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Sylvester Stallone Thinks It's Time To Do Away With Real Guns On Movie Sets

The topic of using live rounds in movies has been highly debated since the tragic incident on the set of "Rust," and many people are questioning whether or not this method should be allowed, especially given the advancements in technology. While people have their own opinions, it seems safe to assume that many would agree that there ought to be more steps taken to prevent this woeful ordeal from happening again. Several have spoken out about the need for the industry to be more responsible with safety protocols involving onset guns (via USA Today), including George Clooney, who was not shy about slamming the procedures utilized on the set of "Rust." But some celebrities well-versed in using firearms for entertainment purposes think there is a different route to take to prevent these kinds of terrible events from happening.

Golden Globe winner Sylvester Stallone has been a powerhouse on the big screen starring in a number-one film for six straight decades, and the talented Hollywood player is no stranger to the action genre (via Deadline). Starring in franchises like "Rambo" and "The Expendables," along with a slew of other roles involving trigger-happy, gun-toting personas, the "Tulsa King" star has had ample experience in firing weapons on set, which has led him to the conclusion that things must change.

Stallone believes in safety over authenticity

When discussing whether or not real firearms should be utilized in the filmmaking process, Sylvester Stallone talked about how dangerous blank firing rounds can be, let alone real bullets. "On 'Rambo IV,' I wanted to show what a .50-caliber could do to a human being," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "There were no bullets in the gun. It was just the force of the compression in the shell. But it turned the dummy into mist. It blew it apart. Then I turned the .50-caliber to a row of bamboo trees and it literally cut them in half. This is without bullets!"

He also revealed a mishap on the set of "The Expendables," where a round was fired from a pistol while in his holster. "I've used weapons that are incredibly dangerous at close range. I'm surprised I haven't lost a finger or something. It was only a matter of time and I agree: With special effects, there's no need to do this." The world-renowned action star believes technology can ensure people's safety, making it a no-brainer. And he's not the only one that thinks this way.

Craig Zobel, the executive producer of the HBO series "Mare of Easttown," expressed his thoughts on the matter in a tweet, writing, "There's computers now. The gunshots on Mare of Easttown are all digital. You can probably tell, but who cares? It's an unnecessary risk." While authenticity adds to the overall experience, many cinema fans would surely agree with Stallone and Zobel that it's never worth risking anyone's life. The incident on the "Rust" set will inevitably have a lasting effect on the film industry, and hopefully, no more unnecessary shots will be taken in Hollywood.