Markovia, where her family's experiments leave her with unstable geokinetic abilities ("Terra"). 

Originally named Garfield Logan, a young Beast Boy is traveling the world with his geneticist parents when he is bitten by a rare green monkey and subsequently contracts a deadly disease. The serum that cures him transforms him into a green shape-shifter. After his parents are killed in a boating accident, Beast Boy breaks into the Doom Patrol headquarters and ends up getting asked to join their team, although he eventually parts ways with them and heads to Jump City ("Go!").

Born as Victor Stone, Cyborg is on track to a promising future as a teenage decathlon star when he is severely injured in an accident that leaves his mother dead. To repair Victor's mutilated body, Victor's dad outfits him with cybernetics that transform him into Cyborg. Ashamed of his appearance, Cyborg begins wearing a hoodie and avoiding people, which is exactly what he's doing when he first encounters Starfire. All of the Teen Titans meet for the first time after the Tamaranean girl Starfire, traded by her sister Blackfire as a slave to the Gordanians, crash lands on Earth. When Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven, and Robin all help free her and save the city from a Gordanian particle weapon, the Teen Titans are born.

Early Titan adventures

During the Titans' first year together, they quickly encounter a nemesis in the villain Slade, who hopes to defeat the Titans and conquer the world. To this end, he hires three HIVE Academy students — Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth — who momentarily take over Titans Tower before getting defeated by the Titans. Starfire's sister Blackfire pretends to come for a visit, but she's really there to frame her sister for stealing the Centauri diamond. Fortunately, the Titans catch on in the nick of time and Blackfire ends up arrested for her crimes ("Sisters").

Slade uses Cinderblock and Plasmus to go after the Titans, with the Titans defeating them despite the circumstances causing a temporary rift between Robin and Cyborg ("Divide and Conquer"). Slade decides to try a different approach, disguising himself as a sage to teach them some earthy ways that ultimately create a monster the Titans must defeat with help from the freshly reformed Thunder and Lightning ("Forces of Nature"). After falling into the depths of a junkyard, Cyborg meets and befriends fellow machine man Fixit ("The Sum of His Parts"). Later, Cyborg and Beast Boy take a trip inside Raven's mind, leading to a much deeper connection between the three friends ("Nevermore"). An encounter with the Puppet King leaves three of the Titans trapped in marionettes as the King takes over their bodies, and a spell mishap causes Raven and Starfire to switch bodies, giving them both a new appreciation for their fellow Titan ("Switched"). The Titans also befriend teen superhero Aqualad while facing off with the Atlantean villain Trident ("Deep Six").

Red X and another showdown with Slade

As part of his efforts to take down Slade, Robin goes rogue, creating the alter-ego villain Red X, who the other Titans try to take down before Robin comes clean. Slade gets his hands on a time-stopping chronoton detonator, but Starfire's allergies lead the Titans to it first. After a battle with Cinderblock and Slade, the device is revealed to be a ruse when Slade injects four of the Titans with nanoscopic probes with the ability to kill them by attacking their red blood cells.

Slade uses the probes to compel Robin to become his apprentice, and Robin willingly sacrifices himself for his friends ("Apprentice Part 1"). Not knowing about the nanoprobes, the other Titans go after Robin, who they believe has turned on them ("Apprentice Part 2"). When Robin disobeys Slade by refusing to fight Starfire, Slade unleashes the probes, which affect the Titans immediately, causing Robin to become compliant once more. Robin eventually outsmarts Slade by injecting himself with the probes, telling the villain that if his friends die, Slade will no longer have Robin as an apprentice. The Titans defeat Slade, who destroys his lair as he flees, and then remove all their nanoprobes.

Shortly after the battle with Slade, Cyborg develops his superhero ride — the T-Car ("Car Trouble"). Starfire falls through a portal into a dark alternate timeline where things don't work out so well for the Titans or for humanity as a whole. There, she works with the other future Titans to get back to her own time ("How Long is Forever?"). Later, Beast Boy gets temporarily mistaken for a talking green dog in the stewardship of alien kid Soto ("Every Dog Has Its Day").

Terra's betrayal and sacrifice

One day out on the mesa with Slade secretly looking on, the Titans meet Terra while she's luring a giant scorpion to its death. They invite her into the fold, and she forms a fast bond with Beast Boy. But Terra's inability to control her powers quickly becomes a problem when she nearly crushes Beast Boy under a boulder. Raven gives Terra a Titans communicator but instructs her to learn to control her powers. Believing that Beast Boy shared her secret without her consent, an emotional Terra leaves without saying goodbye to her new friends. She leaves to train with Slade in secret, as revealed in "Betrayal." 

After Terra leaves, the Titans tangle with a variety of foes including the superhuman Atlas ("Only Human"), movie-loving Control Freak ("Fear Itself"), and Killer Moth and his obnoxious daughter, Kitten ("Date with Destiny"). When Kitten's dad coerces Robin into a date with her hoping to make her boyfriend jealous, a heartsick Starfire protectively follows him, and the two get a chance to dance together after fighting off Kitten, Fang, and a whole bunch of moth larvae. Not long after this, she is forced to endure the challenges of Tamaranean puberty, which involves strange mutations, a feeling of isolation, and a chrysalis ("Transformation"). 

Terra returns to the Titans having unexpectedly mastered her geokinetic abilities. They happily take her back into their family, and Beast Boy gets the date he's been pining for, which makes it that much worse when the Titans learn Terra has betrayed them to Slade, who is able to get past Titans Tower security with her help. The Titans thwart Slade's effort, but the betrayal leaves Beast Boy brokenhearted all over again ("Titan Rising" and "Betrayal"). After an encounter with Robin's interdimensional double lets Johnny Rancid cause trouble for Jump City ("Fractured"), Terra returns to lure the Titans into a trap so Slade can take over the city but ultimately sacrifices herself for her friends, transforming herself into a statue in the process ("Aftershock").

Brother Blood and Professor Chang

Season 3 of "Teen Titans" finds the Titans contending with the HIVE Academy once more after academy students are linked to an uptick in robberies around Jump City. Using a couple of holographic rings, Cyborg is able to disguise himself as the superpowered Stone, who looks like Cyborg's pre-cybernetic self and has the ability to transform his body into stone ("Deception"). Leaving a robotic copy of himself called the Cybot back at Titans Tower as a decoy, Cyborg uses the rings to go undercover in the HIVE Academy, where he quickly runs afoul of Jinx, Mammoth, and Gizmo, and catches the eye of the academy's new boss, Brother Blood. Just as Cyborg hacks into the school computer and learns of Brother Blood's ion amplifier, Brother Blood reveals he knew what was up all along and convinces Cyborg to defect to his side with a little mind control. But the Titans show up and Cyborg reveals he was never fooled, collapsing the school with help from the amplifier.

When someone steals Robin's Red X suit, Robin confesses his mistake in creating Red X, admitting that the suit is powered by a volatile element called zynothium which makes the suit impossible to destroy ("X"). After forcing intel from Professor Chang, the Titans travel to a tech company with an impenetrable vault and a lifetime supply of the element, where they predictably find the new Red X searching for the same thing. After facing off with Red X, they learn that he's not a criminal so much as a sociopath bent on having a wild time. While they hash things out, Professor Chang swoops in and scoops up all of the zynothium which he plans to use to destroy Jump City. While Chang freezes the other Titans and finishes up production on his disintegrator cannon, Robin and Red X work together to save them, and Red X takes off with some zynothium in the end.

Starfire's wedding

The Titans are shocked when Starfire tells them she has to return to Tamaran so she can get married and she wants all of her friends to come. The Titans are even more stunned to learn that it's an arranged marriage, which Robin takes especially hard ("Betrothed"). More big surprises await when, en route to Tamaran, they are attacked by the Drenthax. Upon arriving, they learn that Starfire is second in line for the Tamaranean throne. But the biggest surprise of all waits at the Tamaranean castle, where they learn the evil Blackfire has broken out of prison and become the Empress of Tamaran. After Blackfire tells her sister that she has to marry the blob-like Drenthax leader Glgrdsklechhh for the good of their planet, a despondent Robin desperately tries to get Starfire out of the arrangement, but to no avail. 

The other Titans start snooping around and discover Blackfire's skeezy arrangement to sell out her sister in exchange for invincible power via the Jewel of Charta. When her fellow Titans disrupt the wedding, Starfire challenges her sister for the crown and wins. Following her victory, Starfire banishes Blackfire and calls off the wedding. After leaving the throne in the capable hands of her childhood manny Galfore, Starfire and the Titans head back home to Earth.

Gizmo, Malchior, and Mad Mod

The Titans run into trouble with Cyborg's programming after he picks up a computer virus from the video game Mega Monkeys 4. To save the day, they enlist the help of an unlikely ally — the HIVE-affiliated hacker, Gizmo ("Crash"). While looking through a box of the defeated Slade's artifacts, Robin inhales hallucinogenic dust, causing him to believe he is fighting Slade. The team later learns that the reagent was triggered by someone outside of Titans Tower, foreshadowing a looming reprisal of their confrontation with Slade ("Haunted").

Bookworm Raven gets caught up in a fantasy book and falls in love with the story's handsome sorcerer, Rorek of Nol ("Spellbound"). After they strike up a friendship, Rorek teaches her everything he knows from thousands of pages of spells and incantations, increasing her abilities with powerful dark magic. When he tricks her into freeing him from the book, she realizes he isn't Rorek — it was the dragon Malchior all along, and promptly sends him back into the book with her newfound abilities.

Not long after Malchior is thwarted, the Titans have new foes to contend with including Mad Mod, who reclaims America for England and reappropriates Robin's youth for himself ("Revolution"). Next, they team up with Aqualad once more to battle Brother Blood and his sonic generator while Bumblebee infiltrates HIVE Academy ("Wavelength"). When Beast Boy gets splashed with some chemicals inside an animal testing facility, he abandons his veggie lifestyle and transforms into a were-Beast Boy, a condition that's thankfully reversed with an antidote ("The Beast Within").

Brother Blood and Titans East

The end of Season 3 sees the Titans getting caught up in various shenanigans. Beast Boy gives Starfire a very special pet in Silkie the Silkworm, whom he adopts after the Titans face off with Killer Moth, but she screws up and feeds him zorkaberries from Tamaran that make him grow to an enormous size. When she abandons him and Killer Moth picks up where she left off, Silkie explodes and transforms back into his old larval self ("Can I Keep Him?"). Later, Mumbo traps the Titans in his trippy magic hat universe, transforming four of them into animals and Beast Boy into a shape-shifter who can only become inanimate objects. Soon after, the Titans outsmart Mumbo with a clever trick and some paint ("Bunny Raven or How to Make a Titanimal Disappear").

Brother Blood returns to build a new academy in Steel City where Cyborg is working with Bumblebee and Aqualad to establish a new branch of the Titans called Titans East ("Titans East"). After a brief tangle with Steamroller, they finish building Titans Tower East just as Brother Blood attacks with a bunch of Cyborg clones as part of his plan to convert the tower into a new HIVE Academy. Cyborg decides to stay and lead the Titans East, leading to some friction with Robin, and Brother Blood brainwashes Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and Más y Menos. Using Cyborg's tech, Brother Blood cybernetically alters himself and makes plans to transform the Titans East in the same way. The original Titans arrive in the nick of time, and together, the combined teams send Brother Blood packing.

Raven's prophecy

After Control Freak's escape from prison, the Titans chase him and his TV villains through a TV dimension where his channel-surfing is damaging the brains of TV viewers ("Don't Touch That Dial"). Next, Robin embarks on a journey to train with the True Master in Asia as part of his fight against Katarou ("The Quest"). As Raven's birthday arrives, she has an emotional reaction to her friends' efforts to celebrate, and it doesn't help matters when a strange symbol appears in Raven's room and a demonic voice tells her she will fulfill her destiny and open a portal to let Trigon into the world ("Birthmark").

The Titans respond to a call where they find Slade, who is brought back by Trigon in exchange for his obedience. Slade appears with Trigon's symbol on his head and tells Raven he's come to deliver a message. More powerful than ever, Slade burns the same symbol into a horrified Raven's arm. As Slade begins to destroy the factory and her friends, Raven stops time — a power she had not previously known she had. Slade moves despite the time freeze, telling her he has to deliver his message as the same symbols appear all over her face and body. Raven has a horrifying vision of an apocalyptic future, with Slade telling her before he leaves that this is the world she will create. Raven keeps the prophecy to herself, but it will torment her in the weeks to come as she awaits the fulfillment of this dark destiny. 

Raven reveals the prophecy

Cyborg accidentally travels to 3000 B.C., where he meets and falls for Sarasim, the leader of the Stone Age Barbarians ("Cyborg the Barbarian"). Beast Boy gets a job as the only employee at the Mega Meaty Meat restaurant to raise money for a moped and thwarts The Source, an alien race of living tofu planning to blow up the Earth with cow-powered technology ("Employee of the Month"). The Titans are forced to look bigotry in the face when they befriend an alien named Val Yor who responds to Starfire with microaggressions that progress to outright insults ("Troq").

As the Titans continue to puzzle over Slade's symbol, Raven remains tormented by visions of Slade and the impending apocalypse but continues to keep everything to herself ("The Prophecy"). Slade summons the Titans with a little light vandalism to clear up the mystery, telling them that the symbol is the Mark of Skath and directs them to the abandoned city library. There, they unlock a secret passage leading to an old subterranean temple filled with spirits that chant a prophecy, causing Raven's markings to light up. Raven leaves to shut herself in a protective circle as her friends explore the temple, descending into its depths where Slade awaits them. After visiting Azarath and concluding that she can't escape her destiny, Raven returns to save her friends and come clean with them about the prophecy.

Raven defeats Trigon

The Titans end up stranded and split up on an alien planet, where Robin and Starfire hash out their feelings for each other after a misunderstanding over the term "girlfriend" leaves Starfire upset ("Stranded"). Cyborg experiments with a new upgrade and faces off with HIVE Academy grad Billy Numerous, who has the ability to duplicate himself ("Overdrive"). The manipulative witch Mother Mae-Eye uses mind control to reduce the Titans into spoiled, compliant children by feeding them magical pie — a spell the HIVE Five unintentionally helps break in time for Starfire to stop her from baking them alive ("Mother Mae-Eye").

Realizing that there's nothing she can do to stop the prophecy surrounding her as her time draws to a close, Raven resigns herself to her fate, committing to spend her last moments with them as well as possible ("The End"). Raven's markings reappear, the Titans put Raven in a quarantine room meant to keep out everything that could harm her, but Trigon gets into her head as she meditates. She leaves with Slade, telling him that like her, he is just a pawn to Trigon. When Slade's own army of fire stops obeying him, he realizes she is telling the truth, causing him to turn on his former master. Amid the Titans' protests, Raven opens the portal, destroying herself and allowing Trigon to take over the Earth in the process. Against the wasted landscape, the Titans realize that Raven left them some of her powers, which they use to attack Trigon. It doesn't work, but Slade decides to join them in stopping Trigon, giving them the Ring of Azar to protect them. While Robin and Slade go after Trigon, the other three Titans work together to battle evil clones of themselves created by Trigon. Robin finds Raven in the form of her childhood self, who faces her father and defeats him, restoring the planet and returning to her original age.

Brotherhood of Evil trouble

Season 5 of "Teen Titans" finds Beast Boy bailing out his old pals the Doom Patrol after they are captured by the Brotherhood of Evil ("Homecoming"). After filling his fellow Titans in on his back story, Beast Boy saves Robot Man in the Amazon Jungle with more than a little help from Cyborg. They save the Doom Patrol and learn that Monsieur Mallah has a quantum generator. The Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans team up to infiltrate the Brotherhood's fortress and stop them from creating a black hole with their quantum generator. After their plans are thwarted, the Brotherhood vows to stop all the world's young superheroes and begin going after them one by one ("Trust").

While the Titans go out to fight the Brotherhood, they leave the Titans East in charge of Titans Tower and Jump City, where they struggle to be accepted by the community. Control Freak is on the loose again, and when his antics don't get him the attention he craves with the original Titans gone, he goes after the Titans East ("For Real"). Control Freak creates a televised Titans Challenge to test their abilities after researching them online. By completing his tests, the Titans East prove their worth with the locals, and Control Freak is captured to boot.

Titans recruitment drive

As the Titans get ready for an imminent showdown with the Brotherhood of Evil, they travel the world helping other superheroes and picking up allies. The Titans encounter Red Star in frozen Northern Russia while helping locals with a radioactive monster. The Titans befriend the lonely soldier and help him learn to control his powers, making him an honorary Titan at the same time ("Snowblind"). While battling Doctor Light in the Arctic, the Titans fall through the ice and meet Gnarrk and Kole, making them honorary Titans as well ("Kole"). Later, a frustrated Raven brings three child superheroes into the fold while battling Monsieur Mallah ("Hide & Seek").

While the cat's away, the mice will play, and the HIVE Five are more than happy to take advantage of the Titans' absence, getting into all sorts of mayhem in Jump City while they're gone. When Kid Flash steps in to halt their nonsense, he finds an unlikely romantic connection with Jinx, causing her to turn on the Brotherhood's Madame Rouge ("Lightspeed").

After a brief detour racing with Ding Dong Daddy Dowd and Red X ("Revved Up"), the Titans go on one more recruitment drive and bring dozens of new Titans into their ranks. With their task complete, they make their way back to Jump City ahead of the final showdown with the Brotherhood. But by recruiting young superheroes around the globe and giving them each a Titans communicator, they've actually made it easier than ever for the Brotherhood to find and attack the heroes.

Epic showdown with the Brotherhood of Evil

The Brotherhood of Evil taps into the Titans communicator network and strategizes to attack all the heroes at once so that there are no reinforcements available to help save any of them ("Calling All Titans"). They hold all of the young superheroes captive in a collection at the Brotherhood lair, freezing them in place on display like statues. Beast Boy manages to evade the Brotherhood villains, escaping to a super-secret Titans hideout where he is joined by Jericho, Pantha, Más, and Herald. Under Beast Boy's leadership, they reform as a new Titans crew and get to work saving their friends.

The alternate Titans work together to capture Cinderblock, using Jericho's abilities to infiltrate the Brotherhood lair with Cinderblock's body ("Titans Together"). They are eventually joined by others including Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Kole, Gnarrk, Bumblebee, Red Star, Melvin, Timmy Tantrum, Teether, and Bobby, and together they change the tide of the battle. The freed Titans begin unfreezing the captured Titans, and the odds shift even further in their favor. Jinx and Kid Flash show up and join in the fun, which turns into an epic versus match between the entire Brotherhood of Evil and extended Teen Titans group. After defeating the Brotherhood, all of the Titans return to Titans Tower. When they receive an alarm on Doctor Light's latest bank robbery, most of them respond together to teach Light a lesson he won't soon forget. 

Things change

While the Titans are off fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, a few things change back in Jump City. The Teen Titans are happy to be home and look forward to spending time back in their beloved city, but they're shocked to see that in their long absence some of their favorite stores have either moved or are scheduled for demolition ("Things Change"). Suddenly, the Titans are attacked by an unfamiliar enemy. While fighting, Beast Boy sees a schoolgirl he believes to be the long-gone Terra, who sacrificed herself to save the Titans and became transformed into a stone statue.

Convinced he truly saw Terra, Beast Boy returns to Slade's old lair where Terra's body was turned into a statue only to find that the statue is no longer there. After tracking her down to a high school, Beast Boy learns that this girl has no memory of her life as Terra and doesn't seem to have any elemental powers. Not only that, but she doesn't seem to have anything in common with the Terra Beast Boy once knew. While revisiting one of their old haunts, Beast Boy encounters Slade, who tells him Terra chooses to be who she is now. After trying again to connect with her, Beast Boy finally resigns himself to the truth and decides to leave her be, ending the series on a tragic note.

Trouble in Tokyo

Having been running his Tokyo Troopers scam for an untold length of time, Commander Daizo is Tokyo's biggest hero ("Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo"). But when Jump City gets a visit from Brushogun's creation, the ninja Saico-Tek, the Titans head to Tokyo in search of his boss. After Daizo assures the inquisitive teens that Brushogun is nothing more than a little local creepypasta, they set out to see the sights with Starfire and Robin's romance coming into focus for a change. But Robin can't leave well enough alone, and he takes off on his own to find out more about Brushogun — a move that gets him arrested by Daizo for "killing" Saico-Tek.

With a little Scooby-Dooing, the Titans learn the truth about Brushogun's origin and discover that Daizo has used a cursed printing press to enslave Brushogun. Brushogun reveals that he turned the press against Daizo by creating Saico-Tek to bring the Titans to Tokyo and help stop his enslaver. After an epic battle with Daizo, Brushogun is finally freed to die a peaceful death. Their foe vanquished and the day saved, Robin and Starfire finally share the romantic kiss Titans fans have been dreaming of. Later on, they're seen holding hands as the Titans receive an award from the mayor of Tokyo for their heroics, signifying that they have officially become a couple at long last.

The alternate timeline

When Starfire travels with Warp through the time portal in "How Long is Forever?" an alternate timeline is created. Although she only travels two decades into the future, Starfire finds herself in a disturbing alternate universe where dramatic changes have occurred. There, she finds Titans Tower in disrepair and haunted by a practically powerless and broken-down Cyborg who is unable to leave the Tower for long. The lonely Cyborg tells Starfire that after her disappearance into the portal 20 years ago, the Teen Titans fell apart, and their lives haven't turned out fantastic in her absence.

Starfire goes on the hunt for her friends and learns that a balding Beast Boy has now become nothing more than a carnival sideshow. They also find Raven, who has completely lost touch with reality out of pure loneliness and lack of purpose. Only Robin seems to be doing somewhat okay, having experienced a serious glow-up and rebranded himself as the hunky superhero Nightwing. After a little encouragement from Nightwing, the Titans rally and help return Starfire home, where the timeline is restored to its original course.