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The Most Unforgettable Rock Lee Scene According To Naruto Fans

If you were to ask anime fans what got them into the medium, chances are many of them would credit Masashi Kishimoto's ninja classic, "Naruto." It focuses on the titular character as he follows his dream of being Hokage — the most respected ninja in the land — going through missions, making friends, and even finding love. "Naruto" is probably one of the most popular anime of all time, spawning not only two anime series, but also countless movies and video games, as well as a sequel series following Naruto's son, Boruto

There are several characters that make "Naruto" what it is, and one of the most memorable is Rock Lee, who trains alongside Neji and Tenten. Rock Lee is not only remembered for his unique appearance but also because of his unwavering resolve, despite the fact that he cannot use ninjutsu and genjutsu like his peers. Starting off as comic relief, the character has become extremely popular, inciting articles about his strength from sites like Inverse and Crunchyroll. There are so many Rock Lee moments that come to mind when fans think of the bushy-browed ninja, but there is one scene that fans believe features him at his best. 

Rock Lee Fights Gaara

During the Chunin Exams, when the young ninjas go through rigorous testing in order to be promoted to a higher rank, there are many jaw-dropping fights, from Neji versus Hinata to Naruto facing off against Kiba. However, no one will ever forget Rock Lee's battle against the mysterious and dangerous Gaara of the Sand. The fight seems one-sided at first, with many of Rock Lee's hits not landing. However, he soon removes weights hidden under his leg warmers — which has many of the spectators in shock as they make a boom — and shows what he's really made of. 

In a Reddit thread asking which "Naruto" scenes fans will never forget, several users commented on this match. U/lizzardgizzard69's favorite character is Rock Lee, and during that moment, they said, "I was definitely making each of [the other character's] faces when i saw this." Other fans had fond memories of the battle, with u/Mistake142 calling it their favorite fight of the series and remembering having "such an exhilarating feeling seeing the weights drop." A reason why this scene is so jaw-dropping is because Rock Lee is often thought to have a disadvantage, only being able to use taijutsu. To see him continue to fight and show that he is still a winner, fans can see that Rock Lee "embodies the original spirit of the show," as u/zuotian3619 remarked.