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Welcome To Flatch Season 2- What We Know So Far

It's hard to deny that mockumentaries are arguably one of the best types of shows to binge-watch, and it's difficult to argue that one of the funniest ways to watch a comedy is when it's within a format meant for serious content. "Welcome to Flatch" is just one of the many excellent examples of a fun-filled documentary-style series.

Shows like hit series "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" have become a substantial part of the small screen landscape, with several titles following in the NBC comedies' footsteps, such as Paramount Plus's "Players" and FX's "What We Do in the Shadows." Of the many excellent options out there, one that has become a bit of a sleeper hit is Fox's "Welcome to Flatch." The delightful sitcom The Hollywood Reporter called an "entertaining half-hour," was inspired by the BAFTA-winning BBC comedy series "This Country" and follows a documentary crew chronicling the day-to-day of some of the titular Ohio smalltown's intriguing personalities. Frontlined by aspiring influencer Kelly Mallett (Chelsea Holmes) and her best friend and cousin Shrub Mallett (Sam Straley), the series launched on the streaming service Hulu at the same time it was airing weekly episodes on Fox in March 2021.

After the first season finale left many lingering questions, fans were delighted to discover that the series had been renewed for another season on May 16, 2022 (via Deadline). Here is everything there is to know so far about "Welcome to Flatch" Season 2.

Who is starring in Welcome to Flatch Season 2?

Deadline reported on August 4, 2022, that Jaime Pressly had been added to the "Welcome To Flatch" cast as a series regular. The actress will be playing the character Barb Flatch, who is described as a woman who grew up in the titular small town and is returning after a messy divorce, looking for a fresh start. Barb hopes to bring her glamorous flair to Flatch as she attempts to make the most of her comeback as a realtor.

Pressly was undoubtedly a great choice. She is a seasoned player in the world of comedy, starring in hilarious films like "Jerry Springer's Ringmaster," "Not Another Teen Movie," and "I Love You, Man." And she has already proven her comedic abilities on the small screen with the CBS sitcom "Mom" and an Emmy-winning turn on "My Name is Earl."

She also adds some additional star power to a roster that already includes Seann William Scott from the "American Pie" movies and Aya Cash from the Amazon Prime series "The Boys." The rest of the lineup consists of talented up-and-comers such as Chelsea Holmes, Sam Straley, Justin Linville, Kristen Smith, and Taylor Ortega. Overall, Pressly is a stellar addition to an exceptional cast, and it will be interesting to see what's in store for fans when they tune in for Season 2 of "Welcome to Flatch."

What is the release date for Welcome to Flatch Season 2?

When it was announced that "Welcome to Flatch" had been renewed for a second season, the network's President of Entertainment, Michael Thorn, said the reasoning for keeping the series going was that there was real "passion" behind the project at the network and that "We see great promise in the show" (via Deadline). The last entry of the first set of episodes came out on May 26, 2022, and the people in charge are not wasting any time getting viewers more "Welcome to Flatch." Fans should make the necessary preparations to revisit the streets of Flatch, Ohio, because the Fox mockumentary sitcom will return for Season 2 on September 29, 2022. The release date was revealed on June 6, 2022 (via Deadline), when Fox disclosed its Fall 2022-23 lineup and schedule.

Viewers will most assuredly be eager to see what all their favorite characters are up to in Season 2, and it's safe to say followers of the show are probably thrilled there isn't going to be a massive gap of time between seasons.

Who is producing Welcome to Flatch Season 2?

Paul Feig is known for movies like "Bridesmaids" and "Ghostbusters" as well as having worked on TV shows such as "The Office," so he is well-versed in the realms of comedy and mockumentaries. This is why the acclaimed filmmaker is a perfect fit as one of the producers on "Welcome to Flatch." In addition to serving as executive producer, Feig wrote two entries and directed three episodes of the first season of the Fox mockumentary sitcom. While things started out promising, it wasn't smooth sailing for Feig and showrunner Jenny Bicks when it came time for a renewal.

According to reports from Deadline, the higher-ups were on the fence about the series' future. But fortunately, Bicks had a plan for Season 2, and her pitch involving new characters as well as other creative ideas was enough to help secure another run. The show ended up being one of three under the Lionsgate banner to avoid getting the ax. The other titles alongside the mockumentary series to get a follow-up season order includes ABC's "Home Economics" and the CBS show "Ghosts." 

Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier called Bicks and Feig "incredible partners" (via Deadline), and their efforts, along with the rest of the talented people behind "Welcome to Flatch," have paid off as fans are getting a Season 2, and they will want to be all caught up when it arrives. 

Where to watch the previous seasons of Welcome to Flatch?

Luckily, venturing to Flatch doesn't require any actual travel and can be done in the comfort of one's home or on their favorite device. Anyone looking to relive all of their favorite moments from "Welcome to Flatch" or check out the series for the very first time, there are a few places fans can find episodes. The mockumentary is streaming for subscribers on Hulu. The show is also available on several On-Demand platforms such as Google Play, Vudu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. Customers can purchase individual episodes or the entire season.

Wherever fans decide to watch the show, they should know that a binge session with every chapter of the initial run is not an unreasonable task and could very well be completed in a decent time frame. The first season of "Welcome to Flatch" consisted of an easy-to-absorb 14 episodes with half-hour-long runtimes, making it worth the trip for anyone looking to visit arguably one of the funniest places the small screen has to offer.