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DC Fans Make It Abundantly Clear How They Feel About Ezra Miller's Flash Film Moving Forward

Despite how fruitful Ezra Miller's acting career has been in recent years, they've been dealing with a lot of flak recently due to a series of scandals (via Variety) which their seemingly unpredictable behavior has gotten them into. Among those are allegations that they choked a woman in a bar who casually joked about fighting them; threatened a friend and purposefully made a mess in her apartment when she asked them not to smoke indoors; and got arrested in Hawaii not once, but twice for similarly antisocial conduct. Usually, the bad boys, girls, and non-binaries of Hollywood who experience scandals like this face career-ending consequences. But Warner Bros Discovery isn't even flinching.

The production company confirmed earlier today that despite the controversy, "The Flash" is still going forward. And this move is happening in direct juxtaposition to many other highly-anticipated DC movies getting surprisingly and unceremoniously shelved. David Zaslav, the company's CEO, is shrugging it off as business as usual. But fans on social media have boldly announced that they aren't ready to pick up what he's putting down.

No sir, they don't like it

One of the most poignant comments on social media came from @Nicolas68859166, stating that "Zaslav's comment about not releasing a DC film unless they 'believe in it' is sure gonna backfire when they decide to release a film that stars an actor who literally choked a girl, threatened to kill a couple, and kidnapped a teenager." @GuyAtTheMovies1 reflected a similar sentiment about Ezra Miller being "problematic as hell," but also took a look at the situation from an economic angle: "Disappointed that they're moving forward with #TheFlash, honestly...they probably don't have any advantages to not releasing it, but ugh."

At the end of the day, problematic is in the eye of the beholder. But if the overwhelming outcry against what Zaslav and Warner Bros Discovery are doing is any indication, the film probably won't be as profitable as they're assuming it will be. @navvet96 basically accused the production company of being blatantly sexist. "Warner Bros. has allowed Ezra Miller to get away with some crazy s***, but cancelling Batgirl is definitely a sexist decision by those in charge!" they wrote, wrapping up their post with a call to boycott Warner Bros." 

Meanwhile, @HaleyTheRadiant replied to Variety's announcement tweet using a two-part GIF of fictional feminist icon Johanna Mason from "The Hunger Games" saying, "Well you know what? F*** that! And everybody that had anything to do with it!" If the suits at Warner Bros Discovery aren't careful with how they proceed, it looks like they could be facing a powerful wave of boycotts and backlash from fans.