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Stargirl's Brec Bassinger Says The Season 3 Finale Is A Good Ending In Case It's Canceled - Exclusive

Ever since the onslaught of The CW cancelations this year, fans have worried that their favorite show might be on the chopping block. But what's worse than a cancelation? A surprise series finale that doesn't offer any closure. Plenty of fan-favorite shows have faced that fate over the years. However, CW creatives on shows like "In the Dark" were determined to write season finales that worked as series finales. It's a brilliant tactic to cover all possibilities amid the great CW purge of 2022 — and fans couldn't be more grateful that showrunners are protecting their shows.

Yet while most CW shows know their fate, "DC's Stargirl" creatives don't know if Season 4 is on the table. The show just began airing Season 3, but with the rest of the bad news for the network's series, the "Stargirl" writers wanted to ensure that the Season 3 finale could serve as a satisfactory ending for the show.

During an exclusive interview with Looper, "Stargirl" star Brec Bassinger (Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl) assured us that the Season 3 finale is a "good ending" in case we get bad news. Of course, everyone is hoping for that coveted renewal, but it's always good to have your bases covered.

Protecting the ending

On whether or not the writers have considered The CW's merger when it comes to the season finale and the show's future, Bassinger said, "We're so lucky ... So many things are up in the air, and we're keeping our fingers crossed. But [our showrunner] definitely protected the end, where regardless of the future, fans can feel happy, and they've got a good ending either way." Fans can let off a sigh of relief knowing that the integrity of the show is safe.

Yet along with all of The CW's cancelations and endings for Arrowverse shows, the future of crossovers or even cameos is up in the air. However, there's one show Bassinger would love to have some kind of crossover with. She said, "'Superman & Lois,' tone-wise — I totally can see our shows mixing. Superman's one of the most iconic superheroes ever. It'd be really cool for Stargirl and Superman to work together." Given that both shows have been primarily separate from the rest of The CW's DC shows, it would make perfect sense.

Having so many canceled shows also leaves room for actors from canceled shows to show up on the remaining ones — even if it's an AU version of the ones we've come to know. Bassinger has some ideas on the Arrowverse character she wants to see on "Stargirl." She explained, "From the very beginning, I said I've wanted to see Supergirl and Stargirl team up because [they would be the] most iconic female power duo. I feel like they would get along and push each other and support each other."

New episodes of "Stargirl" air Wednesdays on The CW, with episodes streaming on The CW's site the next day.