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The 100: What The Cast Is Doing Today

"The 100" started as a loose adaptation of the Kass Morgan book of the same name. It features a novel concept where humanity has been forced to live in a space station orbiting a post-apocalyptic Earth that has been ravaged by nuclear war. Hoping to return to the surface below, the population sends 100 problematic young adults down to discover if radiation levels have dropped enough to allow for a return trip. The morality behind such a decision is the show's lifeblood and has us thankful the punishments our parents inflicted on our teenage selves mostly consisted of weeklong bans from Nintendo.

"The 100" made it clear that no one was safe from the repercussions of self-inflicted guilt and societal rage. Many of our favorite cast additions came and went in grand fashion, but a core group anchored the story. "The 100" has since reached its conclusion — its stars scattered amongst the Hollywood cosmos. Here is what all the actors behind your favorite characters have been up to since.


Eliza Taylor has a bright future in film

The role of leadership is a burden many enthusiastically grasp onto in hopes that they may get the largest slice of irradiated cake. Clarke Griffin continually has this responsibility thrust upon her but recognizes that the cake's icing is sourced from blood. Time after time, incredibly horrific decisions are forced on Clarke, and their repercussions torment her gentle soul. Eliza Taylor injected a wonderful amount of internal conflict into her character and helped keep the plot's engine churning.

Since "The 100" ended, Taylor has been grappling with the aftereffects of a global pandemic like the rest of us. Fortunately for the star, though, she has seven seasons of one of the CW's most prolific shows under belt. She has since signed with renowned talent agency Verve and will be returning to her native country of Australia to film "It Only Takes A Night." The movie is set in London but chose to shoot in the Outback due to its lax COVID regulations. It follows a group of four friends who embark on a girls' night out. As the evening develops, they discover that one night can change your life forever. We're excited to see where the young star's career takes her next.

Marie Avgeropoulos is finding success in film

Octavia Blake is among the least deserving of punishment among the original 100 sent down to Earth. The Ark is the space station upon which the last of humanity is struggling to survive, and due to the limited supply of food and air, there are strict guidelines about reproduction. Octavia is the second child born in the Blake family, which is against the law. As a result of existing, she is placed in juvenile detention and forced to join the group of delinquents sent to the surface below. Her brother, Bellamy, is also among the ground-dwellers, and their relationship is constantly strained. The two elevate sibling rivalry to one of gladiatorial combat.

Marie Avgeropoulos expertly displayed Octavia's emotions and had her own story of redemption woven throughout all seven seasons. Before starring in "The 100," she had numerous small parts in TV shows such as "90210," "Supernatural," and "The Inbetweeners," as well as a role in the movie "50/50" with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, before landing her major role on "The 100." Avgeropoulos has since starred alongside Nicolas Cage in the lackluster "Jiu Jitsu" and will be featured in a prominent role alongside Susan Sarandon and Nick Offerman in the yet-to-be-released "Butterfly in The Typewriter."

Lindsay Morgan transitioned from supporting to lead roles

Technology isn't without its setbacks, and those setbacks are continually repaired and maintained by genius mechanic Raven Reyes. Arguably the purest of the series' characters, Raven is one of the primary reasons for everyone's survival while on Earth and also on planets containing airborne toxins that send humans into a mad frenzy. She is constantly hobbled by the rest of humanity's incessant battling but continues to maintain her focus — ensuring that her friends have clean water and that nuclear reactors don't melt down.

Lindsay Morgan showed immense acting prowess in her role as Raven. As a result of her role in "The 100," she has a loyal fanbase that has garnered her well over 2 million followers on Instagram. The strengthening of her acting résumé has led to her taking on the primary role in the third addition to the "Skyline" series (the aptly named "Skylines"). She has since appeared in a major role in the CW's reboot of "Walker Texas Ranger." The show (simply titled "Walker") features her alongside "Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki as Micki Ramirez. With her continually growing fanbase and acting résumé, we have no doubts we'll see more of Lindsay Morgan. And we couldn't be more ecstatic about it.

Paige Turco found success on a successful platform

The mother of Clarke Griffin, Dr. Abigail Griffin, has an enormous emotional burden to bear as a doctor aboard the Ark. Her husband is floated (released into the vacuum of space) for conspiring to release information regarding the Ark's inability to sustain life for much longer — but it is later revealed that Abigail is the person who reported her husband to Chancellor Jaha. When her daughter is sent to Earth with the original 100 for the same "conspiracy," she maintains her duty as humanity's primary physician.

Dr. Griffin has a lot of redeeming to do in "The 100," and she does so by pursuing her Hippocratic oath — not always succeeding. Actress Paige Turco was able to inject all the necessary emotions into the doctor, a feat she was likely able to achieve due to her long acting résumé over the past several decades. Turco, who started her movie career in the cult classic "Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of The Ooze" as April O'Neil, has had major roles in "Big Shots," "Damages," and "Person of Interest." Since "The 100" ended its run, she has appeared in the Hulu original film "Books of Blood." As of this article, she doesn't have any other roles lined up, but we're sure we'll be seeing more from her in the future.

Christopher Larkin is finding success in the music industry

A favorite among the original 100, Monty Green was banished to the surface for stealing herbs from the Ark garden. His altruistic nature was a major factor in ensuring the survival of those who returned to space to avoid a second nuclear apocalypse, and Monty's background in agriculture helped him develop the algae farm that sustained humanity for years. The do-gooder constantly faces setbacks for every advancement he makes and ultimately succumbs to the effects of old age while the rest of his friends travel through space in cryo-sleep. 

Monty was played skillfully by Christopher Larkin, who began his acting career in 2001 with a role in the TV movie "The Flamingo Rising." This led to a role in an episode in "90210" as well as a recurring role on the TV series "Tales of the City." Christopher's fans have followed him from his acting career to his music career, where he releases tunes under the pseudonym of Carry Hatchet. To date, Larkin doesn't have anything slated acting-wise but released another album entitled "Jayne Schmayne" in May 2021.

Bob Morley is enjoying the married life

Like Clarke, Bellamy was constantly looked up to for guidance as everyone meanders through the chaotic world of "The 100." His addition to the original 100 sent to Earth was a direct result of his assassination attempt on Chancellor Jaha, and the primary reason he agrees to this anarchistic endeavor is because he is promised a spot on the dropship sent to Earth. He wants to be part of the 100 to protect his little sister, Octavia. Bellamy is sick of spending his life being controlled by other people and initially sees his new home as an opportunity to do whatever he wants. The character growth for Bellamy is one of the most drastic and is played wonderfully by Bob Morley.

In May 2019, Morley married his "The 100" co-star Eliza Taylor. The couple are a beloved Hollywood duo and made Bellamy's demise in the show all the more heartbreaking. His acting résumé consists of recurring roles on the TV shows "Home and Away," "Neighbours," and "The Strip." Since the show ended, he has appeared in an episode of "The Rookie." Morley doesn't currently have any acting gigs slated, but his healthy million-plus follower count on Instagram and the sustained popularity of "The 100" will no doubt lead to more from him in the future. His updates show him enjoying time with his wife and maintaining his figure via rock climbing.

Isaiah Washington is making the move to directing

The humans onboard the Ark are led by Chancellor Thelonious Jaha. His decisions as a leader are unbearably self-righteous and paint the image of a man who may be attempting to do what is right, but always in the wrong way. He is the leader behind the decision to send 100 delinquents down to Earth and also headed the plan to cull the population on the Ark. Circumstances lead to Jaha developing a messianic mentality after properly predicting a chain of events. His self-righteousness ultimately leads to more problems among the last survivors on Earth.

Thelonious Jaha is played by "Grey's Anatomy" alumnus Isaiah Washington. The actor's résumé is packed with credentials dating back to the early '90s, when he appeared in "Strictly Business" alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Halle Berry. Despite an unceremonious departure from "Grey's Anatomy" because of a highly publicized beef with co-star Katherine Heigl, Washington has maintained a busy schedule. In 2021, he is slated to appear in "James the Second," "God's Not Dead: We The People," and "Escape from Black Water." Next up for the actor is a role in "Corsicana," which he will also direct. We haven't seen the last of good ol' Thelonious.

Richard Harmon is booking starring roles in feature films

Humanity's resident "cockroach" comes in the form of the self-serving John Murphy. He is a man who flows with the circumstances — unbound by traditional morality — as long as it ensures his own survival. His decisions always make sense in the given moment but ultimately lead to repercussions he doesn't foresee. Murphy's lack of forward thinking makes him the series' most ambiguous character. It is truly entertaining to watch what he is going to do next.

John Murphy is played by Richard Harmon, whose acting career started at age 12 with a part in the TV series "Jeremiah." He hasn't slowed down since. Harmon is most renowned for his role as Jasper Ames in "The Killing" and has appeared in the "Percy Jackson" movie series in addition to having a recurring role on "Continuum." Fans of Harmon continue to show their love for the actor via his social media, where he sports more than a million followers. Since "The 100" ended, he has appeared in "V.C. Andrews' Pearl in the Mist," "Kung Fu," and "A Cinderella Story: Starstruck." In July 2021, it was announced that he would be appearing alongside Madison Pettis and Vanessa Morgan in the highly anticipated horror flick "Margaux." As if he's channeling the essence of John Murphy himself, it's unlikely we will see his acting career die down anytime soon.

Henry Ian Cusick's star power continues to grow

A senior member of the Council onboard the Ark, Marcus Kane was introduced to us as a complicated character wrestling with his own morality. Kane was part of the decision to send the initial wave of 100 delinquents down to the surface, and after the Ark descended to Earth, he became their first chancellor. Despite playing a role in floating her husband, Dr. Griffin and Kane eventually became an item. His guidance was paramount in maintaining humanity's soul, and he never got the respect he so rightly deserved. Marcus Kane's demise was among the most heartbreaking developments in "The 100."

This kind soul was played by Henry Ian Cusick. The actor has been hopping around in small parts on TV series and movies for over two decades. His career got a serious boost when he was cast as a regular on the massively popular series "Lost." This led to more high-profile roles in shows such as "Scandal," "Fringe," and the "MacGyver" reboot. What's next for the prolific actor? Well, 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for Cusick. On his schedule is "The Wind & the Reckoning" and "Horse," which he is also producing. Recently, it was announced that he would be starring in the sci-fi adventure "Qi: Spacetime Warriors."

Jarod Joseph is now in starring roles

Every great leader is nothing without their trusty lieutenant, and at every turn, Nathan Miller puts his loyalty on display. While the story never seems to sing his praises, Miller is a face we are always comforted to see. He may have succumbed to some savagery in the bunker, under the reign of Blodreina, but there are few who escaped that hellish dungeon with their humanity fully intact. Part of the original 100, Miller makes it all the way to the series' conclusion, silently rescuing our heroes at every turn.

Miller is played by the devilishly handsome Jarod Joseph. The actor began his career with a small part in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians," and he has appeared in the TV shows "Fringe," "Once Upon a Time," and "Rogue" and even had a small role as a tower technician in "Star Trek Beyond." Next up for the young actor is a starring role in the TV movie "The Christmas Aunt."

Devon Bostick is growing into a household name

The mental toll of the post-apocalyptic hellscape that is Earth in "The 100" is personified by Jasper Jordan. A member of the original 100, his descent to Earth is a result of helping his best friend, Monty, steal herbs from the Ark's garden. Jasper suffers from severe PTSD from being impaled by a spear and sinks into a deep depression after the loss of his lover, Maya (Eve Harlow). After learning that there is another apocalyptic event looming, Jasper sinks into a nihilistic mindset. He believes they cannot escape their fate and, as a result, becomes cheerful. Jasper believes that because everyone will die, there's no reason for them to do anything but enjoy themselves. The ordeal torments Monty before Jasper eventually commits suicide.

Jasper Jordan is played by Devon Bostick, who most recognize from the popular film "Diary of A Wimpy Kid." According to reports, he was initially supposed to die from a spear to the chest in the pilot episode. However, everyone loved the character of Jasper (and Bostick himself, on set) so much that they rewrote the script to have Jasper make a recovery. The actor has had a prolific career given his short time here on Earth, appearing in over 70 TV shows and movies since making his debut in an episode of "Secrets of Forensic Science" in 1998. Since "The 100" ended, Bostick has appeared in "Words on Bathroom Walls," "Pink Skies Ahead," and "A Teacher," and he's slated to have a starring role in the upcoming film "Breeder."

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Adina Porter is maintaining a busy schedule

One of the most surprising characters in "The 100" was the unshakable Indra. A natural-born leader, she spends much of the show serving as a loyal lieutenant to the series' most controversial leaders. While her strength is undeniable, there is a gentle soul housed in Indra's stern persona. She offers guidance to Madi (Lola Flanery) when the role of commander is thrust upon her and eventually steps up to the leadership role as Sanctum rips itself apart in Season 7. Indra evolves from her initial introduction to become one of the most prolific characters in the show.

The role of Indra is played by acting veteran Adina Porter. She is a series regular in "American Horror Story" (for which she has received an Emmy nomination) and has also appeared as a regular in "The Newsroom," "True Blood," and "Outer Banks." Porter has been tearing a path through Hollywood since her humble beginning as a stenographer in 1992's "Swoon." Up next for the actress is a starring role in the Amazon series "Paper Girls," which is currently in production. In the meantime, she spends her time playing the role of single mother to her two children.

Tasya Teles is upgrading from supporting role to star

One of the most tragic stories in "The 100" is that of Echo. Even her name stems from a painful past: She was forced to fight to the death against her best friend as a child and took on the name of her deceased friend. The groundling was then taken prisoner in Mount Weather and harvested for her blood before being rescued by Bellamy and crew. The two wind up in a relationship, and over 100 years later, on a distant planet, she loses Bellamy as well. Her ruthless nature is undeniable, but it's hard not to acknowledge that it comes from an immense well of pain.

Echo is portrayed by actress Tasya Teles. Initially a student of commerce at Concordia University, Teles chose to pursue her love of theater. She made her first appearance in the 2013 film "Afflicted" and has continued building her résumé via roles in TV shows such as "Supernatural" and "Rogue." With a hearty social media presence that is approaching 1 million followers, Teles only seems to be growing in popularity. Since "The 100" ended, she has had major role in the film "Break Even" and will have a starring role in "The Morning After the Night Before," which is currently in production.