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Warner Bros. Hasn't Found Its Kevin Feige, After All

The DC Extended Universe has gone through a quilt's worth of rough patches over the years. From the untold truth of the unsuccessful "Justice League" movie to Ezra Miller's scandal-ridden "The Flash," things haven't exactly been smooth sailing — even without getting into the canceled "Batgirl" movie.   

If you look at the most obvious competition in the superhero cinematic universe game, there's one solution that the DCEU is yet to embrace. Marvel Studos president Kevin Feige has steered the Marvel Cinematic Universe to unprecedented mega-franchise success, so perhaps finding someone with the potential to do the same could be the DCEU's saving grace? 

Recently, one particular name has been making the rounds as a potential DCEU answer to Feige. Unfortunately for Warner Bros. Discovery, it appears that things aren't quite as simple as that. Here's why it looks like the studio hasn't found its Kevin Feige yet, after all.

Dan Lin isn't available for the role of the DCEU Kevin Feige

Recent reports have indicated that Warner Bros. Discovery is circling around Dan Lin to recruit him as the DCEU's answer to MCU mastermind Kevin Feige. On paper, Lin seems like an excellent choice for such a role. An experienced producer who's been involved in a number of crowd-pleasers of various styles and genres, he's known as a producer of works like "The Lego Movie" and the Robert Downey Jr. "Sherlock Holmes" movies, as well as high-brow works like Netflix's "The Two Popes." A guy whose CV includes everything from Kaiju smackdown "Godzilla vs. Kong" to the Bill Skarsgård-led "It" horror movies would no doubt have the versatility to handle whatever the DCEU throws his way ... or, as the case might be, to convince the DCEU to handle everything he throws its way. 

Unfortunately for Warner Bros. Discovery, it looks like this potential star signing has fallen through the cracks. According to CNBC, negotiations for signing Lin as head of Warner Bros. Discovery DC Comics film and TV unit have fallen through, and Lin has chosen to remain with his own production company, Rideback. 

Neither Warner Bros. Discovery nor Lin have officially commented on the situation, but provided that the reports are correct, it seems that the search for the DCEU answer to Kevin Feige continues.