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Enola Holmes 2's Henry Cavill Says Superman Is More Than Just Brawn - Exclusive

Henry Cavill is officially back as Superman, and fans couldn't be more excited. "A very small taste of what's to come, my friends," the actor wrote on his Instagram regarding his return to the role of the Man of Steel. "The dawn of hope renewed. Thank you for your patience, it will be rewarded." But before he dons that red cape once more, Cavill is returning to the "Enola Holmes" universe, starring as the legendary detective alongside Millie Bobby Brown as his sister. When you think about it, Superman and Sherlock are quite similar — and not just because of their tireless pursuit of the truth (or their occasionally brooding demeanors).  

Looper spoke to Cavill during an exclusive interview for "Enola Holmes 2," and he took a moment to contemplate the similarities and differences between Sherlock and Superman — and the irresistibly surreal question of which timeless hero would emerge triumphant in a battle of wits.

Superman vs. Sherlock

Cavill is a master at playing intense characters. Between Sherlock in "Enola Holmes" and Superman in the DC Extended Universe, Cavill can out-pensive the best of them. Given that he has now personified both Sherlock's brains and Superman's brawn, we asked Cavill how the two characters compare, and whether Superman or Sherlock would win if they went up against each other.

Of course, Cavill is fiercely protective of Superman and all he stands for. "Well, goodness me. First of all, Superman isn't just brawn," Cavill said. "There's so much more to him than that. And second of all, they wouldn't go up against each other. Superman is no villain, and Sherlock only goes after the bad guys." Of course, it wouldn't be the first time two heroes would go up against each other, as the "Batman v Superman" star noted. 

"But Sherlock, I suppose it would come down to the Batman/Superman argument, which is, if Sherlock had enough prep, could he take out Superman," Cavill mused. "And I think the age-old answer to that is, in reality, only if Superman allowed it to happen because he is Superman, after all. And he's, if anything, held back by his ethics and morals in that circumstance." Well, that's why we love the Man of Steel. Sherlock is often more ready to blur the lines to get his desired results, which might actually make the duo a pretty formidable pairing if they teamed up with each other rather than against.

"Enola Holmes 2" premieres on Netflix on November 4.