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Ben Mendelsohn Has A Playful Warning For Pedro Pascal Regarding HBO's The Last Of Us Adaptation

Following its confirmed release date announcement, HBO's "The Last of Us" just became one of, if not the most eagerly anticipated, television show of 2023. The live-action adaptation of the beloved video game released in 2013 is widely regarded as the greatest in its medium, drew the attention of fans, and the uninformed after its jaw-dropping trailer — ahem — clicked with audiences following its debut. Understandably, fans of the franchise were quick to chime in with their theories and opinions about what was on show, including Emmy award-winning star Ben Mendelsohn.

The "Star Wars: Rogue One" and "Captain Marvel" star soon to be returning to the MCU as Talos in "Secret Invasion" sent a few choice words to his pal Pedro Pascal, who is taking on the lead role in the show as Joel. Already appearing to be a close adaptation to the game "The Last of Us," follows Pascal's worn-down hero in a post-apocalyptic world after he's paired up with a young girl named Ellie (Bella Ramsay). Initially not on the best terms with each other, the two soon learn that the key to each other's survival is in each other as they defend themselves against warring factions and bloodthirsty creatures caught between them.

Mendelsohn hopes The Last of Us hasn't messed up the original game's legacy

Mendelsohn had some hopes drizzled in between words of warning for the show's leading man on Instagram saying, "Can't wait, Pasc . But pasc. Better not have f—-d it up," he warned. "It's probably the greatest console game of all time. you don't f things up," referring to the original title that, within its fifth anniversary, sold 17 million copies in 2018 (via Twitter).

Mendelsohn also expressed his excitement about how Ramsay would handle the role of Ellie, an equally crucial cog in the story that eventually had her own to tell with "The Last of Us Part II," which received equal critical acclaim. "I'm v excited for the little I've seen of your traveling companion," he said. "BUT. THIS ONE. THEY BETTER NOT HAVE HALF-STEPPED! Lot of us carry this game close," Mendelsohn assured, finally adding. "Trailer looks v v promising. Miss ya."

With its cinematic storytelling and incredible character depth, "The Last of Us" was a benchmark in video games that changed the arena it landed in forever. Laced with heartache and horror in equal measure, the show is in safe hands with the original game's creator, Neil Druckmann, working alongside Craig Mazin, the mind behind the harrowing but top-tier bit of television that was "Chernobyl." Here's hoping they can load up an equal masterpiece to line up with the game it spawned from when the show arrives on HBO on January 15.