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How The Jinchuriki In Naruto Are More Powerful Than We Thought

The shinobi story of Naruto has some of the most distinct characters and techniques featured in anime and manga. Even still, few could stand against the powerful might of the Jinchuriki and their tailed beasts. Being bonded with monsters that are capable of destroying villages already places Jinchuriki on another level beyond that of some of Naruto's other elite warriors. But as revealed in the current pages of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Naruto may have just revealed another shattering power level for the Jinchuriki.

As CBR detailed, the Hokage is forced into a battle with the other-worldly Isshiki Ōtsutsuki. However, when the foe proves to be too much for Naruto and Sasuke, Kurama the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, provides one last plan that is definitely do-or-die. Kurama grants Naruto a new Nine-Tails Fox form. Visually it's different from previous forms as Naruto sports horns and his cape embodies Kurama's many tails. But the form ultimately provides Naruto with a new level of power for a very steep price.

The latest battle costs Naruto and Sasuke their most powerful tools

Naruto's new form is dubbed "Baryon mode" in the manga, and as Comic Book highlighted, it boasts incredible power but at a high cost. Kurama explains that his and Naruto's chakra work together like Nuclear Fusion, which boosts Naruto's power to new levels but destroys both his and Kurama's chakra rapidly. However, since all chakra is the same at the root, it also destroys the chakra of whoever Naruto comes in contact with, such as his foe Isshiki.

It's because of the sacrificial nature of the mode that Kurama asks Naruto if he is willing to die to use the form. The Hokage makes it clear that he has no problem with sacrificing himself for his village. As the battle finally comes to a close, Isshiki is defeated and unexpected sacrifices occur. After the dust has settled in the latest Boruto manga chapter release from Viz, it's discovered that Naruto lives, but Kurama dies. Sasuke is left without his Rinnegan thanks to a possessed Boruto. And now two of the series' strongest powerhouses have been reduced to shells of what they once were at their peak.

Naruto's Baryon mode expands the power of the Jinchuriki

While Naruto no longer has Kurama at his side, the Baryon mode did manage to etch out another potential level for the Jinchuriki. Before his battle with Isshiki, Baryon mode or something similar to it was unheard of between Jinchuriki and their tailed beasts. Considering Naruto's level and mastery with Kurama's power, it makes sense that he would be the one Jinchuriki to achieve it so far. 

In a ranking of Jinchuriki via Screen Rant, Naruto ranked as the top one. And given his accomplishments, it's easy to see why. After all, he's defeated Madara and Sasuke and managed to successfully bond with Kurama who was considered to be one of the most powerful tailed beasts. Naruto may now have to step aside to let his son truly shine in the power department, but there's no denying that his latest battle reminded manga readers why Jinchuriki are some of the most fearsome beings.