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Fan Concerns About American Horror Story Season 11 Seem Pretty Valid

FX's "American Horror Story" has been thrilling fans ever since its first installment back in 2011. Across ten unique seasons, each telling its own standalone horror tale with recurring actors taking on new roles, the anthology show brings the scares along with macabre and dynamic storytelling. The strongest aspect of "American Horror Story," according to fans, is by far the characters of each new story. This seems to be by design from the showrunners since each season, there is at least one individual you can find to root for. This person can be either good or evil depending on what the theme of the installment is. The acting brings this show to life, and this can be evidenced by the large number of Emmy Awards and nominations the series has received in this category.

The series also excels when the screenplays manage to catch lightning in a bottle, but the writing is one of the real reasons fans of "AHS" feel the show has gone downhill in recent years. Fan concerns also tend to focus on the sometimes repetitive nature of the show in terms of plot and the execution of the narrative's central focus. Some of the recent "American Horror Story" ideas have been interesting but ultimately divisive within the fanbase. These scrutinies are therefore pretty valid when considering the upcoming 11th season of the series.

The lack of promos has fans feeling the new season may have been rushed

Something that sets Season 11 of "AHS" apart from its predecessors is the fact that the network has been quiet and lax on releasing information about "AHS: NYC," which is the show's subtitle. This became a point of contention with the show's fanbase, who even unionized together to go on strike, which included a refusal to post about the show until substantial information was released (via Vulture). Although this may seem extreme to some, it does highlight the strong fandom surrounding the series, thanks to over a decade of fantastic horror.

But frustration soon turned to concern now that "American Horror Story" Season 11 finally revealed its secrets which included small plot details such as the Big Apple setting and the possibility of the tale being set in two different timelines as teased by FX chairman John Landgraf. But fans are expressing their trepidation the installment may have been rushed. On the show's main Reddit page announcing the release date, Redditor u/FamousKnives said, "I have this sinking feeling that this season's gonna be one of the worst yet." The user went on to mention the underwhelming promo visuals and the theme among their reasons for apprehension about the new seasons. Redditor u/IdRatherBeAnimating followed up with, "yeah, it seems really rushed too. Usually, they have proper promos well before the release date to build up hype." But lack of interest also seems to be playing a part.

American Horror Story fans fear Season 11 could be boring

Some fans who do not like the setup or narrative of a new tale in "American Horror Story" become bored with it, which seems to be a foregone conclusion for some regarding Season 11. In response to the OP in the Reddit thread, u/tackyturtleneck replied, "110% agree. You can already tell this is just going to be a very boring, same old same old, bare minimum season. I'm genuinely grown very bored of this show, it used to be my favorite year after year." They went on to explain how they weren't sure if it was new writing or a repeat of past themes in previous seasons bringing out their boredom.

A change in the screenwriting team from what some users have come to expect for a series over a decade old seems to be a sticking point for apprehension for "American Horror Story: NYC."  Redditor u/hyogurt followed up with, "They did get new writers. They replaced the original, beloved AHS writers like Tim Minear with Manny Coto, the guy best known for the universally hated final season and series finale of 'Dexter.'" Like all aspects of filmmaking, there will always be a divide between individualistic tastes. Like all aspects of filmmaking, there will always be a divide between individualistic tastes. Even though a lack of information has been different, giving the 11th season a chance is always the best approach.