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The Reservation Dogs Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Growing up is hard no matter where you live, especially when it comes to making that difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood. However, for four friends living on a Native reservation in rural Oklahoma, life in the distant land of California seems like a dream in the critically acclaimed comedy "Reservation Dogs." 

Created and produced by Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi, "Reservation Dogs" follows a group of Indigenous American teens as they struggle to find their own way in the world. As they seek their place, they must decide whether they're meant to fight for what they can grab onto in a world of limited options or pursue goals that benefit their community. A beautiful and hilarious coming-of-age story filmed in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, "Reservation Dogs" has been praised for its Native representation and witty writing, earning a coveted 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. The show is brimming with brilliant characters, so read on to learn which one you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Jackie

If you celebrate your birthday under the sign of Aries (March 21 through April 29) each year, your "Reservation Dogs" character is NDN Mafia leader Jackie. As the first sign in the zodiac, those born under the sign of Aries are ruled by Mars, which makes them headstrong and bold -– two of Jackie's most defining traits. 

After moving to the reservation from the city, the naturally outgoing Jackie doesn't waste much time before pulling together a gang and escalating a rivalry with the Reservation Dogs. Although her gang spends time casually committing crimes and even gets into the copper theft business like the Rez Dogs, it's clear from Jackie's job at the market and her plans to head out to Cali that she knows she's meant for something bigger and better in life — and she'll do whatever it takes to get there. 

As a fire sign, Jackie has a natural confidence that frequently ventures into risk-taking behavior, as when she convinces Elora to ride with creepy art print salesman Victor after Elora's grandma's "rezzy-a**" car breaks down. She's also not afraid to stand up for herself, whether she's leading a paintball attack on the Rez Dogs or kicking a potential serial killer in the face. If you identify with Jackie, just remember: "Do not watch two dogs get stuck together. For if you do, you shall get pinkeye."

Taurus: Uncle Brownie

If you're a Taurus who cuts into your annual birthday cake between April 20 and May 20, your "Reservation Dogs" character is Elora Danan's cousin-uncle, Uncle Brownie. Taurus bulls are earth signs and homebodies who enjoy chilling at their abodes, and Uncle Brownie is all about hanging out on the homefront living off the land –- that, and a fair amount of Sonic –- only going into town to borrow flour from his cousin Frank. That's because, like all Tauruses, home is where Uncle Brownie feels most safe, especially since he claims his property is mined with "traps and bombs and all sorts of things." 

The extremely laid-back Brownie is super sweet and dependable, but he's also incredibly tough and holds the record for the most knockouts in one night at Old Muggy's bar — 20 people plus a cop. He even manages to stop a tornado, although, according to Spirit anyone can do that. Like all Tauruses, Uncle Brownie is a complicated man whether he's pretending he doesn't like kids or hanging around town in the buff convinced he is a holy man. It's always a good time when you stop by his place, even if it's just to check out his incredible VHS collection.

Gemini: Willie Jack

If you have a Gemini birthday (May 21 through June 21), you identify with Rez Dog Willie Jack (Wilhelmina Jacqueline to her aunt). Willie Jack is a contemplative soul with a very introspective nature who navigates life with a brilliant sense of humor. She learns the hard way that you can't be messing around with curses, especially with white medicine. However, she's not afraid to fix the mess she made with a little help from her Elders, who remove the curse in "that sun dance, stomp dance, smoke dance, longhouse, Episcopal way," according to Spirit. 

Easily the most whimsical of the Rez Dogs, Willie Jack has a natural aptitude for art whether she's creating beautiful graffiti on the gang's hideout and Cheese's house or spray painting NSFW sketches around town. She makes the best meat pies in town thanks to a recipe from her grandma, and her uncle was married to the Deer Lady for like three years and has the dirty pictures to prove it. The most independent-minded among her peers, Willie Jack is the first in her group to decide not to go to California at the ending of "Reservation Dogs" Season 1.

Cancer: Bear Smallhill

Fans of "Reservation Dogs" born under the water sign Cancer will most closely relate to Bear Smallhill. Like all Cancer crabs, he's a serious kid, but then again, being the sort-of leader of a gang is a big responsibility. Cancers tend to be very sensitive, and Bear is easily the most sentimental of the Reservation Dogs. He's close to his mom and craves a relationship with his dad Punkin Lusty, who is great at rapping about fry bread but not the father Bear deserves. A sweet kid through and through, Bear worries about his friends wearing a seatbelt while stealing a chip truck, surreptitiously puts cash in his mom's wallet, and tries to hug his teacher after giving a class presentation. He's also the only Rez Dog to feel deeply guilty about the impact of the group's actions on Mississippi Miles after the Dogs steal his truck.

As the profoundly intuitive young man that he is, Bear has a natural connection to the spiritual world and regularly sees visions, especially of the Spirit William Knifeman –- something that makes Bear's friends worry he needs to go to ceremony or therapy. Cancers love music and use it to create a protective bubble for themselves, and Bear is rarely without his headphones. He also has the shrewd business sense often seen in crabs and uses his sound negotiation skills to work out a deal with Kenny Boy for the Flaming Flamers the group jacked with the stolen truck. If you identify with Bear, remember Spirit's wise words: "Take responsibility for yourself, young warrior. Carry on my wayward son. There will be peace when you are done."

Leo: Cheese

Leos who kick off their birthdays between July 23 and August 22 will find a kindred spirit in the most gregarious Rez Dog, Cheese. Leos tend to be comfortable anywhere they go and make friends along the way, and Cheese is no exception. He's just as comfortable talking to adults as he is to kids whether he's chatting his way into an unexpected optometry appointment, playing Monopoly with his uncle Charlie Johnson, or bonding with Officer Big on a ride-along.

Organized and ambitious, Cheese knows what he wants out of life, cheerily announcing that he's always wanted to be in a gang while making plans to become a detective, even if it means he has to put in the years as a Lighthorseman to get there. An enthusiastic teen, he understands the value of a director's cut of "Big Trouble in Little China" and he's generally up for anything from sabotaging the NDN Mafia's gas tank to "alphabeticizing" Uncle Brownie's VHS collection for payment in Sonic food. 

While this outgoing teen tends to get into shenanigans with his buddies, he is also very polite and respectful of others. He often introduces his pronouns when he meets new people and even lets the store owner know when he's planning to steal something so it can be deducted from the inventory.

Virgo: Dr. Kang

If your zodiac symbol is Virgo (August 23 – September 22), your "Reservation Dogs" character is Dr. Kang, the tribal clinic's everything doctor. Virgos excel at being useful, and Dr. Kang handles every medical issue that comes his way including "toes, backs, a***oles" and optometry. 

A San Diego native, Dr. Kang has been with the clinic for about ten years but he's ready to go back to where he's from. Like every other man Bear crosses paths with, Dr. Kang thinks Bear's mom is attractive and isn't afraid to pump Bear for information about her. A skilled and competent doctor, he serves up his professional advice in a somewhat questionable manner, as when he tells Cheese that people with bad vision used to die young from bear attacks and sometimes eyes just fall out. 

Like most Virgos, the doc can be a bit neurotic but friendly, freely going on about how he is trying to grow out his ponytail but now he's getting sick of it. Still, despite his weird approach to medicine, Dr. Kang is an efficient and capable doctor who enjoys helping others and doesn't mind listening to the kids' problems — even if his advice is generally unhelpful.

Libra: William Spirit Knifeman

If your big birthday celebration falls under the sign of Libra (September 22 through October 23), your "Reservation Dogs" character is the carb-loading Spirit of William Knifeman. Sure, he's not Crazy Horse or one of those awesome guys –- more of your "unknown warrior" -– but he's always hanging around to guide Bear, Uncle Brownie, and his other clients on their journeys through life with his stoic wisdom and understanding of traditional Native ways. 

Like the Libra sign, Spirit always sees many sides to an issue, balancing quirky stories from his colorful past with beautiful advice about letting go of loved ones or taking responsibility for one's own life. You always get the sense with Spirit that he knows more than he's letting on, but he understands that giving wise advice means letting people grow on their own with a little helpful nudging.

Despite his friendly and charming manner, Spirit tells Bear that he suffered a great deal in his life, once losing several of his children in a blizzard before being sold to slave traders and forced to fight in a gladiator pit. Yet, even with all that he's been through, the Spirit has a naturally easygoing temperament and a positive outlook on life. He loves snacking on carbs, whether it's fry bread, communion wafers, Sonic tots, or an apple in the porta-potty. However, occasionally that food ends up getting tossed at Bear.

Scorpio: Elora Danan

If you're a Scorpio (October 23 to November 21), the Rez Dog you'll most identify with is Elora Danan. Named for the baby princess in the charming fantasy film "Willow," Elora Danan is the true leader of the Reservation Dogs and tends to be a little intense. Like the rest of the Rez Dogs, she's been through a lot in her young life. She lost her mom in a drunk driving accident when she was three years old and her dear friend Daniel died as a teenager. As Scorpios tend to be, Elora is as cool as a cucumber under some of the most stressful circumstances. When her friends are puking from edibles, Elora claims not to feel a thing. She's fairly composed even when stealing a car, and she keeps herself together better than expected after stabbing and fleeing from a potential serial killer with Jackie.

Like all Scorpios, she can be somewhat cold and pragmatic, as when she responds to Bear's concerns about hurting Mississippi Miles by telling him it's "dog eat dog out here." She gets into some pretty risky shenanigans and hijinks, whether she's leading the group in their latest heist or putting her digestive system to the test with an overload of Flaming Flamers.

Sagittarius: Mekko and Mose

Sagittarians (November 22 through December 21) will find their kindred spirits in the friendly brothers Mekko and Mose. Powered by the pedals of their bikes, this jovial duo is the number one source of reservation scuttlebutt — even if they're behind half of the gossip themselves. 

Sagittarius souls tend to be overly blunt and speak what's on their mind, often to a fault. For Mekko and Mose, this tendency accidentally inspires some beef between the NDN Mafia and the Reservation Dogs. As Sagittarian spirits, these guys appreciate the good things in life, from a fresh bag of ripped-off Flaming Flamers to rapping while they cruise around on their bikes. They like their meat pies like they like their women -– "brown, greasy, and hot." 

Like other Sagittarians, Mekko and Mose excel at overcoming obstacles, like when their bikes get stolen. They're always coming up with new rhymes, and they expect to hit it big one day -– and once they hit, they're gonna be rich and make it rain, Shawty.

Capricorn: Bev the receptionist

"Reservation Dogs" fans who were born under the sign of Capricorn will appreciate the hardworking tribal clinic receptionist Bev. Capricorns are known for being the serious, responsible zodiac sign, and Bev is nothing if not serious about her job. 

As a clinic receptionist, Bev has seen everything –- especially on Mondays, which can get pretty weird. Like most Capricorns, Bev is naturally very direct and won't hesitate to tell it like it is, so don't even try to sell her some meat pies if you're showing up at the clinic with a stomach ache. 

Capricorns are organized and business-minded souls, and Bev is highly committed to the paperwork of it all. It doesn't matter how many times a person has filled out their medical forms, she's going to make them go through the entire process again. As a busy woman who checks everyone into the clinic, Bev has no time for anyone's shenanigans, especially if those shenanigans involve looking for a hair clip to undo a white medicine curse.

Aquarius: Kenny Boy

Kumite! That song will be in your head all day if you were born under the air sign Aquarius. Those Aquarian spirits who celebrate their big days between January 20 and February 18 each year will find a connection with the air sign Kenny Boy. Aquarius souls tend to be on a plane of their own, and Kenny Boy fits this description to a tee. Kenny Boy is the owner and proprietor of Burglekutt Salvage, a salvage yard that looks like a meth head zombie apocalypse and just so happens to have a cockfighting ring. And don't call it a scrapyard –- that's derogatory and has a negative connotation, according to Kenny Boy.

Aquarians tend to be quirky oddballs, and Kenny Boy is no exception. He works from an old school bus that he uses as an office while making shady deals with local thieves. Kenny Boy enjoys quoting Bob Seger, rambling about the string theory concepts he learned from Bucky's stolen book, and hanging out while petting a chicken. Something of a cinephile, Kenny Boy has seen "Bloodsport" about 50 times and randomly serves up obscure facts about movies. 

Like many Aquarius spirits, he always seems to have something up his sleeve, whether he's dodging Officer Big's inquiry about copper thieves or deciding that a horse showing up at his salvage yard is a gift from Creator even though she was clearly blown there by a tornado.

Pisces: Officer Big

Pisces "Reservation Dogs" fans will relate to the reservation's most dedicated lighthorseman, Officer Big. Not your typical cop, Big is far more interested in making sure his community is safe than locking people up unnecessarily, largely thanks to some encounters he had with the Deer Lady as a child. He stays busy in his job as a Lighthorseman chasing down meth heads and copper thieves –- which, according to Big, are usually one and the same –- and occasionally dealing with the supernatural. The Reservation Dogs certainly keep him busy stealing copper from the street lamps, cars, steaks from Patterson's grocery, Old Lady Louise's edibles, and the chip truck.

Pisces are pure of heart and great at supporting others, things that gentle Big is great at. As a Pisces soul, he understands the value of a good song, especially when that song is from the Native band Redbone. An outside-the-box thinker, Big enjoys watching JFK conspiracy videos on YouTube, distrusts sugar (white man's bullets), and is fully aware that supernatural forces are all around. When he's not getting into slow-speed pursuits with Bucky or investigating strange copper figurines, he's questioning whether Bigfoot has something to do with all of those catfish heads that keep appearing and then disappearing in the field.