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The Mom Spin-Off That Fans Would Definitely Tune In To Watch

The CBS sitcom "Mom" was not only entertaining and successful, but it also helped many people. Following a group of (older!) women living their lives in recovery from addiction, the Chuck Lorre, Gemma Baker, and Eddie Gorodetsky-created series has been a lifeline to many struggling with the same issues.

"Whether it was the emotional reactions of the live audience on tape night inside Stage 20, or discussions at The White House regarding the opioid crisis, or the personal stories we continue to receive on social media, we take great pride in knowing 'Mom' has positively impacted so many lives," the producers said in a statement (via Newsweek). An anonymous comment on that article drove this point home even further: "During the pandemic, people were unable to gather," they said. "I am one person who used some of the wise words from the show to remind me to work my program." This has all meant so much to star Allison Janney. "It's just been so incredible, the amazing letters I get from people who are in the program or people who got sober with us," she told James Corden. "It's so rare when you do something like that and it affects people in a positive way out in the world."

Sadly, chaotic behind-the-scenes events resulted in the unexpected cancellation of "Mom" in Season 8. So perhaps it's not surprising that fans would want to see a spin-off. But which characters would fans most want to follow in a new show?

Fans love all the characters, especially Jill and Tammy

While "Mom" initially centered on Bonnie Plunkett (Allison Janney) rebuilding her relationship with daughter, Christy (Anna Faris), both in recovery, it ended focusing more on the strong bonds between their group of friends. Despite Faris' sudden departure, fans still loved the show and its remaining cast: Jill (Jaime Pressley), Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy), Wendy (Beth Hall), and Tammy (Kristen Johnston). "I absolutely love this show and didn't feel the loss of Anna [Faris] made that much of an impact," a Newsweek commenter said. "The other characters are strong enough to carry the show and [storylines]."

Redditor u/Dolphoodle started a discussion about which character should get a potential spin-off of the show. Their primary choice was Southern belle Jill. "She always had interesting stories and it would be cool to see a continuation of her story," they said. They also felt Wendy hadn't gotten enough material, and Tammy's story seemed unfinished. While a few commenters also said Wendy — u/LadyBug_0570 wants to know why Wendy was arrested in her scrubs — and a couple said Christy or Marjorie, the majority of responses agreed they'd like either Jill or Tammy — or both together.

But fans shouldn't hold their breath. Though the show doesn't tie up all the storylines, co-creator Gemma Baker didn't feel the need. "That's not [how life] works," she told TVLine. She also admitted, "We aren't going to see new stories about these characters, but we wanted [the series finale] to express that the journey continues."