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The Bridesmaids Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In the male-dominated field of raunchy comedy, "Bridesmaids" was a beacon of light. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo wrote this script about Annie (Kristen Wiig), who goes through an existential breakdown after her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) asks her to be her maid of honor. This means that Annie, who is already in a low place, suddenly has to be in charge of organizing Lillian's bridesmaids. Things don't go according to plan as Annie accidentally gives everyone food poisoning, ruins the bachelorette trip to Vegas, and consistently butts heads with Helen (Rose Byrne), Lillian's newest friend. 

Paul Feig directed this Judd Apatow-produced film that went on to be a smash hit, raking in $288 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo) and proving that audiences have a thirst for female-driven comedies. However, "Bridesmaids" is more than raunchy jokes and gags as it balances pathos and humor in its exploration of female friendships. Of course, the film also benefits from its brilliant cast — Melissa McCarthy was nominated for her first Oscar for her role — as the movie focuses on different types of women coming together for one event.

"Bridesmaids" both plays into tropes while undermining them, which makes it a perfect film to find one's astrological match. After all, we are represented by our signs but also contradictory, complex beings. So sit back, grab a Brazilian meat skewer, and read on to see which "Bridesmaids" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Annie

In "Bridesmaids," Annie deals with the conflicting desires of wanting the best for Lillian while also hoping things will go just a little wrong to bring Lillian down to her level. It's easier to go down than up, right? Aries have a unique ability to do both as this sign is characterized by passion, ambition, drive, and a willingness to jump headfirst into any situation. In typical Aries fashion, Annie goes after what she wants by opening a bakery and pursuing an affair with Ted (Jon Hamm), despite the red flags presented in both situations.

Annie agrees to be Lillian's maid of honor without knowing what the role entails, but she's quickly bogged down by the details. Annie wants to do considerate things for Lillian, but that desire is lost in the fray when the other bridesmaids get involved. Eventually, Annie explodes at Lillian's bridal shower as her rage takes over and she ruins the event, crashing through a giant heart cookie like a true Aries ram. Aries are first in the zodiac and the babies of the signs, leading to impulsiveness and a "don't tell me what to do" attitude, as Annie displays throughout the movie. This can be a source of strength, as Aries are not half-hearted folks. After all, Annie will do anything for herself and the ones she loves, but the flip side of this mindset is that it can backfire when she doesn't think about her actions.

Taurus: Steve the flight attendant

Taureans are creatures of comfort, so it's perhaps no surprise that Steve the flight attendant (Mitch Silpa) is a Taurus. Steve tries to protect his home away from home, the first class section, from the fiery Aries shenanigans of Annie. Taurus is represented by the bull and those born under this earth sign are often grounded and sensual people who love nice things. Steve is such a Taurus that he got a job in the lap of luxury. The only thing more Taurus than that would be to live in first class, which we can't say with certainty that he doesn't.

Tauruses are known for their patience but the flip side is that when you test their patience, they will charge you with their horns. Annie is terrified to fly and she's sitting in coach, so she sneaks into first class, where Helen gives her a tranquilizer. Annie tries to stay in first class and Steve kicks her out even though she asks him to help her because she's poor, which unsurprisingly doesn't help. Tauruses are as stubborn as they are patient, and Steve won't budge. In this battle of Taurus versus Aries, the Taurus wins as he eventually keeps Annie out for good. It works until she thinks she sees a colonial woman sitting on the plane's wing and forces an emergency landing, violating Taurus Steve's sacred space.

Gemini: Gil

While "Bridesmaids" benefits from its rock-solid cast of core characters, part of its strength comes from those in smaller roles such as Matt Lucas, who plays Annie's roommate, Gil, who is definitely a Gemini. Geminis are represented as twins, which speaks to their two-sided nature. They can run hot and cold in the span of seconds, much like Gil, who seems to run very hot with his sister, Brynn (Rebel Wilson), while running cold with Annie. Although Gil lets Annie stay in their house without paying rent for a while, he suddenly turns on her, which is a Gemini move. In addition, he allows Brynn to stay for free, no questions asked, which is also a bit Gemini — don't ask for logic because it's more about the vibe.

Geminis are the messengers of the zodiac, so Gil is the one to use his words to address the living situation with Annie. He brings her the news that she has to move out and while Geminis love to communicate, they don't always do it thoughtfully, as seen when Gil tells Annie to leave. Gemini season starts towards the end of spring and the beginning of summer, which is a time of transformation, so it's only appropriate that Gil would be the catalyst for this major change in Annie's life as she tumbles towards rock bottom and moves back into her mom's house.

Cancer: Rhodes

Cancers are the homemakers of the zodiac, whose love of coziness and personal space is matched only by Taurus. But where Taurus might love luxuriating in a pile of fresh linens and scented candles, Cancers are more about creating that home space for themselves and everyone else around them. They're sensitive and supportive, so it's Rhodes (Chris O'Dowd) who best embodies the characteristics of a Cancer in "Bridesmaids."

Rhodes is a kind, gentle police officer, which inherently means he must be a Cancer. He's not anything like Annie's other romantic interest, Ted, as he takes a genuine interest in Annie by offering her a space of support. In fact, he surprises her with ingredients to bake a cake the morning after they sleep together because Cancers love food and encouraging people to be their best selves. Rhodes sees something in Annie that she isn't yet ready to see herself, so she rejects him and wounds his heart. In true Cancer fashion, Rhodes retreats into his metaphorical crab shell, emerging only to (still metaphorically) snap at Annie with his little claws. Don't mess with a Cancer, as they might be the best friend you ever had but can also cut you if you hurt them. Sometimes that hurt is real and obvious, such as running out of someone's house after sleeping with them, while other times it's less apparent and requires some mind-reading, but either way, watch out.

Leo: Ted

The ruling body of Leos is the sun, so it's only natural that they would feel like they are the shining stars of the zodiac. Leos are symbolized by the lion, so they're known for their excellent looks, charm, and, shall we say, a tendency towards self-centeredness. Although Jon Hamm is uncredited for his role as Ted, Annie's emotionally unavailable sex buddy with a good head of hair, he's not exactly forgettable in the film because, like a true Leo, he steals the spotlight whenever he's around.

Ted struggles to see the world outside of himself. In his mind, Annie is lucky to be with him, regardless of how he acts. Leos can be direct and tell it like it is, which Ted does when he accuses Annie of using him in the same way he used her. He's not wrong, and it leads to a moment of Leo-style introspection that is both surprising and deep. Leos and Aries can both desire the spotlight but go about getting it in different ways, which might explain part of the reason why Annie and Ted are incompatible. Although, the fact that he's a pretty terrible person could explain that too.

Virgo: Rita

Virgos are the second of the earth signs who are often grounded by plans and logistics. Virgos are characterized by their ability to think critically and organize efficiently, so in the world of "Bridesmaids," this is embodied in Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey). Rita is the mom of the bridesmaids, who has three young sons at home that are "disgusting" and "sticky." Still, she takes care of them — she makes them beautiful dinners even when their response is to curse at her instead of thanking her — and she runs her busy household the way only a true Virgo could.

Virgos can sometimes be critical both towards others and themselves, so it's not totally surprising to hear Rita refer to her kids as "savages," because they probably need to hear that. Virgos are known for keeping things inside so they can take care of everything, which can sometimes lead to a real need to let loose. Rita is desperate to go to Vegas as she needs a trip that she can "fantasize about forever," which is a real Virgo mood, as they can often be folks with hidden desires.

Libra: Lillian

There is no "Bridesmaids" without a bride, who comes in the form of Lillian, Annie's childhood best friend. Lillian just wants everything to run smoothly while she deals with a multitude of personalities in her bridal party, which means that she falls into the Libra sign of the zodiac. Libras are represented by the scales as they're characterized by a desire to find equilibrium in life. As charismatic individuals with an affinity for nice things, Libras are often sociable people-pleasers, much like Lillian.

Like a classic Libra, Lillian can't help but resist the shiny, nice things that Helen offers, such as a Paris-themed bridal shower at her mansion, two tickets to Paris, and a custom-made Lady St. Petsois JuJu wedding dress. Meanwhile, Lillian does her best to be there for Annie, even though this is supposed to be her day. A difficulty for Libras is that their desire to make everyone happy can force them to push their own desires down, which is why Lillian puts up with a lot of Annie's messiness until she can't do it anymore. While Lillian has to deal with pretty much anyone's nightmare of losing control of her bowels in the middle of the street, it's her fight with Annie at the bridal shower that's a Libra nightmare, as the harmony of their friendship explodes in a public way. But in true Libra fashion, Lillian eventually forgives Annie, and the two friends return to the balance that Lillian always seeks.

Scorpio: Megan

Scorpios are the scorpions of the zodiac, known for their intensity, passion, and sexuality. If you've ever seen the end credits of "Bridesmaids" featuring Megan (Melissa McCarthy) and Air Marshal John (Ben Falcone), you know that Megan is the Scorpio of the bridesmaids. Megan comes in hot from the first moment she shows up in the movie, as she mistakes a stranger for Annie's boyfriend and then says that she would "climb that like a tree" when she realizes he's available. 

Megan has no filter, which can be a Scorpio trait, and this is particularly clear when she confronts Annie about running away from her problems and wallowing in self-pity. Scorpios may seem like a fire sign, but they're actually water signs, so they're perceptive and intuitive like their fellow water signs of Cancer and Pisces. Megan is the one who sees what's really going on with Annie and calls her out on it, just like any good Scorpio would. Scorpios can be driven by a need for power and control, which is clear in Megan's high-clearance, top-secret government job, and her very impulsive grabbing of nine puppies at Lillian's bridal shower. 

Scorpios are also known for their mystery and secrets, so she's the only one who can keep Air Marshal John's real identity to herself. She's a ride-or-die friend who takes a litter of puppies on a whim and incorporates role-playing and sandwich-eating into her sex life. What's more Scorpio than that?

Sagittarius: Air Marshal John

Sagittarius is represented by the archer, which means it's the sign most likely to fly into a land of truth and adventure. Sagittarian folks tend to be curious and adventurous. If there's a quest, they'll be on it and, more often than not, they'll also be the one to initiate it. In "Bridesmaids," there's only one person who's as bold as Megan (who is also a good candidate for Sagittarius): Air Marshal John.

Like a true Sagittarius, John has a thrill-seeking job that takes him all around the world. One can only imagine the things he's seen as he's flown across the globe. In fact, his cool-as-a-cucumber attitude in the face of Annie's panic about the supposed colonial woman on the airplane wing is a pure Sagittarian vibe. Nothing shakes him because he's seen it all and knows that there's even more to be seen. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to explore, which means they need romantic partners who can give them that freedom. It's no surprise that Air Marshal John falls for Megan as the two are free to explore all types of kinks together.

Capricorn: Helen

Capricorns are the bosses of the zodiac, who are known for getting things done at any and all costs. This can sometimes make them seem cold or unemotional, which means there's no better person to represent this than the always-put-together Helen. Helen is a new friend of Lillian, which doesn't stop her from thinking she knows what's best even though Annie has known Lillian since they were kids. Actually, it doesn't stop her from totally taking over the planning of Lillian's wedding, even though Annie is the maid of honor.

This demonstrates the blessing and the curse of the Capricorn sign because Helen really is good at planning and getting things done. She has a solution for everything, like a way to get into a fancy bridal shop that doesn't have any appointments available and the pills she has on hand to help Annie with her fear of flying. However, sometimes Capricorns can get so focused on their goals that they come off as emotionless, which is apparent when Annie gets frustrated with Helen's inability to recognize the emotions at play with the bridesmaids' situation. It isn't until Helen cries and shows that she can be "ugly" that Annie finally sees the human underneath the perfect Capricorn exterior.

Aquarius: Brynn

Aquarians are born under an air sign and can sometimes be found with their heads in the clouds. They're often characterized by their out-there thinking and free-spirited nature. Don't try to tell an Aquarius what to do or they'll slip right through your hands like, well, air. Although her appearance in "Bridesmaids" is brief, Rebel Wilson's Brynn makes a memorable mark, which makes sense because Aquarians have a tendency to impact the world. Brynn is the sister of Annie's roommate, Gil, and she lives at their apartment for free. Aquariuses are often against the establishment, so they're less likely to believe in capitalism or, you know, money. There's a whole world beyond that, and it's one that sometimes only Aquarians can see.

We're introduced to Brynn when Annie comes home to discover that Brynn decided to get a free tattoo of a tequila worm from "some dude in a van." She's a free spirit who can't be kept in by the shackles of a society that dictates that tattoos should be paid for and done by professionals with sterilized equipment. Not surprisingly, the tattoo gets infected, but this Aquarius shrugs it off as yet another life experience. However, sometimes Aquarians can forget that other people have emotions, which can be seen when Brynn casually reads Annie's diary and even mistakes it for a sad handwritten book, neither of which seems to bother her very much. 

Pisces: Becca

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, which makes it the oldest and, in some ways, the wisest. Pisces is a water sign characterized by two fish swimming in the opposite directions, representing the particular Pisces quality of being caught between fantasy and reality. They can be hypersensitive, intuitive, and keenly aware of others, so there's no clearer Pisces in "Bridesmaids" than the queen of Disneyland, Becca (Ellie Kemper).

There's perhaps no bigger land of fantasy than the Magic Kingdom, so it makes sense that Becca is so obsessed with Disneyland that she got married there. After all, those born under the sign of Pisces often seek to bridge their worlds of reality and fantasy. Pisces can often see what's below the surface in others, so Becca sees — like really sees — Rita, who's feeling bogged down by motherhood. Becca is moved by her emotions to look deep into Rita's eyes and tell her that she's "more beautiful than Cinderella," which is the one thing that cracks Rita's facade. However, Pisces have to be seen too, and Becca admits to her dissatisfaction with her sterile sex life, where she sometimes feels like she has to lie about being too tired to sleep with her husband. We can only hope that there's a world in which Becca and Rita go off together to have their own Disneyland fantasy because this Pisces and Virgo match is a good one.