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Terrifier 3 Will Start Immediately After The End Of The Sequel

Jason Voorhees. Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers. Art the Clown? While it might seem a little too early to count the slasher villain from Damien Leone's "Terrifier" franchise among such heavy hitters of the horror genre, if the mind-blowing success of "Terrifier 2" is any indication, the character is about to take off in a very big way. Though both films have been known for their horrific displays of carnage and brutality, that hasn't kept audiences from showing up in droves for the sequel.

On the contrary, "Terrifier 2" has already passed the $10 million mark on a meager budget of only $250,000 (via Box Office Mojo). With Leone promising to build out the franchise in future installments, it looks like we haven't seen the last of Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) quite yet. However, while the sequel began a year after the events of the first film, it seems the upcoming "Terrifier 3" will be starting things off much closer to the end of the previous film.

Sienna and Jonathan aren't safe from Art the Clown just yet

Damien Leone has been tweeting up a storm following the massive success of "Terrifier 2," but a recent tweet from the writer-director may have given fans the biggest bit of plot information for the upcoming "Terrifier 3" yet. The filmmaker confirmed that the sequel will open immediately following the events of the last movie, meaning survivors Jonathan (Elliot Fullam) and Sienna Shaw (Lauren LaVera) aren't safe from Art the Clown quite yet.

"I will say this...Terrifier 3 will pick up right where part 2 ends, and it is f*n WILD!" Leone tweeted. While "Terrifier" was a reasonably straightforward, if shockingly gruesome, slasher flick, "Terrifier 2" changed things up considerably by introducing the Shaws' father and showing that he may have predicted that Art the Clown would come to life. Furthermore, the sequel had Sienna Shaw seemingly resurrected in much the same way that Art the Clown has come back from the dead again and again.

While fans likely still have more questions than answers regarding the enigmatic dreams Sienna has in "Terrifier 2" and how a mysterious blade left to her by her father might be the only way to stop Art the Clown for good, it looks like there might be some real clarification to the lore of the series in the upcoming "Terrifier 3."