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The Soap Opera You Should Watch Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Some might say that soap operas have been around for as long as astrology. Or more accurately, if you add up all the hours of all the soap operas combined, it would equal the 2500 years that have passed since astrology was first invented. Soap operas originated on the radio in the 1930s as serial dramas that aired during the day for housewives, and soap manufacturers were the original sponsors of these dramas (thus the name). The genre quickly emerged as a space of melodrama and sentimentality, ensemble casts, and continuous or open-ended narratives that span over several episodes (via Britanica). From the get-go, it was identified as a "woman's genre," designed to tap into emotions and make audiences cry, and one which was shaped by women like Irna Phillips (creator of "Guiding Light," "As the World Turns," and "Painted Dreams").

The possibilities for both character and story are infinite in the world of soap operas, which makes the combination of soap operas and astrology only natural. Read on to find out which soap opera to watch based on your astrological sign.

Aries - The Young and the Restless

Aries is the youngest and sometimes the most restless sign of the zodiac, which makes this soap a perfect fit for the Ram. Characterized by ambition, will, passion, and aggression (like the Roman god of war for which they're named), Aries know what they want and will do what it takes to get it.

William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell's "The Young and the Restless" debuted in 1973 and introduced audiences to two opposing families: The upper class Brooks family and the working class Foster family (later replaced by the Abbotts and Williamses). Unlike other soaps at the time, "The Young and the Restless" was youth-oriented and presented a sexy, shiny visual style (very Aries-esque). The series also focused on sexuality, which was new for soaps: Most had previously explored a more chaste, two-single-beds-separated-by-a-nightstand side of love, while "The Young and the Restless" explicitly talked about pre-marital sex, impotence, and sexual assault (via Museum of Television and Radio). 

Aries is characterized by passion and intense sexuality (after all, Ares was the lover of Venus, the goddess of love), so the exploration of sex on "The Young and the Restless" is an Aries mood. This is a soap of ambition; like a true Aries, "The Young and the Restless" has dominated the ratings, with 32 years and counting of being the highest-rated soap on American television.

Taurus - As the World Turns

Taurus is the bull of the Zodiac, which wavers between solid, stable comfort, and something more intense and aggressive — you know what they say about grabbing a bull by the horns. Although characterized as a grounded earth sign, Tauruses can be quite sensitive, filled with long-lasting emotions.

The show follows different families like the Hughes and Lowells in the fictional Oakdale. With "As the World Turns," Phillips introduced aspects that would become the tried-and-true soap standard (and yes, Tauruses love a tried-and-true vibe): The presence of doctors and lawyers; a focus on psychology and character development; and a following of the pace of life rather than the hyper speed pace of most television (via Time). Tauruses are known for their slower pace -– one could even call it languid –- so the chance to have more time with characters and emotions is definitely appealing to a them.

Gemini - Dallas

Gemini -– represented by the twins -– is the double-sided sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, it's the sign of communication and charm: A Gemini can talk pretty much to anyone about anything, and will be the life of the party. Geminis can be as mercurial as their ruling planet, oftentimes swinging between emotions, feelings, and characteristics faster than you can say "what's happening right now?"

While a dueling nature is at the heart of the soap opera genre that most often centers around feuding families, the one that best captures the Gemini spirit is "Dallas." The show premiered in 1978 and was a modern-day "Romeo and Juliet." It followed the wealthy, feuding Texas oil families of the Ewings and Barnes who were brought together by the marriage of Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) and Pamela Barnes (Victoria Principal). The series took off in popularity with the introduction of J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), Bobby's love-to-hate-him scheming older brother, whose shooting at the end of season three led to the question asked around the world: "Who shot J.R.?" Geminis love to ask questions -– it's part of the whole communication thing –- so it makes sense that this Gemini soap opera would find its power in a question.

Cancer - Days of Our Lives

Cancer is the crab of the Zodiac, a sensitive, protective sign that often falls into a care-taking role. Cancer is ruled by the moon, the celestial body that represents emotions, instinct, and the unconscious. Like their crab counterparts, Cancers can be soft on the inside with a hard outer shell and protective pincers to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. It's not always easy for a Cancer to let someone in, so they can keep things hidden to themselves; in that regard, they're good secret-keepers.

Ted and Betty Corday's "Days of Our Lives" is a "soap-and-scalpel" opera, which initially followed the Brady and Horton doctor-laden families and later introduced other families.  Time once called it the "most daring drama" as it dealt with issues like interracial love and artificial insemination. Dramas and secrets abound, which makes this medical drama perfect for a care-taking Cancer.

Leo - Dynasty

Leo is the Zodiac's lion with the good hair and eyes of the world on them. Leos are ruled by the sun and for many -– especially themselves -– a light really does shine on them, as it's the sign with the most "look at me" energy.  Oftentimes, Leos earn that visibility. Other times, they can demand it, which is why "Dynasty" and its breakout star –- Dame Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington –- is perfect for a Leo.

The Aaron Spelling-produced "Dynasty" was ABC's answer to "Dallas." It focuses on a wealthy oil family, the Carringtons, and those who enter their orbit. In the world of soap operas, "Dynasty" could have been just a blip with its nine-season run from 1981 through 1989, but the introduction of Alexis Carrington at the start of Season 2 cemented the series in soap history. Alexis is an ultimate Leo: Her hair is big, her charisma is bigger, and her need to protect her children is the biggest of all. After all, like their animal counterparts, Leos can be as playful as they are fierce and quite protective. It's impossible to turn away from Alexis and she knows it, playing it up as she turns to schemes and vengeful plots to get what she wants. She's become one of the most renowned villains in TV history – the woman that everyone loves to hates — but in true Leo fashion, who cares what people say? As long as they're talking about her.

Virgo - General Hospital

Some might say that Virgos are the most focused or hardest-working of the Zodiac (although Capricorns might have something to say about that). Virgos represent a focus, organization, and intensity required for a strong work ethic. Also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgos embody a different type of communication from their Mercury sisters, Gemini. Virgos can prize efficiency and directness, as well as critique in the interest of helping others — even if it's harsh. But that external criticism is usually directed as much inwardly, as Virgos often repress things, especially that which might challenge their exterior of perfection.

"General Hospital" is the perfect show for a Virgo, as it centers around people whose profession is based upon perfection, precision, and helping others. The series focuses on the dramas of the medical staff at Port Charles' General Hospital, as well as within various families like the Quartermaines and the Spencers. With its premiere in April 1963, "General Hospital" is entering six decades on air, which makes it the longest-running American soap in history. The show's longevity is totally Virgo, since those of this sign aren't ones to give up or achieve anything less than the best.

Libra - The Bold and the Beautiful

Libras are the scales of the Zodiac, the keepers of balance who are ruled by the planet of Venus, which embodies pleasure, love, and beautiful things. Like Tauruses, their Venusian siblings, Libras love a good life. Show them something beautiful or shiny and they'll go to it like a moth to a flame. Libras can often be the peacekeeper, being invested in balance, which can translate either to an easy affability or an indecisiveness.

In some ways, "The Bold and the Beautiful" is about beautiful people wearing beautiful things, which makes it perfect for the aesthetic eye of a Libra. Created by soap legends William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, "The Bold and the Beautiful" explores the lives and dramas of the Forrester family, who own a haute couture business. The wealthy Forresters are often at odds with the middle-class Logan family. and they all work out their issues in sunny Los Angeles while looking beautiful and wearing fabulous outfits. The opposing (or perhaps complementing) sides of these families combined with the look of the show makes it perfect for a Libra.

Scorpio - All My Children

Like its symbolic counterpart, a Scorpio can be shrouded in darkness and contain much power. Scorpios are defined by their passion — they love you or hate you and there's nothing in between. Arguably, every soap opera is perfect for Scorpios: intrigue, mystery, and drama, oh my! But the most Scorpio of them all is "All My Children," thanks to the chaotic, powerful, and totally Scorpio energy of the one and only Susan Lucci as Erica Kane.

Agnes Nixon's "All My Children" premiered in 1970 and focuses on the families of Pine Valley: The Tylers, led by matriarch Phoebe (Ruth Warrick), and the Kanes, made up of the divorced Mona (Frances Heflin) and her daughter, Erica (Susan Lucci). The series was targeted towards younger audiences, which is very Scorpio as this is a sign of rebirth and regeneration. Erica Kane became an icon as TV Guide (via The NY Times) once called her "unequivocally the most famous soap-opera character in the history of daytime TV." She's a historic character, who got the first legal abortion on daytime TV a year before Roe v. Wade (because she didn't want to lose out on a modeling job), and who also pulled a "don't you know who I am?" moment with a literal bear. Erica Kane is a woman of many multitudes, who will be sure to spark a fire in the hearts of Scorpios everywhere.

Sagittarius - One Life to Live

Sagittarius is the archer, which is ruled by Jupiter, a planet that represents abundance, curiosity, and growth. These are certainly the traits of a Sagittarius, which can be characterized by a literal and figurative wandering. Sagittariuses can be truth-seekers, who explore a variety of fields and perspectives to learn as much as they can. In the world of soaps, "One Life to Live" appeals to these aspects of the Sagittarian spirit.

"All My Children" creator Agnes Nixon first struck gold with "One Life to Live," which premiered in 1968. Although the series follows the soap formula of focusing on different families, "One Life to Live" stood out for its representation of folks not usually seen in soaps: Ones of different socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as different racial and ethnic backgrounds. "One Life to Live" tackled social issues like the Vietnam War, abortion, and racism, which makes it perfect for a Sagittarius — as this is a sign that often looks for both questions and answers. Nixon died in 2016 and her daughter noted that Nixon "really wanted to help people learn and grow. It was more than just about how many marriages ... [it was to help viewers] have a better understanding of life" (via The Wrap). Nixon was actually a Sagittarius and clearly infused her shows with her nature of exploration and growth, which makes "One Life to Live" the ultimate soap for any Sagittarius.

Capricorn - Guiding Light

Although Capricorns are represented by the mythical sea-goat, don't let this silly animal fool you: These are the bosses of the Zodiac. Capricorns are all business, all the time. They can be ambitious folks who will do everything to achieve their goals. An earth sign (along with Taurus and Virgo), Capricorns can be loathe to stray from their path. They're grounded and practical and they can struggle to let go and have some fun. They may wonder — if it's not productive, is it even worth doing? While many others might say yes, it is, a Capricorn's priorities can lie elsewhere.

Irna Phillips' "Guiding Light" began in 1937 as a radio soap. The series was inspired by Phillips' experience: she had given birth to a still-born baby when she was 19 and found comfort in the radio sermons of Preston Bradley. "Guiding Light" refers to the light in Pastor Ruthledge's office that people can use to come find him although the television series shifted the focus to new families. Although the series ended in 2009, it still holds the record for being the longest-running soap opera at a whopping 72 years of its radio and TV incarnations combined. Who better to sit down and tackle all of it than a Capricorn?

Aquarius - Passions

Aquarius is the Zodiac's water-bearer, which speaks to this sign's fluidity and uncontainable nature. Aquariuses are known for their independence, outside-the-box thinking, creativity, and, oftentimes, weirdness. The Aquarius sign can be anti-convention and expectation, which can often lead to conflicting feelings if they find that they actually want something that others have (or is in the mainstream).

"Passions" aired for nine seasons from 1999 to 2008 and stands out for its supernatural nature. While soaps are known for their wild, unbelievable plots (after all, it is the genre that perfected the tropes of evil twin, a return from the dead, and an alarming rate of amnesia), some go above and beyond with their plots. "Passions" is one such case. This supernatural soap features witches, orangutans submitted for Daytime Emmy Awards, and sidekicks in the form of dolls who can be brought to life. "Passions" centers around Sheridan Crane (McKenzie Westmore), a former friend of Princess Di, who lives in the town of Harmony alongside Tabitha (Juliet Mills), a 300-year-old witch. "Passions" is bonkers and totally unconventional, which makes it perfect for Aquariuses.

Pisces - Another World

The oldest sign of the Zodiac is Pisces – the wise, intuitive fish. Fish are some of the oldest creatures on earth, and it sometimes feels the same with Pisces, who can tap into wisdom that seemingly predates modern humanity. Pisces can be intuitive, sensitive, and witchy. They can feel that which is unspoken — or at least they think they can feel it, as they're not always right. But for the most part, Pisces can be quite attuned to others in ways that many aren't, which makes this sign a powerful one indeed.

"Another World" is another Irna Phillips hit. The series begins with the death of the Matthews family patriarch, and follows the lives and dramas of this family plus those of the Randolph clan. "Another World" originally opened with the announcer's voiceover declaring that "we do not live in this world alone, but in a thousand other worlds," which can describe the experience of many Pisces. They can be prone to fantasy (or disassociation depending on the situation) and Phillips has described this show as representing her belief in other worlds as there's "the world of events we live in and the world of feelings and dreams that we strive for." With its focus on feelings, emotions, and the lives of others, "Another World" offers perfect fodder for a Pisces.