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The Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Nailed Her Audition Thanks To A 30-Second YouTube Clip

"The Big Bang Theory" is an enduring pop-culture phenomenon that spawned both a prequel spin-off series "Young Sheldon" and a revealing book that's currently captivating audiences. Jessica Radloff's enthralling and extensive chronicling of behind-the-scenes moments and interviews in "The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series" is the ultimate source of untold details. So far, this has unveiled stories about the award-winning comedy like Jim Parson's (Sheldon Cooper) actual level of scientific knowledge and Mayim Bialik's (Amy Farrah Fowler) return to acting

Bialik's role in "The Big Bang Theory" brought a refreshing shift to the comedy with her bubbly personality and witty ability to match Sheldon's intellect. As Amy Farrah Fowler spent more time with Parson's lead character, Sheldon began to change. The often entitled and stubborn physicist learned compassion and a genuine appreciation for his friends from Amy leading to an inspiring change and growth in personality. This was encapsulated in the fitting series finale celebrating the beloved friend group and Amy and Sheldon's growing success.

"The Big Bang Theory" would've been an entirely different show without Bialik's portrayal of Amy Farrah Fowler's unique and genuine blend of authenticity. She patiently taught Sheldon empathy and social awareness while also remaining true to herself and her friends. This inspiring depiction paved the way for her future successes behind the camera like her recurring hosting spot on "Jeopardy!" and starring role on Fox's "Call Me Kat." 

Mayim Bialik had never seen an episode of The Big Bang Theory

Mayim Bialik's route to being cast as Amy Farrah Fowler is as distinctive and singular as the character herself. The casting audition did have a requirement that those trying out needed to have seen the show to have necessary prior knowledge. However, as indicated in Chapter 9, page 160 of Radloff's book, Bialik notes she hadn't seen "The Big Bang Theory" before her audition and actually thought it was a game show similar to "Jeopardy!" 

"Someone told me I was mentioned on Big Bang in an earlier season (season one, episode thirteen, "The Bat Jar Conjecture"), so I thought it was a game show, like, I must have been on Jeopardy! as an answer. I literally Googled Jim Parsons the day of the audition 'cause they were like, "We want a female Jim Parsons." That's how I prepared for the audition — watching Jim Parsons on YouTube for thirty seconds." 

The "Blossom" icon's quick thinking paid off when she was cast as Sheldon's formidable counterpart, who unsurprisingly became his wife after their undeniable on-screen chemistry. In another odd turn of fate, her initial brain jump to "Jeopardy!" somewhat foreshadows her future hosting gig post-"The Big Bang Theory," wrapping this funny story up with a neat anecdote.