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Justice League Actually Has Two Post-Credits Scenes

Earlier this week, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa revealed that Justice League has a post-credits scene. But after early screenings, many people who have seen the movie report that there are actually two

Nerdist senior editor Dan Casey tweeted: "There are two end credits scenes, by the way, so make sure you stay all the way through the legion of VFX artists, best boys, and production assistants that made the movie possible."

If you need more confirmation, JoBlo editor-in-chief Paul Shirey said, "Yes, there are two." He also warned: "Don't let anyone spoil them for you beforehand."

Post-credits scenes are basically mandatory for Marvel movies, but they've been rare in the DCEU: last year's Suicide Squad has been the only film to include one. In the Suicide Squad scene, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) meets with Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and offers protection in exchange for files on meta-humans, which sets up Justice League.

But the enthusiasm for these new scenes hints that something big happens. One theory is that one or both could introduce a Green Lantern ahead of the Green Lantern Corps movie expected in 2020.

Meanwhile, most of the early reviews for Justice League have been relatively positive. You can find out for yourself when the movie hits theaters on Nov. 17.