Steven Tye

Phoenix, AZ
University Of Central Florida
Movies, Video Games, Live Entertainment, Art
  • Steven comes from a family of cinephiles who guided him into a college education ripe with English Literature and pretentious evaluations of cinema that lulls general public to sleep.
  • A career in live entertainment has helped him branch out into screenplay and novel work which helped him find a home writing fun online content.
  • When he isn't writing, Steven consumes massive amounts of popular cinema, anime, and comedy content.


Steven Tye has a successful comedy career that allowed him to perform in most of the continental United States. His comedy career began in the Northwest before moving to Orlando, FL before his recent transfer to the Arizona desert. Constantly being on the move has helped create a playful comedic style that feels unique and genuine. He has worked with numerous esteemed comedians such as Chad Daniels, Adam Ray, Tom Segura, and more! Circumstances in 2020 led to him revisiting his roots in the written word.


Steven attended UCF with his sights set on the film industry. Circumstances led him down the path less travelled but blessed him with an unconventional viewpoint and a love for movies that has yet to fade.
Stories By Steven Tye