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Henry Cavill Compares The Stunt Work In Enola Holmes 2 To Superhero Movies Like Superman - Exclusive

On the surface, it may not seem like Henry Cavill's stint as Superman for DC Comics films and his time as Sherlock Holmes in "Enola Holmes" have anything in common beyond the actor's appearance in both. Yet if you look deeper, both men have a set of personally curated morals they follow while they're out saving the world or solving crime.

Though it's unlikely we'll get a team-up between a mystery-centric detective from the 1800s and a superhero alien from Krypton, they are two of pop culture's most fascinating characters — and both have been played by a wide range of actors who have come before. Of course, given that "Enola Holmes 2" stars Millie Bobby Brown as the title character, she's a bit more centralized regarding things like stunt work. So, with Cavill's announcement that he's once again stepping into Superman's cape, what are the most significant differences in stunt work between both projects? Looper spoke to Cavill during an exclusive interview, where he answered that very question.

Super stunts and super sleuths

On how different or similar the stunt work is between films like "Enola Holmes 2" as opposed to superhero roles like Superman, Cavill said, " [In] 'Enola,' for my character, there's not much in the way of stunt work. There's a little bit of fight choreography in '[Enola Holmes] 2,' but it's not really based around that." Fans will notice Cavill enacting Sherlock's patented pensiveness more frequently than see him getting into the thick of the action. However, Sherlock's inebriation during one scene certainly offered its own set of challenges.

On the flip side, Cavill added, "With the superhero movies, with other stunt-heavier projects, there's a lot more prep involved and a lot more time spent [with] wires or behind [a] green screen. They're two very different things." As it turns out, the project where Cavill has to fly is just a bit more complicated stunt-wise than when the actor puts on his detective hat. Who knew?

"Enola Holmes 2" is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.