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Warner Bros. Discovery Is Reportedly Circling A Pick To Be DC's Version Of Kevin Feige

While no one could've imagined the success of 2008's "Iron Man," it didn't take the powers that be long to get the Marvel Cinematic Universe going. In a few short years, franchises revolving around some of Marvel Comics' biggest names made their way to the movies, crossovers became plentiful, and even lesser-known players got a chance to share in the spotlight. Simply put, the MCU has been a well-oiled machine for most of its lifespan for a handful of reasons — not the least of which are the leadership skills and cohesive story vision of Marvel Studios' president, Kevin Feige.

Meanwhile, despite boasting such legendary comic book heroes as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. — now Warner Bros. Discovery — has struggled to find the same success with its DC projects. The DC Extended Universe stumbled right out of the gate and is now in dire need of fixing, critical reactions to DC features have been a mixed bag at best, and several projects have wound up in the trash bin — much to the chagrin of fans. Many factors have contributed to these perpetual struggles, especially the lack of leadership and a proper vision for the brand.

It has come to light who Warner Bros. Discovery has in mind to become its Kevin Feige equivalent and get its DC projects back on track.

Warner Bros. Discovery hopes Dan Lin can course-correct the DC universe

The Hollywood Reporter revealed on August 25, 2022, that seasoned producer Dan Lin is in consideration to become the new head of Warner Bros. Discovery's DC division. Reporting directly to CEO David Zaslav, he'd oversee the development of future film and television productions, taking over for former chief Walter Hamada. Although, Variety notes that Lin's production company, Rideback, has ties to other studios such as Universal and Disney. For him to hop to Warner Bros. Discovery, he'd have to iron out deals among all parties or dissolve them, which would undoubtedly prove rather difficult.

Should he sign the dotted line, Lin would be a major pickup for Warner Bros. Discovery. Since the early 2000s, Lin has contributed to a wide range of winning projects on screens big and small. Some of his most notable cinematic efforts are the Robert Downey Jr.-led "Sherlock Holmes" movies, the recent "It" duology, and the 2021 kaiju clash "Godzilla vs. Kong," among several others. As far as television credits go, Lin has worked on the likes of "Lethal Weapon" and "Walker" (via IMDb). As mentioned previously, he's also the mind behind Rideback Productions, which aims to amplify BIPOC voices in media while creating engaging and entertaining media.

Could Dan Lin be the saving grace for Warner Bros. Discovery's DC productions? Or will all the fanfare be for nothing? We'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.