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House Of The Dragon's Best Costumes Ranked

"Game of Thrones" was a cultural phenomenon when it aired, becoming one of the most talked-about shows of the 2010s. HBO's adaptation of George R.R. Martin's fantasy series won a plethora of awards during its run, scooping several Emmys for its costume design. In all eight seasons of the show, the costumes were as important as the script itself, informing the audience about a character's nobility, rank, allegiance, and speaking to their personal journey. Take Daenerys Targaryen's black and red attire upon invading Westeros, for example. The fact that she chose to wear the signature colors of House Targaryen foreshadowed the brutal (and highly divisive) ending of the show.

As expected, the costumes are equally as impressive in "House of the Dragon," and they're just as important to the plot. Since the prequel series deals more with Westerosi politics and nobility than its predecessor, the outfits worn by the characters are vital in alluding not only to their political ties, but also to their coming betrayals. There's a lot viewers can learn from the fashion on display — some costume design choices even allude to events in "Fire and Blood," Martin's history of the Targaryen dynasty, upon which the prequel series is based. Read on to find out more, though be aware that spoilers for "House of the Dragon" — as well as the book it takes its inspiration from — lay ahead. These are the best "House of the Dragon" costumes.

10. Criston Cole's battle armor

Ser Criston Cole makes a big first impression in "House of the Dragon" as a participant in King Viserys' tournament. His armor is far from flashy, composed of dirtied, dented plates and an equally scuffed helmet. He also uses a very basic shield, and a nondescript flail is his weapon of choice. This costume matches Cole's background: He's the lowborn son of House Cole, which serves under House Dondarrion. He was knighted by a member of the Dondarrion family (a member of which would later lead the Brotherhood Without Banners in "Game of Thrones") after fighting in Dorne.

Despite his unremarkable armor and lower-class status, Cole attracts the attention of Princess Rhaenyra and Alicent Hightower when he defeats Prince Daemon in combat. His performance that day leads to him becoming a member of the Kingsguard. Fortunately, this means that Ser Criston loses his damaged, well-worn armor and gains shiny, new Kingsguard armor. The costume change shows viewers just how far this lowborn knight has come, trading in his used armor for something that gives him a new status.

Those who have read "Fire and Blood" will know that his ascent is far from over. He will eventually become the Lord Commander of King Viserys' Kingsguard, and later be an important council member for his son, King Aegon II.

9. Harrold Westerling's Kingsguard armor

Ser Criston Cole's new armor is similar to that worn by Ser Harrold Westerling, the Lord Commander of Viserys' Kingsguard. The Kingsguard armor seen in "House of the Dragon" is significantly different from the armor seen in "Game of Thrones." In the original HBO series, the Kingsguard armor reflected the power of House Baratheon, with gold coloring and antler details. This armor was later updated when Cersei Lannister took the throne, becoming black and almost Darth Vader-esque.

During the Targaryen rule, the Kingsguard armor looks very resplendent, with gold and white coloring and a flowing pale cape. A knight like Harrold Westerling fits very well into the costume's aesthetic, with his white beard and even whiter stallion. This gives Harrold a distinguished look, which is required for the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and sworn sword to Princess Rhaenyra.

There will likely be plenty more to see of Ser Harrold Westerling in upcoming episodes of "House of the Dragon," which may be surprising to some fans of "Fire and Blood." In the book, Harrold is only mentioned once, but in this series, he appears to have an extended role as the confidante of Rhaenyra. Actor Graham McTavish is used to riding horses from his time on "Outlander," though doing so in all that armor is a little tricky compared to a kilt, he admitted in a promo interview.

8. The Crabfeeder's masked appearance

Episode 2 of "House of the Dragon," titled "The Rogue Prince," teases the introduction of Craghas Drahar, also known as the Crabfeeder. The character's deeds make quite an impression in the early moments of the episode, as he tortures a Velaryon crewman by letting crabs eat his flesh. He's a member of the Triarchy, an alliance of Free Cities aiming to disrupt the economy of Westeros. The character poses a big threat to Master of Ships, Corlys Velaryon, who emphasizes King Viserys' need to act on these barbarians.

We get our first good look at Crabfeeder at the end of the second episode, exciting fans for what's to come from the character. He wears a broken Sons of the Harpy mask on his face, which covers his worsening greyscale condition. Fans of "Game of Thrones" will recall both of these images, as the Sons of the Harpy were terrorists during Daenerys' rule in Meereen, while her right-hand man Jorah Mormont suffered from the greyscale disease before being cured by Samwell Tarly. This costume, while scarce in covering Craghas' body, sets him up to be a unique, menacing villain in the "Game of Thrones" universe.

7. Mysaria's white dress

Mysaria plays an important role in the events of the first two "House of the Dragon" episodes. The character is a King's Landing prostitute favored by Prince Daemon Targaryen. When Daemon is banished to Dragonstone in the first episode, he takes Mysaria with him. By Episode 2, Daemon has named Mysaria his second wife. He announces that they are expecting a child and reveals that he has stolen a dragon egg. This draws the ire of King Viserys, who sends his Hand, Otto Hightower, with a squadron of soldiers to Dragonstone and confront Daemon.

When we first meet Mysaria, she's wearing next to nothing. The first costume she's seen in appears tattered and loose. By the time she leaves King's Landing with Daemon, her clothing has received an upgrade: She dons an elegant white cloak over a white dress, which resembles costumes worn by Daenerys Targaryen during her time in Meereen. This also calls back to Mysaria's origins in Essos while setting her up to have an interesting future in "House of the Dragon." Mysaria's upgraded costume will likely not be her last, as Westeros history states that she becomes an important confidante for both Prince Daemon and Rhaenyra.

6. Otto Hightower's Hand of the King attire

Played by Rhys Ifans, best known for his roles in "Spider-Man" and "Harry Potter" movies, Otto Hightower is Hand of the King to Viserys Targaryen. We've seen plenty of characters inhabit this role in "Game of Thrones," but Otto may just outdo them all with his clever political maneuverings. In the first two episodes of "House of the Dragon," he's already orchestrated his daughter Alicent's role as Viserys' second wife, drawing the ire of fellow council member Corlys Velaryon but cleverly securing his family's position of power.

Otto is a key player in the conflicts to come, while also remaining in the shadows and out of sight. As Hand of the King, Otto is never seen without the recognizable insignia on his chest. The character's clothing otherwise is very dark and brooding, capturing his mysteriousness and personality. His outfit at Viserys' tournament, for instance, features splashes of color with gold chains and patterned blue robes, but it doesn't stand out or make too much of a statement.

Otto's muted costume aesthetic also stands in opposition to the wardrobe of Daemon Targaryen. The Hand and the former Lord Commander of the City Watch are constantly at odds in the first two episodes. Despite Otto's intelligence and coldness, he struggles to courageously face Daemon, and this dynamic is captured well by the wardrobe team — they are polar opposites in terms of personality and fashion.

5. The Sea Snake's robes

Steve Toussaint plays Corlys Velaryon in "House of the Dragon," the master of ships in King Viserys' small council. He's a respected seafarer in Westeros, earning the nickname the Sea Snake. However, as Viserys' brother-in-law, the two have quite a combative relationship, particularly in Episode 2. After Viserys' wife, Aemma Arryn, dies in childbirth, Corlys pushes Viserys to accept his daughter Laena as his next bride, something the king isn't keen on. To Corlys' disappointment, Viserys instead chooses Alicent Hightower, daughter of the Hand of the King.

By the end of Episode 2, Corlys has entered an alliance with Viserys' rogue brother Daemon. We know from Martin's writing that the pair will fight alongside each other as they carve out a new kingdom in the Stepstones and rid the area of pirates. This makes his costuming appropriate, as it incorporates the cool colors of House Velaryon — like the Targaryens, they are one of the ancient Valyrian houses that survived the cataclysmic event known as the Doom.

Corlys' robes are loose and flowing, making them the perfect outfit for a swashbuckling sea captain. They're not dissimilar to the costumes worn by the Greyjoys, who "Game of Thrones" fans will remember for their sea prowess, though they're just as fancy as they are functional. As the series progresses into the infamous Dance of the Dragons, Corlys will have a big role to play and we will no doubt see his wardrobe get an upgrade.

4. King Viserys' tournament clothes

King Viserys Targaryen shines as the centerpiece of "House of the Dragon" in the early stages of the first season. He's a tragic figure, cursed by his own cowardice and indecisiveness, traits that draw the ire of his closest confidantes. As fans of "Fire and Blood" already know, Viserys won't be around for too long. The character essentially fills the role Ned Stark played in the first season of "Game of Thrones" — his exit will trigger the events that will dominate coming seasons of the show.

During the tournament held in Episode 1, he dons an elegant costume befitting a Targaryen king. The black and red signify House Targaryen, with gold lining and patterns that make the outfit appear lighter and regal. He also wears a gold and silver crown with the Targaryen sigil on it. The crown even bears a resemblance to the aesthetic of the Kingsguard armor, which again contrasts with how things are when the Baratheons take control of the Iron Throne.

However, Viserys' outfit having such strong Targaryen influence also serves his tragedy. Viserys is called away from the tournament to attend to his wife's birthing, where he reluctantly agrees to let the Maesters give her a C-section. Sadly, this proves fatal. This is the outfit he wears in celebration of his wife and newborn child, and it's also what he wears when they both die because of his decisions.

3. Alicent Hightower's green gown

When Alicent Hightower first appears in "House of the Dragon," viewers probably wouldn't expect her to have the character arc she eventually will. By Episode 2, it's clear that she's going to be one of the most pivotal characters in the story after King Viserys announces his plans to take her as his second wife. In "Fire and Blood," Alicent is essentially the antagonist to Rhaenyra and Daemon's civil war against the crown after her son Aegon is crowned as the king rather than Rhaenyra, who was made Viserys' heir at the end of Episode 1. The struggle that follows is what becomes known to historians as the Dance of the Dragons.

In future episodes of "House of the Dragon," Olivia Cooke will take over for Emily Carey as an older Alicent Hightower. As both the wife of King Viserys and eventual Dowager Queen after Viserys' death, Alicent's costume befits her position, with elegant gold jewelry and fine materials. Additionally, the green color of her gown seen in promotional images of Cooke holds a lot of meaning for fans of "Fire and Blood." The splitting factions in the Targaryen dynasty are often named "The Greens" and "The Blacks," after Alicent's green clothes and Rhaenyra's black outfits.

Suffice it to say, once audiences see Alicent don the green gown for the first time, things will begin ramping up in Westeros. It's likely that by the end of the first season, opinions on Alicent will be divisive, as she slowly morphs into the Cersei Lannister of "House of the Dragon."

2. Princess Rhaenyra's coronation gown

Milly Alcock made a big impression on audiences in the first two episodes of "House of the Dragon" with her performance as King Viserys' daughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. She will soon be replaced with Emma D'Arcy as an older iteration of Rhaenyra, but Alcock has already had the opportunity to show off some of the best costume designs "House of the Dragon" has to offer. One costume, in particular, comes during the final scene of Episode 1, "The Heirs of the Dragon."

During the episode, King Viserys must weigh his options in choosing a successor after his wife and son Baelon both die during childbirth. His currently named heir is his brother, Daemon Targaryen, who has no favor in Viserys' small council and loses the king's support when he publicly names Baelon "The Heir for a Day." A furious Viserys promptly replaces Daemon in the line of succession with Rhaenys, ending the episode with a coronation ceremony to name her as his heir.

In this sequence, Rhaenyra's costume reflects her Targaryen pride. It consists of red, black, and gold, the colors worn by her father during his big tournament. It's a bad omen, but it looks very cool. She stands out in the throne room of the Red Keep, especially next to the dark and foreboding Iron Throne she will someday inherit. However, this outfit will later foreshadow Rhaenyra's descent into full Targaryen madness as the royal succession doesn't go her way.

1. Prince Daemon's tournament armor

One of the biggest draws of "House of the Dragon" for many fans is the debut of Matt Smith in the "Game of Thrones" universe. The actor is mostly known for playing the fan-favorite 11th Doctor in "Doctor Who" for four years. However, his role as Daemon Targaryen in "House of the Dragon" couldn't be further from the beloved Time Lord. Daemon is cocky, callous, vicious, and petulant, especially towards his brother, King Viserys. At the same time, Daemon shows a gentleness towards his niece (and future wife) Rhaenyra that's unlike his interactions with other characters.

Daemon's arrogance is on full display during the tournament held by his brother in Episode 1 of "House of the Dragon," though it's probably hard not to be a little cocky when wearing armor as cool as his. As Lord Commander of the City Watch, Daemon made it his mission to deliver the king's justice in the most ruthless ways possible. In a similar fashion, he shows up to the tournament looking to spill blood, donning expertly crafted black armor with red lining and a scaly design that resembles a dragon. Even his helmet has wings and a dragon's crest at the front to make him look even more demonic.

Viewers will likely get many more chances to see Daemon don this ceremonial armor in battle. It's the perfect costume to show how confident this character is, not only in his lineage, but in his ability on the battlefield. If only he would show more mercy to his opponents while wearing it — but would he really be a Targaryen if he did?