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Why Mom Fans Rain Compliments On Kristen Johnston As Tammy

Season 8 of CBS sitcom "Mom" introduced the biggest shake-up to the series to date when it premiered without Anna Faris, who previously portrayed lead character Christy Plunkett. "Mom" fans largely lamented Faris' departure and described the series as somewhat lacking without her, perhaps contributing to the fact that the show was canceled after its 8th season.

Nevertheless, "Mom" was capable of continuing absent its central character for a time thanks to its supporting cast. Among its major supporting players is Tammy Diffendorf, portrayed by Kristen Johnston starting in Season 5 and continuing through the balance of the show. Some of Johnston's credits prior to her first appearance on "Mom" include "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" and "3rd Rock from the Sun." In fact, "Mom" includes a "3rd Rock from the Sun" reunion between Johnston and her former sitcom co-star French Stewart soon after her introduction.

Despite some fans worrying about Tammy's arc in "Mom" Season 8, Johnston's character is something of a fan favorite, netting compliments from numerous users online who particularly enjoy what she brings to the series.

Fans have high praise for Kristen Johnston's talent

One user on the official "Mom" subreddit started a thread titled "I love Tammy," in which they simply professed their appreciation for Kristen Johnston's "Mom" character apropos of nothing else. In response, the majority of commenters agreed that Tammy is a top-notch character, and highlighted Johnston's acting ability as a principal reason that Tammy is so entertaining.

User ruadhan1334, for example, described Johnston as a wholly underrated talent, capable of both comedic and dramatic performances. Similarly, user miker279 cited her role on "3rd Rock from the Sun" as precedent for her amusing work on "Mom." Meanwhile, user Bindid24 listed Tammy as their favorite character, and concurred with a number of other commenters who described Johnston as a national treasure.

On Twitter too, fans have singled out Johnston as a standout performer. For example, @IsaLeeWolf wrote, "Without question, #Mom is the best show on CBS. And Kristen Johnston somehow made it even better."

In an interview with The New York Post, Johnston shared some insight into her approach to playing Tammy on "Mom." "I'm a theater actor, so my instinct is big" Johnston said. "Let's put it this way: no one's ever told me to go bigger."

While "Mom" may now be over, Johnston is set to join the cast of "The Righteous Gemstones" Season 3 (via Variety), meaning that her numerous fans can still look forward to what may well become another standout comedic performance.