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The Batman 2's Co-Writer Boasts Some Eye-Popping Comic Book Creds

In April of 2022, director Matt Reeves revealed that he's working on sequel to "The Batman." At that time, Reeves confirmed both his own involvement and that star Robert Pattison will reprise his role as its titular character. Otherwise, few concrete details were available upon the project's announcement, though comments from some of those involved have raised a few possibilities as to the film's contents.

For instance, Pattison wants "The Batman 2" to feature the Court of Owls. Pattison shared this tidbit in an interview prior to Reeves confirming "The Batman 2," so it's far from official that this is indeed the direction the film will take. Nevertheless, given Pattinson's vocal interest, it's perhaps among some of the likelier possible comic book storylines that the upcoming "Batman" movie could adapt.

In August of 2022, the next major piece of "Batman 2" news dropped, revealing the writer alongside whom Reeves is working on the film's script. As it turns out, Reeves' co-writer has experience writing both movies and comics, including a "Batman" comic book series.

Matt Reeves is writing The Batman 2 with Batman: The Imposter author Mattson Tomlin

According to an August 23 article by The Hollywood Reporter, director Matt Reeves is writing the script for "The Batman 2" alongside Mattson Tomlin. Tomlin's past screenwriting credits include the gritty superhero thriller "Project Power" and the 2021 sci-fi film "Mother/Android," which he also directed. Technically, as THR's piece outlines, Tomlin worked on the script for "The Batman" as well, though his involvement began late in the writing process and wasn't significant enough to earn him an official credit. Since Tomlin is involved with "The Batman 2" upon its outset, it's far more likely he'll remain a credited screenwriter this time around.

Perhaps most relevant to "The Batman 2," however, is not Tomlin's past film work but writing the comic book series "Batman: The Imposter." In fact, Tomlin revealed in an interview with Inverse that he came up with the idea for his "Batman" comic book series while working on "The Batman," which inspired him tonally.

Tomlin is also notably in the process of adapting the "BRZRKR" comic book series, which Keanu Reeves co-created. "The Batman 2," then, will be the latest in Tomlin's growing body of comic book or comic-related work.