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The Most Unlikely DC Project Is Apparently Still Happening On HBO Max

No one knows how to self-sabotage quite like Warner Brothers. Almost impressively, the studio has honed the craft into something of an art form. The DC Extended Universe is infamous for playing the most disastrous, pell-mell game of catch-up in a concerted effort to establish equal footing against the incomparably more successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even more recently, the studio has repeatedly turned a blind eye while its star performers have laid violent waste to anyone in their general vicinity. To be clear, that's not an exaggeration, either — Amber Heard was accused of (and legally found) being abusive, and Ezra Miller continues to rack up an ongoing list of appalling crimes. And yet, there was never even a thought to fire Heard, and "The Flash" is determinedly still sprinting toward a release date. 

As if this weren't enough, the studio just as recently decided to shelve "Batgirl," a nearly completed DC film starring Leslie Grace, Brendan Fraser, and Michael Keaton, stating that it didn't match its standards for quality. The official statement seemingly covered the fact that "Batgirl" (which, again, would have brought back Keaton's Batman, seen a continued public resurgence for Fraser, and would have been one of the only lady-led superhero films in the entire market) was sacrificed for a tax write-off (via Variety). Like we said earlier, Warner Brothers has ineptitude down to an art form. 

Oddly enough, despite all this, despite shunning women by defining HBO Max's content as "male-skewed," there's still another heroine whose film, which is still in official development, has yet to be burned at the altar of tangential profit. Let's take a look. 

Black Canary is still in the works — for now

According to TV Line, a spokesperson for Warner Brothers confirmed that the untitled "Black Canary" film, which was announced last year, is still in the works. The film will star Jurnee Smollet as Dinah Lance, aka the Black Canary. The actress debuted her role in "Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)," the 2020 Margot Robbie-led Harley Quinn film. As of now, little else is known in regards to the film, not even a potential release date, only that it somehow has survived Warner Brother's self-evisceration and that it will be streamed on HBO Max. Also, the script will be written by Misha Green, with whom Smollet is a frequent, ecstatic collaborator. 

For Smollet and Green and anyone else involved, we can only hope that the film is permitted to flourish and that Warner Brothers doesn't move the goalposts again because, at this point, there's precious little that the studio could do to surprise us.