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Small Details You Missed In The First The Last Of Us Trailer

The first trailer for "The Last of Us" has finally arrived, and very fittingly on the video game's official holiday. It's been a year since we got our first look into the series, when Naughty Dog revealed the first photo from the show, and what a wait it's been for some more action.

The trailer is everything fans of the popular video game hoped for. The series seems to show great attention to detail, evident in many frames of the teaser. Pedro Pascal shines as Joel, while Bella Ramsey perfectly embodies young Ellie. The series will be a gloomy and thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure, and our first peek at a Clicker is chilling. The trailer might only have been a minute and 49 seconds, but there were so many calls to the video game it was rather impressive. We broke down the small details from the first "The Last of Us" trailer, highlighting its source material and featuring fun easter eggs.

Joel and Ellie might be looking at a familiar and fan-favorite sight

Contrary to the world-ending, horrifying images on display, "The Last of Us" isn't all doom and gloom. Okay, maybe it's like a 90-10 split. Even so, the game does have its brief and beautiful moments of hope, often shared between Joel and Ellie on their long road together, with one particular standing head and shoulders above the rest.

During their danger-riddled journey, Joel and Ellie come across a pair of wild giraffes who have been roaming free since the world went to hell. It's a totally new experience for Ellie but one that's beautifully captured in the game, strengthening the bond between these two strangers. While it's not clear in the teaser, there is a moment near the end of the preview that shows the two looking at something out of shot, with Joel observing Ellie's reaction rather than looking ahead. Chances are this could be the story segment in question that's as an essential part of "The Last Of Us" story as Joel's flannel shirts or the bloodthirsty Clickers (more on them later). It'll also undoubtedly make viewers, die-hard fans or not, sob immensely. Please don't say we didn't warn you.

First looks at Nick Offerman's Bill and Melanie Lynskey's mystery character

Besides blitzing us with what look to be stunning shot-for-shot reenactments of major moments from the game, the teaser also boasts the appearances of some of its most important characters and an unfamiliar one. At the minute mark of the new teaser, we get a brief but pretty intense first look at Nick Offerman as a shotgun-toting recluse, Bill, who appears to have his sights on Joel after seemingly falling into a trap. Worry not, though, as regardless of how things look, these two are on reasonably decent terms, with Bill being a supply man for Joel — just one that's paranoid and doubtful of anyone that isn't him or his loving partner, Frank.

However, while Offerman might be an iteration of a familiar face to fans, one that isn't is Melanie Lynskey from the recent hit show "Yellowjackets." Only making a brief appearance in the teaser trailer here, Lynskey's name has been absent on the cast list, with the actress herself even proclaiming it as a surprise on Twitter. With that in mind and the authoritative presence she's clearly parting crowds with, might she be an all-new character in this well-known story? More importantly, just which side of Joe and Ellie's journey will she end up being on? We can only wait and see and hopefully do so quietly while crouched behind a table.

Joel's watch shows an impressive attention to detail

Right off the bat, it's easy to see that HBO's take on "The Last of Us" has striven toward faithfulness toward the game and its characters. One of the trailer's first shots lingers upon Joel as he sits silently. His quiet, contemplative mood lets the camera linger on his signature wristwatch. As fans of the game know, the timepiece is a gift from Joel's late daughter, Sarah. She gives it to him for his birthday, and he wears it during their fatal flight from Austin. Tragically, Sarah does not survive the trip. The watch henceforth becomes a symbol of Joel's guilt over his survival and how his life has stopped, frozen, at that very moment.

The timepiece is definitely in place and on Joel's wrist during the trailer. Even better — loyal gamers will notice that the watch is set to the exact time it was stopped forever during Joel and Sarah's desperate attempt to escape their hometown. That dedication to the source material should have fans excited for what's to come in the series as a whole.

Click, click, click

You need only mention "Clickers" to fans of Naughty Dog's revered videogame to stop them dead in their tracks. Part enraged zombie, part month-old cabbage, Clickers are what happens when an infected has been a victim of the virus after a lengthy period of time. Stronger and meaner than the newer infected types, Clickers use echo-location to track their victims, hence their name.

Shown near the tail end of the trailer, these wild and woefully disfigured monsters are absolute nightmare fuel in the original game and the chapter that followed. The best tactic to avoid an encounter with a Clicker is to stay quiet and get in plenty of cardio beforehand. Of course, with the world going to heck, chances of workouts might be limited, meaning that given the nature of these beasts, we're going to see Joel and Ellie have some very intense altercations with these guys. Be afraid, be very afraid — and for crying out loud, keep your voice down.

The Fireflies aren't welcome here

One of the first clips shown in the trailer focuses on two individuals painting over a giant red logo. Fans of "The Last of Us" video games will immediately recognize this as the Firefly logo.

The Fireflies are an important group in both "The Last of Us" and "The Last of Us Part II." They were a militia group that rose up against the military occupation of numerous cities in the United States. After the outbreak, the United States government sent military troops to most of the biggest cities in the country in an attempt to restore government control, but the Fireflies refused to give in. As a result, many cities became the site of battles against the military and the Fireflies.

In "The Last of Us" series, It seems that the Fireflies have beaten Joel (Pedro Pascal) to wherever he is at this point in the show. Not only have they already set up in the area, but their deeds have become so infamous that people need to cover up any evidence of them.

Ellie in chains

In the trailer, we see that Ellie is chained up, with a restraint around her ankle. While normally this would be considered an abusive act, "The Last of Us" fans know this is for a good reason — a very necessary reason. In the video game, Ellie claims she was bitten by an infected weeks ago and we find out she's immune to the usually fast-acting Cordyceps infection. This suggests she could provide a cure that the crumbling world is desperate for. But the smugglers are better safe than sorry when it comes to risking a brain-eating virus, hence why she's chained up.

Obviously, Ellie doesn't stay restrained for long, as we see her loose for most of the trailer. Her immunity to the virus is why she needs to get across the country, but things somehow only get worse for Ellie, Joel, and Tess (Anna Torv) as they make their way to the Fireflies.

Tommy, that you?

While Joel's friends might be scattered throughout the tense terrain of this post-apocalyptic world, one person that stands beside him (for a while at least) is his brother, Tommy. Seen for a split second, looking through some kind of enflamed area to his brother, this take on the character is played by Gabriel Luna, who has appeared in as many big franchises as Pascal has. The former Ghost Rider from "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" and one-time Terminator is fighting for his life as much as the rest of them in HBO's upcoming show; it's just a question of how that will impact his relationship with his on-screen big brother.

In the game, Tommy is seen at the start of the virus before dipping off the radar and forcing Joel to reunite with him. Their meet-up is a tense one for reasons we won't go into, but it'll be interesting to see just how much he'll be present in the series and how long before he and Joel will team up again. Watch this war-torn and woefully nightmarish space, folks.