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The Underrated Ability That Gives Naruto An Advantage Over Sasuke

Uzamaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke have been both the closest friends and fiercest rivals in Naruto. And even though the two took different journeys throughout the series' storyline that often caused them to clash with one another, by the end of Shippuden, it became clear that the two were the most powerful shinobi within the series. Via Screen Rant, the latest manga chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has changed that, as the two heroes are completely nerfed following their battle with Ishikki. But when remembering these two at their zenith, it's clear that few others could stand against the duo.

Yet when it comes to power, we still wonder which ninja had the clear advantage. Sasuke may have had the awesome Rinnegan thanks to the Six Paths Chakra he receives in Naruto manga Chapter #671. And it's definitely no slouch, as it gives him access to amazing techniques like Space-Time Dojutsu and his Mangekyo Sharingan amped to its absolute. But Naruto's use of the Six Paths Chakra puts him in a surprising advantage over his rival.

Naruto has a couple of underrated abilities

In terms of sheer power, Six Paths Sage Mode was Naruto at his most powerful before Boruto. As this CBR article noted, one of Six Paths Sage Mode's signature techniques was the Truth-Seeking Balls. With this ability, Naruto had an energy force he could manipulate into different shapes such as a staff and could use to completely destroy whole areas. The Truth-Seeking Balls could also effectively take out reanimated enemies, which was definitely needed during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

If Naruto's offensive capabilities in this mode aren't impressive enough, then his healing abilities should do the trick and show his clear advantage over his rival. Six Paths Sage Mode gives Naruto the ability to instantly heal organs and rekindle the life force of someone near death. For example, with Guy near death in Chapter #672, Naruto is able to bring him back from the brink. In Chapter #675, he's able to fully restore Kakashi's left eye.

Naruto's abilities are already greatly enhanced in Six Paths Sage Mode, and in terms of power alone, it definitely puts him on par with Sasuke. However, having the ability to heal organs and completely revive someone near death gives the Konoha Hero clear advantages over his greatest rival.