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The Hilarious Way The Big Bang Theory's Science Jargon Affected Jim Parsons

A lot went into making "The Big Bang Theory" a small-screen success, especially in terms of the sheer number of people involved. Aside from the numerous behind-the-scenes personnel, the show featured a massive cast of series regulars, guest stars, and more in front of the camera. As a result, countless characters are now television legends, and several actors can boast that they took part in one of the most recognizable TV titles of all time. Of course, no one can truly measure up to Jim Parsons and his take on Sheldon Cooper.

It goes without saying that Sheldon is the face of the "Big Bang Theory" franchise. He's at the core of some of the show's most memorable moments (who could forget this iconic Sheldon scene?) and stories, his interactions with the likes of Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) and Penny Teller (Kaley Cuoco) were consistently entertaining, and, of course, his "Bazinga!" catchphrase shows no sign of disappearing from the public consciousness. At the same time, it should come as no surprise that the Sheldon role affected Jim Parsons greatly throughout the 12 years he spent bringing it to life.

One of Sheldon's defining traits is his immense intellect, as he'd constantly spout scientific jargon that most viewers couldn't imagine. Here's how this element of the character hilariously influenced Jim Parsons over the years.

Sheldon's science-speak didn't stick with Parsons

For the 2022 book "The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Series," Jim Parsons discussed his experience playing Sheldon Cooper and the lasting impact the part has had on him. When asked if any of the scientific verbiage Sheldon had a knack for using on the show stuck with him, he didn't try to hide the truth. "I've always had a respect for science and a fascination with certain aspects of it, but I didn't learn a g****** thing, I'll tell you that. Nothing stuck," he said, making it abundantly clear that when it comes to the scientific aspect of Sheldon, the role didn't influence him in the least.

Even though Parsons didn't pick up on Sheldon's love for science, it's still impossible to think of one without thinking of the other. Therefore, one would be surprised to learn that Parsons almost missed out on the Sheldon role thanks to "Big Bang Theory" co-creator Chuck Lorre. In an interview with the Creative Coalition, Lorre's creative partner, Bill Prady, recalled how impressed he was with Parsons' audition. He immediately knew he was the one for Sheldon, but Lorre wasn't so sure. In a rare instance, Prady overruled Lorre on that call, and sure enough, the right casting decision was made.

It stands to reason that Jim Parsons learned a lot during his run as Sheldon Cooper. Although, as it turns out, anything science-related wasn't it.