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The Cast Of Black Adam Confirm What It's Like Having Pierce Brosnan On Set

With the film's October 21, 2022 release rapidly approaching, the countdown has officially begun for DC's hotly-anticipated superhero blockbuster "Black Adam." For fans of the super-powered character — played in this adaptation by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson — that countdown may be reason enough to celebrate considering the release date shuffle the film has endured over the past couple of years (per Collider). It's safe to say the celebration has only continued after the release of two pulse-pounding official trailers.

As one might expect, those trailers rightfully front the face and physique of Johnson himself. Viewers do, however, get glimpses of several of his "Black Adam" supporting players along the way, with many no doubt taking particular delight in seeing Pierce Brosnan among them. The legendary actor will appear in the film as Kent Nelson, better known to DC Comics diehards as Dr. Fate, a founding member of the Justice Society who boasts magical abilities and a super cool helmet. The former James Bond actor is, of course, no stranger to the blockbuster realm. Even still, his longtime fans can attest legit superhero fare hasn't exactly been his forte over the years. Brosnan is clearly having a blast in the first two trailers for "Black Adam," however. And to hear his co-stars tell it, he had a blast on the "Black Adam" set too.

Brosnan was reportedly an absolute joy to have on the set of Black Adam

It's hardly a surprise that people enjoyed working with Pierce Brosnan, as he's built one of the better on-set reputations among A-listers past and present over his decades-long career. Heck, Brosnan's 007 co-star Halle Berry even claims he saved her life on the set of "Die Another Day" (via The Tonight Show). And according to his "Black Adam" castmates Sara Shahi, Mo Amer, and Aldis Hodge, Brosnan is more than living up to that rep these days.

The trio — who portray Adrianna Tomaz (aka Isis), Adrianna's wise-cracking brother Kareem, and Carter Hall (aka Hawkman) in the film, respectively — absolutely gushed over Brosnan and his on-set presence in a recent interview with Collider. In fact, Shahi apparently went out of her way during the chat to circle back and throw some love Brosnan's way, stating, "Can we talk about Pierce? Because he's like, my favorite person." The actor then detailed how great Brosnan was with her kids on set, before proclaiming, "I'm telling you I can't say enough good things about that man. He's incredible."

Amer clearly agreed, with the comedian-turned-actor alluding that Brosnan's on-set enthusiasm was infectious and helped calm his nerves during their first scene together. Hodge also noted Brosnan's excitement in his own adoring statement, adding he's rarely worked with such a grounded star. "He really is just, I mean, salt of the earth, really the best, best. And the thing is, he was excited about this too, equally excited." And if glowing comments continue to come in, folks will likely be lining up to work with Brosnan for as long as he continues to act.