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Terrifier 2's Director Claims Only Two People Have Figured Out The True Meaning Of The Clown Cafe

"Terrifier 2" has emerged as one of the biggest and most surprising box office success stories of the fall season. Though the horror sequel was in the works for several years following the release of the first movie in 2016, it looks like a third entry in the series probably won't be taking that long to get produced, especially based on the surge of revenue that the film has brought in on the back of its meager budget (via Box Office Mojo).

"Terrifier 2" sees the bizarre, disturbed, and downright disgusting Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) coming back from the dead to terrorize a whole new group of victims on Halloween a year after his last bloody rampage. However, the sequel also adds a ton of new information to the lore behind the seemingly unkillable villain, making the franchise stand out even more from your average slasher series. One of these elements revolves around a strange dream sequence that Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) experiences in "Terrifier 2."

Leone will reveal the meaning of the scene on a Blu-ray commentary

Damien Leone, who wrote and directed both "Terrifier" films, has been leaving a trail of breadcrumbs on Twitter for the franchise recently. While the filmmaker has had plenty to say, he's still being relatively cryptic when it comes to some of the biggest mysteries in the sequel, like a seemingly magical blade and that surreally terrifying dream sequence.

Early on in "Terrifier 2," Sienna Shaw has a vivid dream of watching Art serve dessert to happy-go-lucky teens before viciously gunning them down in a bone-chilling fashion. It's a truly wild scene, but the meaning behind it is foggy at best. In fact, Leone has asserted that, to his knowledge, only a couple of people have figured out what the scene represents.

"Only two people that I'm aware of on social media have figured out the significance of The Clown Cafe scene to a T. It's not just a dream. I reveal the meaning on the upcoming Blu-ray commentary," Leone tweeted. With this claim in mind, it definitely seems like there's going to be way more to the scene than fans expected. Either way, with the possibility of two more sequels in the franchise, it looks like gore hounds will have a lot more blood and guts to look forward to before this franchise is laid to rest.