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25 Best Naruto Episodes Ranked

The anime series "Naruto" and "Naruto: Shippuden" has stretched across multiple decades, building a loyal audience of kids, teenagers and even adults. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, the anime follows the tale of a young boy with a loud voice and yellow hair, Naruto Uzumaki, who wants to gain the respect of his fellow shinobis and become the Hokage — the strongest ninja of his land.

With a 72-volume manga, multiple movies, video games and a sequel following Naruto's son Boruto, the series is regarded among the best anime of all time. The two "Naruto" series spurned 770 episodes in all, and many of those episodes and arcs are regarded as classics.

Below are 25 highest-rated episodes from "Naruto" and "Naruto: Shippuden," as ranked by IMDb voters. While some of these episodes have become memorable because of their intense fight sequences, others have gained the admiration of viewers because of the emotional rollercoasters that they are. Either way, they are well worth a watch.

25. Eye To Eye: Sharingan VS Sharingan! (8.4)

This episode establishes Itachi Uchiha as a formidable threat to Konoha in the "Naruto" series. With his Tsukuyomi, Itachi tortures Kakashi for what feels like 72 hours within seconds. Despite being regarded as one of the best of his time, "Copy Ninja" Hatake Kakashi struggles to stay on his feet as he reveals that Itachi and Kisame belong to an organization called Akatsuki and their goal is to capture the nine-tailed fox, locked inside Naruto.

Angered that Kakashi knows about their identity, Itachi asks Kisame to kill Kurenai and Asuma and bring back Kakashi with them. Just at that moment, Might Guy arrives, deflecting Kisame's sword with a Severe Leaf Hurricane kick, forcing the Akatsuki members to flee.

This episode presents Itachi as a major threat to Konoha, cautioning people about the organization called Akatsuki. However, it's not until Naruto: Shippuden that audiences will get to understand the true intentions of the Akatsuki, or Itachi.

24. The Sharingan Revived: Dragon-Flame Jutsu! (8.5)

This remains one of the most terrifying episodes from the early "Naruto" series, as the world is introduced to one of its scariest villains. With Sasuke and Sakura's lives on the line, the former fights the mysterious Shiore, although the strange shinobi seems to constantly wiggle out of Sasuke's attacks. Sasuke finally manages to pin the ninja, tying her up against a tree and unleashes his Dragon-Flame Jutsu. With Shiore assumed dead, Sakura runs at Sasuke, who collapses to his knees from exhaustion.

Suddenly, Shiore reappears with her face partly melted away, revealing Orochimaru's face underneath. The one-third of the legendary sannin then proceeds to grotesquely extend his neck, exactly like a snake and rushes at Sasuke. Frozen in their spots, too terrified to move, Sasuke and Sakura witness a nightmarish mask-like thing come at them, only to bite Sasuke in the neck, leaving a strange mark. Orochimaru retracts his neck, wishes him luck in his survival, and melts away within the trees. Anko chases her former sensei Orochimaru, determined to kill him for his crimes, even if it costs her life, but the serpentine villain manages to escape in the end.

23. The Third Hokage, Forever (8.6)

This episode marks one of the first big losses that Hidden Leaf has to endure, with the absence of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. With his hands rendered useless, Orochimaru calls off the attack and flees the village, when the exhausted Gaara and Naruto start understanding each other, after their brutal battle. Naruto empathizes with Gaara's pain but warns him against hurting his Hidden Leaf friends again. Gaara's worldview is altered when he realizes that Naruto's strength comes from his desire to protect other people, and he apologizes to his siblings Kankuro and Temari while they carry him back home.

The following day, the Konoha Villagers gather to mourn the deaths of those who were killed during Orochimaru's invasion, especially the loss of Sarutobi. Naruto doesn't understand why people have to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others, and Iruka — Naruto's first teacher — explains that people's sacrifices leave a legacy behind, and they're remembered forever.

With the whole village mourning the fall of Konoha's strongest line of defense, two shinobis can be standing outside the village. One questions if the other feels sorry for his old village, to which the other hesitantly replies, "no," and lifts his head to reveal a Sharingan eye. This foreshadows the coming of a whole new level of anarchy and chaos to the world of shinobis.

22. Roar, Chidori! Brother vs. Brother (8.6)

All the training and hard work that Sasuke put himself through to kill his brother Itachi is implemented in this episode ... well, almost. Most of this it is told in flashbacks, revealing what happened all those years back when the Uchiha clan was wiped out. Viewers witness the horror and panic in young Sasuke's eyes when he comes back from the academy to see his relatives and parents lying dead, and his shock when he realizes it was his brother who committed the mass murder.

Sasuke finally arrives to find Kisame and Itachi planning to carry back Naruto, and his hatred for his brother boils over. Sasuke runs at the Akatsuki members with a Chidori, but Itachi casually deflects his attack. Naruto unleashes his nine-tailed fox chakra but Kisame's chakra-eating sword devours Naruto's chakra and prepares for an attack. Suddenly a giant toad appears and blocks the attack, followed by Jiraiya, coming to rescue the young shinobis.

21. The Demon in The Snow (8.8)

This episode marks the ending of the first major fight in the early Naruto series, where Team 7 engages in a tense battle with "Demon of the Hidden Mist," Zabuza Momoichi, and his sidekick, Haku. Gato arrives with new thugs and says that they're here to kill Zabuza because his services were too expensive, and proceeds to kick Haku's lifeless body. Naruto is furious, but Zabuza admits that he had used Haku as his weapon, just as he had been used by Gato.

Naruto, unable to accept the way Zabuza treated someone who devoted his entire life to him, breaks down and reminds Zabuza of all Haku's sacrifices. To this, the "demon" responds, "You talk too much, kid... your words cut deep... deeper than any blade," and proceeds to reveal that he has been crying as well.

Zabuza then proceeds to charge at Gato with a kunai in his mouth, and even after being mortally wounded by his henchmen, is able to kill Gato and throw him in the river. Zabuza dies as a human and not the demon he was known as, and Team 7 buries the two in a peaceful place. Naruto realizes that a shinobi's value in life is that of a weapon to be used in battle and discarded when the need is served, leading to Naruto declaring that he'll find his own Ninja way in life.

20. The Beast Within (8.8)

This episode shows us an unseen side of Lee — drunk, and dangerous. Rock Lee under the influence of "sake" is much faster, stronger and meaner than Kimimaro can handle, deflecting all his attacks, and getting multiple hits in. Realizing he's drunk, Kimimaro unleashes his Kekkei Genkai and sobers Lee up by slashing his cheeks. Now fully in his senses, Lee faces an enemy he's unprepared for, as Orochimaru's strongest disciple. Meanwhile, Tayuya corners Shikamaru and plans to end him while Sakon approaches Kiba for the kill.

Just as Kimimaro is about to stab Lee with his bones, a wall of sand forms a barrier between the two protecting Lee, revealing Gaara as Lee's savior, coming to his aid. Elsewhere, a gust of wind throws Tayuya off balance and Kankuro saves Kiba by using his Karasu puppet. The three siblings from Hidden Sand announce themselves as the allies of Leaf and get ready to face off against the attackers.

19. For A Friend (8.8)

Naruto's resolve and determination to save a friend prove much stronger than wincing at punches and kicks. Sasuke considers Naruto his closest friend and plans to kill him to be stronger and gain the Mangekyō Sharingan. After Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Chidori send the friends/ rivals flying, Sasuke activates his Cursed Seal of Heaven and continues attacking Naruto, who shows no effort in blocking or hitting back.

Instead, the yellow-haired protagonist has flashbacks of his happiness when he met Sasuke and their journey of becoming rivals. Sasuke, however, bent on gaining the Mangekyō Sharingan, activates the Chidori to pierce Naruto's heart. The attack is deflected and Naruto's nine-tailed fox chakra heals the wound and envelops the tailed beast's jinchūriki in its chakra. Sasuke asks what he is, to which Naruto replies that he's his friend, and proceeds to state that he won't let Sasuke leave the village and is willing to break every bone in his body to keep him from leaving.

The episode shows Naruto's love for a friend and the extent to which he can suffer if it means ensuring the safety of someone he cares about.

18. Explode! Sage Mode (8.8)

In the "Shippuden" Pain arc, after the Deva Path of Pain destroys Konoha with Universal Push, Sakura screams Naruto's name, which makes for the much-needed entry of sage-mode Naruto, with the Great Sage Toads, Gamakichi, Gamabunta, and others. The hero returns just in time to save his village and his people from the onslaught of his mentor Jiraiya's former pupil. With the entire village devastated, Naruto and the six paths engage in a brutal battle, immediately destroying the Asura Path with a Rasengan. He has enough time to learn that Kakashi has been killed, further fueling his anger.

Seeing that Naruto uses the sage mode like his master Jiraiya, the Deva Path says that as "student siblings," Naruto should accept Pain's plan of sacrificing him and handing over the nine-tails for the cause of achieving peace. Naruto rejects Pain's idea of peace after how he has devastated Konoha, killing Naruto's friends, teachers, and people that he cared about and throws a massive Rasenshuriken at the remaining four paths.

17. Naruto's Ninja Handbook (8.9)

It's the first time viewers see a tailed beast take control of the person who has the beast sealed within them in the original "Naruto" series, and Naruto fights that half-man half-beast. In this episode, Naruto realizes that he and Gaara aren't very different and tries to save him from his possessed self. Realizing the tailed beast form is too strong for him to handle alone, Naruto summons Gamabunta, who calls Gaara's tailed beast form to be Shukaku.

Gaara uses the Feigning Sleep Technique and gives Shukaku control of his body. Realizing that they have no chance of defeating their enemy unless they can awaken Gaara, Gamabunta asks Naruto to do the Combination Transformation into something with fangs and claws. Rushing at Shukaku, Naruto is able to change into his nine-tailed fox form. As Sasuke watches in awe at how far Naruto has come since his noisy and annoying self, the two tailed-beasts engage in a battle that shakes the forests.

16. The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja Is Born (9.0)

The cruel power of Gaara finally meets its match in this episode, when Rock Lee shows the entire Chunin arena what he has trained for all this time. After dropping the weights, Lee moves too fast for Gaara's sand to keep up, and he takes the sand-wielder for a spin. Lee unlocks the gates of Life and Wound, bouncing his opponent across the walls of the arena, and devastating the stadium. Acknowledging Gaara's tenacity, Lee finally unlocks the fifth gate of Forest and unleashes a barrage of blows on Gaara, who's too overwhelmed to do anything.

With Gaara's sand armor still holding, Lee proceeds to do his ultimate maneuver of Primary Lotus, forcing Gaara headfirst into the ground, although his fall is softened as the gourd transforms into sand to protect him. With his body broken and exhausted after the attack, Lee is unable to defend himself and Gaara almost manages to kill him with Sand Coffin, when Guy jumps into the scene to protect his student.

15. End of Tears (9.0)

The fight that had begun in "For A Friend" comes to a conclusion here, with Sasuke leaving Konoha. The episode shows Sasuke and Naruto facing each other at The Valley of the End with their ultimate weapons. Sasuke activates his Cursed Seal of Heaven level 2 while Naruto becomes enveloped in the orange chakra of the nine-tailed fox. A flashback of the two boys' journey from being rivals to friends, Sasuke's amazing skills, Naruto's immense growth, Sasuke's growing jealousy and their subsequent fight on the rooftop brings the audience to the present where two friends battle each other fiercely.

Sasuke and Naruto charge at each other in flames of blue and red chakra, but at the very last moment, Sasuke — intent on killing Naruto all this time — punches him in the chest instead of piercing his heart with the Chidori. Naruto only scratches his friend's forehead protector and deflects the Rasengan. Afterwards, Naruto lies unconscious as Sasuke stands above him, having emerged as the winner of the fight. His scratched forehead band falls, symbolizing his defection from the Leaf being complete. Sasuke defects from Konoha for good but does so without murdering his closest friend, even if it costs him the Mangekyō Sharingan, showing that he still has some humanity left within him.

14. Danger! Sage Mode Limit Reached (9.1)

This episode from the Pain arc likely ranks so high because it's a departure from the typical Naruto style of throwing whatever he can find at his opponent, and instead strategizing his next move. Naruto consults with Katsuyu and the Great Sage Toads to learn that defeating Pain will not be easy if he charges head-on.

Naruto employs distraction, deceit and trickery to pick off the paths one after the other. Having destroyed the Animal Path, Naruto's sage chakra is depleted, which makes him fall back on his tricks — something which had earned him the title of No.1 most unpredictable ninja a long time ago.

Realizing there's no way to defeat the Outer Path, which can bring back fallen paths using its King of Hell technique, Naruto's hidden genius comes to use. He manages to distract all the paths armed with Rinnegan, and simultaneously takes out the Preta Path and Outer Path, surprising those around him.

13. Fourth Hokage (9.1)

Naruto is surprised to see the Fourth Hokage inside his psyche, as well as the fact that the long-dead Hokage knows his name. The Hokage answers that he had implanted his psyche into the seal in case Naruto ever got close enough to undoing the seal so that he could return, although he was pleased to see his son. The audience, along with Naruto, learns that Minato Namikaze had locked half of Kurama's chakra inside his infant son.

We also learn that 16 years previously, a masked man in Akatsuki robes had attacked Konoha, having manipulated the nine-tails to do his bidding. The Fourth also explains that having witnessed Naruto fight with Pain through his son, he now knows that Pain's hatred towards Konoha has been ignited by the same masked man. Finally, Minato restores Naruto's seal and, before leaving as his chakra vanishes, warns Naruto that he won't be there the next time the seal is undone.

Having learned the truth about his father and how he came to carry the tailed beast within him, Naruto reappears in sage mode and confronts the Deva Path Pain. He locates Nagato's location using one of the black receivers and soon after destroys the Deva Path with a Rasengan, after a short confrontation.

12. I Will Love You Always (9.1)

The episode establishes Itachi as one of the most beloved characters in the "Naruto" world, coming a long way from being a despised mass murderer. Itachi bids farewell to his little brother before departing for the skies, in an emotional scene. Inside the caves, Itachi commands Kabuto to end the Impure World Reincarnation so that every reanimated shinobi can be put to rest. Meanwhile, Sasuke reveals his plan to destroy Konoha for all the hardships it put his brother through while bidding farewell to him.

As the impurely reincarnated shinobis start fading into pillars of light, Itachi approaches Sasuke and through his Sharingan explains to his brother the truth about the Uchiha Clan downfall. Itachi explains that his actions were for the safety of the village and to protect innocent children like his brother. Having finally explained to Sasuke the reason behind his actions, Itachi bids his farewell, saying no matter the circumstances, he will always love his brother. Itachi returns to his rest, and Sasuke finally has the closure he needed to move on with his life.

11. Planetary Devastation (9.2)

Also known as "Chibaku Tensei" — a shinobi technique used by the ones who possess the Rinnegan — this episode shows the truest extent of Pain's power. Watching Hinata being thrown across the arena, presumably dead, something goes off inside Naruto. His rage gives way to the nine-tail gaining control of his body and sprouting four tails.

As the fight progresses, the beast keeps growing more tails and even rips apart the First Hokage's necklace placed on Naruto to restrain the Nine-Tails chakra. The beast lunges at Pain who tries repelling it with Shinra Tensei but to no effect, and the beast fires a tailed-beast bomb at pain who explodes it with Banshō Ten'in, causing an explosion.

Meanwhile, Hinata lies on the same ground where the fight rages, weakly calling Naruto's name. Hiding inside a tree, the actual mastermind behind the six paths, Nagato releases a black sphere that is none other than Chibaku Tensei, which becomes a moon-like sphere and traps the beast inside. Kurama, the nine-tailed fox convinces Naruto to rip the seal that keeps the fox trapped and in return he will help Naruto avenge everyone that Pain had hurt. However, just as he's able to undo the seal, the Fourth Hokage appears and greets Naruto by his name.

10. The Sage of Six Paths (9.2)

In this episode, Naruto and Sasuke meet the "Sage of Six Paths," Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, who explains that Naruto and Sasuke are the reincarnations of his two sons: Asura and Indra. He adds that Hashirama and Madara were the previous reincarnations of his two sons, and Madara recreated Hagoromo's chakra to awaken the Rinnegan. Finally, Hagoromo explains that it's his mother, Kaguya, who ruled over humanity with her dōjutsu. He sends Naruto and Sasuke back to the present realm after entrusting them with his powers, along with a request to stop Madara.

Meanwhile, Might Guy has nearly exhausted himself using the Evening Elephant against Madara, but Madara isn't finished. He marvels at Guy's mastery over taijutsu and says, "I, Madara, declare you the strongest!" Guy unleashes his final move of Night Guy, landing a devastating kick, almost killing Madara. Guy's body begins disintegrating, while the regenerating Madara, pleased at Guy's strength, plans to finish him off with a Truth-Seeking Ball. Suddenly, Naruto appears in a completely new appearance and kicks the ball away, before placing a hand on Guy to stop his disintegration. Naruto and Sasuke's arrival completely alters the course of the battle.

9. The End (9.2)

The episode marks the conclusion of one of the greatest chapters in Sasuke's life, with the death of his brother Itachi. Having spent the entirety of "Naruto" loathing Itachi and getting stronger with the sole purpose of murdering the one who massacred the Uchiha clan, Sasuke gives his everything in the fight but ultimately comes up short.

As the fight nears its conclusion, Itachi uses Susanoo to seal Orochimaru away, removing the cursed mark from Sasuke but depleting his chakra in the process. Fatally wounded, and almost blind, Itachi walks towards his brother, intent on taking away his eyes. Sasuke is unable to move, so Itachi extends his finger toward his little brother's face, smiles and says, "Sorry Sasuke, this is it..." and pokes his forehead before collapsing to the floor, dead. Sasuke stands there, rigid with shock and unable to understand what has happened, before he too collapses, from exhaustion.

8. I'm in hell (9.2)

The episode explains why Obito chose his path of death and destruction, providing much-needed backstory. While viewers knew that he had been presumed dead after the rock fell on him — and in his final moments gave his left eye to Kakashi — we learn what then became of him.

As he's recuperating from his injuries and getting accustomed to his new body, one day White Zetsu arrives to tell Obito that his teammates are in danger. While rushing to the battle site, Obito sees Rin through the empty eye socket but quickly dismisses it as nothing. He arrives exactly at the time to see Kakashi pierce Rin's heart with a Chidori, killing her as she whispers Kakashi's name. This act of murdering their best friend awakens both of their Mangekyō Sharingan.

Kakashi collapses after the act, and Obito goes into a rage. He annihilates the ninjas from the Hidden Mist by drawing a massive power from himself, using the Wood Release: Cutting Technique. However, Obito never knew the context that led Kakashi to kill Rin, or that he was being manipulated by Madara all along. After finishing the last Hidden Mist ninja, Obito ignores Kakashi and approaches Rin. He deactivates the Sharingan and grieves for her while concluding, "I'm in hell."

7. Congratulations (9.2)

This episode provides a happy ending to a brutal, bloody and devastating war as the heroes finally defeat their strongest opponent and return home. It revolves around Kakashi's original Team 7 and their joint effort in bringing down true evil.

In Kaguya's dimension, Kaguya tries escaping but Sakura lands a massive blow on her head, just as Naruto and Sasuke make physical contact with Kaguya, to activate the fūinjutsu that Hagoromo had imparted them. The land crumbles and begins forming into a moon-like sphere, sealing Kaguya, and Naruto begins searching for Black Zetsu. He was already scampering within Kaguya's torn sleeve and planning how to bring her back the next time, but Naruto discovers him, bashes him as a spoiled brat and throws him into the moon to get sealed with Kaguya.

As Hagoromo summons everyone back, Kakashi bids farewell to Obito and Madara and Hashirama, exchanging last words before the Uchiha dies. Minato congratulates Naruto on turning 17 and Naruto gushes about all the things he wants Minato to tell Kushina, as the Fourth Hokage and all the other spirits fade away to the afterlife.

6. Thank You (9.3)

This episode is ranked highly because of the backstory that Naruto gets to learn about his mother, Kushina Uzumaki. Kushina takes Naruto 16 years into the past to explain the situations when he was born. Instead of letting Kushina sacrifice herself with the fox sealed within her, Minato had another idea.

He planned to summon the Dead Demon Consuming Seal, to seal half of Kurama's chakra within himself and the rest within his infant son, Naruto. Kushina initially protested heavily against her husband choosing to sacrifice himself and sealing a tailed beast inside their infant son, but Minato argued that as Naruto's father, it's his duty to give his life for his son and the Leaf needs to have a jinchūriki to keep the balance of power alive.

The shinigami pulls out half of Kurama's chakra and seals it into himself, and Minato is about to seal the rest within his son when Kurama attacks the child. However, Kushina sacrifices herself and the couple gets impaled by the fox's claw to protect their son. Minato uses the Four Symbols Seal to seal the rest of Kurama's chakra within Naruto, along with half of Kushina's chakra, before dying. Kushina finishes her story and apologizes to Naruto for all that he had to undergo since then, but Naruto doesn't hold grudges against his parents, and the mother and son tearfully hug before Kushina fades away.

5. Madara Uchiha (9.3)

If Hashirama Senju is referred to as the God of shinobis, then Madara Uchiha should be referred to as a God of war, as is seen in this episode. After being reincarnated by Kabuto, Madara wipes out an immense number of the Fourth Division using only kenjutsu and taijutsu, along with his Sharingan. To make matters worse, Naruto cannot fight back with his sage mode as he's depleted of chakra and watches helplessly as the ninjas are brutally killed.

Madara launches a barrage of attacks using a powerful flame technique, and several fireballs, killing even more shinobis before he's stopped by Gaara, Naruto and Ōnoki. Naruto charges at him with a Rasenshuriken but Madara activates his Rinnegan to absorb the attack. He then proceeds to bring down a meteorite on the Fourth Division, and while Ōnoki barely stops this one, he fails to stop the second. It collides and kills several more people.

Having decimated most of the division, Madara attempts to summon the nine-tails but fails, since it's sealed within Naruto. Instead, he tests Hashirama's cells within him by using the Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees, leaving Naruto and the rest of the shinobis in shock.

4. Kakashi Vs. Obito (9.3)

While multiple battles rage on several fronts, it's the fight between former friends-turned-enemies Kakashi and Obito that takes the center stage in this episode. In the Kamui dimension, Obito and Kakashi attack each other with a Fūma Shuriken and Lightning Cutter. Soon after, the two stop using genjutsu and begin the actual fight.

While trading blows, the former team members think of the times they did their friendly sparring as kids. Realizing how similar the young Obito was to his student Naruto, he decides that the current Obito needs to die. He pierces Obito's heart with a kunai infused with lightning, but Obito escapes to the Ten-Tail's head.

After Obito returns to the actual world, Hashirama realizes that Madara is controlling Obito. Sasuke is teleported by Minato's shadow clone and is shocked to learn that the masked man from 16 years previously is none other than his student, Obito Uchiha. Obito ignores Minato's demand for answers and absorbs the Ten-Tails within his body, and Naruto informs Sasuke and Minato that Obito didn't fully give into Madara's control, which could signal the first seeds of discord between Madara and Obito.

3. The Final Battle (9.3)

Even though the final enemy has been defeated, there are still some matters that need to be settled between Naruto and Sasuke. This episode expresses all the emotions between the two rivals-turned-allies through their final battle. They begin fighting with taijutsu, which quickly ascends to fireballs, shadow clones and Rasengans.

When that fails to end either of the two, Sasuke switches to a full-body Susanoo and Naruto enters the tailed-beast mode. They see each other as children, witnessing the loneliness each of them felt. As the two continue fighting, Naruto argues that the world is finally at peace and Sasuke doesn't have to go down his path of darkness. Sasuke retorts that this unity was just to defeat the common enemy, and soon the villages will go back to their mutual enmity.

Naruto asks what will happen to this peace that Sasuke is striving to bring forth by removing all the relics of the past when he dies, but he responds that with Rinnegan, he will have many ways to lead from the shadows. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, as Sasuke gets annoyed that Naruto won't come at him with the intent to kill, so he makes use of the Chibaku Tensei to seal the tailed beasts.

2. The Tale Of Jiraiya The Gallant (9.5)

This is one of the highest-rated installments of the entire series, and for good reason. The episode shows the fall of one of the legendary sannins and Naruto's mentor, paving the way for Naruto to be the hero of his own tale. In the village of Hidden Rain, having come face-to-face with the six paths of Pain, Jiraiya slowly realizes that one of the paths is none other than his former student, Yahiko.

He looks at all the six faces of Pain, and deduces Pain's identity, but is mortally wounded by the paths before he can tell the Great Toad Sage Fukasaku. Realizing that he's dying, he fondly remembers his students, Minato and Kushina, and how Minato wanted to name their unborn child after a character in Jiraiya's book who never gave up — Naruto. Jiraiya understands that Naruto's ninja way is similarly relentless, which is why he manages to stay alive and carve Pain's secret on Fukasaku's back, before dying. The dying Jiraiya passes the torch to his student, the true Child of the Prophecy, and remarks that the sequel to his novel would be called "The Tale of Naruto Uzumaki."

In the woods, Naruto stops in his tracks when he feels Jiraiya's hand on his shoulder, unaware that a light shines on him from above.

1. Naruto And Sasuke (9.5)

Another high-rated installment of the series, this episode provides the final leg of the battle between the two main characters of the series. After devastating attacks from both sides, using Susanoos, tailed beast balls, shadow clones and Chidori, the two friends have to resort to their fists as exhaustion weakens them.

Sasuke is unable to maintain a Chidori as his chakra is almost drained, while Naruto trips and falls while running with a Rasengan. The two are left to resort to fisticuffs, fighting like the little boys that they were when they first clashed at the academy grounds. With eyes bruised shut and teeth knocked off, it's no longer a fight between two of the strongest shinobis to exist, but two young men who are too tired to stand.

However, Sasuke finds some chakra and is about to finish Naruto with a Chidori when Naruto hits him with an uppercut that sends Sasuke flying. Sasuke rushes back with the Chidori in his hand, while thoughts of Itachi race through his mind, and Naruto charges toward him with a Rasengan that every friend, teacher, mentor, and classmate he's ever had helps him build. The two forces collide, causing a massive explosion, and when the dust settles, the two can be found lying side by side, bloody, broken and battered, but ready to overcome their differences. The final battle has concluded.