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The Character From Netflix's The Sandman You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Netflix's "The Sandman" is brought to life by a huge ensemble of diverse characters, each of whom adds something unique to Neil Gaiman's fantasy world. Gods, demons, humans, dreams, nightmares, gargoyles, and all other kinds of creatures make themselves known throughout the show. Even those positioned as villains get proper development and full motivations.

It's the many interactions between these very different characters that makes "The Sandman" so interesting. The friendship between Dream (Tom Sturridge) and the immortal human Hob Gadling (Ferdinand Kingsley); the tense dynamic between the vindictive John Dee (David Thewlis) and the woman who volunteers to help him; the quiet way Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) guides human souls to the afterlife. These are the moments in which "The Sandman" shines brightest, and it's all thanks to strong scripts and some truly captivating performances.

With so many different kinds of characters waltzing across the "Sandman" stage, there's someone for every viewer to get attached to. Be it one of the powerful and immortal Endless or a simple human making their way through the world, here's the "Sandman" character you're most like based on your zodiac sign. Be warned, there will be major spoilers ahead.

Aries: Hob Gadling

What Aries (March 21 to April 19) wouldn't jump at the chance to give immortality a try? The first fire sign of the zodiac is famous for taking risks, blazing trails, and finding excitement in nearly every situation, no matter what mistakes they may make along the way. That's the story of Hob Gadling in a nutshell — a 14th-century Englishman who's granted eternal life as part of a bet between Dream and Death.

At first, Dream gambles that Hob will surely beg to die after a hundred years, but he doesn't. Nor does he fold after the next hundred, or the next hundred, or the hundred after that. He lives recklessly at times and makes some pretty colossal mistakes, but Hob never loses his Aries spark — an energy for life that continues to burn no matter what obstacles come his way.

Passionate and more than a little self-centered, Hob is nonetheless able to learn and grow. He becomes wiser and more measured as the centuries pass, but he stays true to the curiosity and eagerness that initially draws the Endless to him. Those born under the Aries sign have that main character energy, and while Hob is far from the protagonist of "The Sandman," he's dedicated to living like the main character of his own life.

Taurus: Morpheus

Despite the fact that he's the Lord of Dreams, Morpheus the Sandman actually fits pretty well as the Earth sign Taurus (April 20 to May 20). Represented by the bull, those born under Taurus are equally known for their stubbornness and their love of the quiet life. Natural homebodies, they often find solace and fulfillment in acts of creation — gardening, making art, etc. Taureans are also notoriously resistant to change, preferring to stay in their established ways for as long as possible.

If all of those traits don't perfectly describe the King of Dreams, then nothing does. Solitary and hesitant to show his emotions, Morpheus spends most of his time creating — pruning the Dreaming or inventing new beings to fill humanity's collective subconscious. He can be prideful and stubborn, as seen when Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong) challenges his decision-making late in "The Sandman" Season 1. But like most Taureans, while he is hardheaded, he's also capable of change when pushed hard enough.

It might seem ironic that a being who lives almost entirely in the land of dreams would wear the grounded badge of an Earth sign, but it fits when you think about it. Despite creating new fantasies everyday, Morpheus lives according to a firm and extensive set of rules. Fortunately, Taurus is also ruled by Venus, granting a lot of creativity to augment his reserved nature.

Gemini: Cain and Abel

Is it too cheap to put two siblings as the standard-bearers for the sign of Gemini? It might seem so at first, as this air sign (belonging to those born between May 21 and June 20) is represented by the twins. Once you take a look at Cain and Abel (Sanjeev Bhaskar and Asim Chaudhry) in "The Sandman," though, you'll see that there are many other reasons why the biblical brothers are such a good fit for Gemini.

Always chatting and seeking out new information, Geminis can be perceived as flighty, which isn't entirely untrue. They're typically gentle people who avoid conflict and seek to build friendships, but they also have a tendency to gossip. Do Geminis truly care for the people around them? Absolutely. But in many cases, they may care just a little bit more about their own pursuit of knowledge and validation.

As the proprietors of the Dreaming's House of Mysteries and House of Secrets, there's no doubt that Cain and Abel enjoy a bit of gossip. This is confirmed in Season 1 when Abel shares rumors of the Dreaming's odd seismic activity with Lucienne. Abel also embodies the gentle spirit of Gemini, while Cain perfectly encapsulates the air sign's more prickly bits. Together, they make for an excellent match.

Cancer: John Dee

Out of all the foes Morpheus faces in "The Sandman" Season 1, John Dee might be the most curious. The son of occultist Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) and Ethel Cripps (Joely Richardson), John grows up on the run from all manner of people. His mother steals the tools of the Dream Lord before he's even born, and he is brought up with their complicated legacy hanging over him. In the end, his close connection with the ruby — an item that makes dreams come true — leads to his corruption and downfall.

In many ways, John Dee's story can be seen as an example of the worst tendencies of Cancer (June 21 to July 22) coming to a head. This water sign is known for being sensitive, defensive, imaginative, and deeply affected by emotions. Slow to trust and wary of betrayal, those who wear the sign of Cancer can easily make themselves into martyrs in their own minds. Of course, they can also be loyal friends and talented creatives, as long as they find support and embrace their natural creativity.

Unfortunately, John Dee never really gets that chance. A lifetime of lies and imprisonment turn him irreparably against other humans, and his resentment of dishonesty ends up pushing him too far. Still, there are moments when you see the best of Cancer in John as well — moments of genuine sympathy, deep consideration, and quiet honesty.

Leo: Lucifer

Who's more deserving of the kingly fire sign Leo (July 23 to August 22) than the ruler of Hell? Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer only appears in a couple of episodes in the show's first season, but those who've read DC's "The Sandman" comics will know just how important the Devil ultimately is. In the Netflix series, Dream confesses to Matthew that Lucifer is far more powerful than he is, and though he ultimately claims victory in their battle, there's no doubt that the Morningstar is a force to be reckoned with.

Proud, theatrical, and fiercely passionate, Lucifer fits perfectly beneath the second fire sign of the zodiac. Leos are known for being the biggest personalities in the room and for expecting respect. Of course, most who wear the sign are far from evil, as it often carries warm and loving energy as well. At their best, Leos are the life of the party — people who bring everyone else together with their big, boisterous, and entertaining personas. But at their worst, Leos can feel entitled to luxury and deference, allowing their egos to blind them to reality. Such is the case with Lucifer Morningstar — at least the version shown in "The Sandman" Season 1. The Devil is undoubtedly regal, but also someone who can't be fully trusted.

Virgo: Gilbert

Prim, proper, polite, and always at the ready, the sentient dream Fiddler's Green — known as Gilbert in its human form, which takes the shape of veteran British actor Stephen Fry — is a good match for the Earth sign Virgo (August 23 to September 22). Virgos are known by many as busybodies, frequently timid and prone to pessimism. Of course, Virgos can also be loyal, dedicated, and grounding friends. They're the kind of people who'll tell you what you need to hear, not just what they think you want to hear.

Fiddler's Green serves that role pretty clearly in "The Sandman." Gilbert becomes a protector, mentor, and friend to Rose Walker (Vanesu Samunyai), as well as one to Dream. In fact, Fiddler's Green is one of the most genuine and kind characters — also common characteristics of Virgos — in the entire series, and those qualities often come in handy. As Gilbert, Fiddler's Green can be a bit reserved, but he's also wise and seeks to help wherever he can, something all Virgos can relate to.

Libra: Matthew

After seeing one of his ravens brutally slain while trying to free him from imprisonment, Dream refuses to take on another. That is, until Lucienne insists repeatedly that he take Matthew (Patton Oswalt), a new citizen of the Dreaming who's eager to help its ruler. While not exactly the boldest or bravest bird in the flock, Matthew quickly proves himself a loyal, wise, and kind friend — traits that align him well with the air sign Libra (September 23 to October 22).

Highly social and conflict avoidant, Libras are both the peacemakers and the confidants of the zodiac. Matthew serves as both during his time in "The Sandman," aiding Morpheus, Lucienne, Rose, and others simply through his resolve and quiet advice. When Dream decides to go to Hell, it only takes Matthew a moment to agree. And once he's there, he never leaves his master's side, even when things get frightening.

Libra is symbolized by the scales, and Matthew repeatedly shows himself to be a balanced and fair-minded raven. He considers all sides of every issue and fights for what he genuinely believes to be best, even if it's not exactly what Dream or Lucienne are telling him to do. He stands firm on his beliefs, but never to the point of violence. Matthew does his job dutifully, yet he's far from a pushover.

Scorpio: Johanna Constantine

Fans of the DC Comics character John Constantine will surely perk up at the appearance of Johanna Constantine (Jenna Coleman) in "The Sandman." A slightly different take on the fan-favorite character, Johanna nonetheless carries the same swagger, dry humor, and self-loathing as John. She's a loner who pushes people away, mostly because she fears she'll end up hurting them. On the other hand, she's a hero who fights constantly against the forces of darkness — albeit for a fee.

From the cool jacket to the impenetrable attitude, Johanna is a Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) from head to toe. She's slow to trust and insists on working alone, even when the one proposing a team-up is the literal King of Dreams. She uses humor as a defense mechanism, as many Scorpios do, but she can also show incredible vulnerability with those she's come to trust.

While Johanna's emotional life might be all over the place, there's no questioning her tenacity or her skill as a demon hunter. When the going gets tough, she proves herself to be one of the most reliable characters in all of "The Sandman," showing off the signature Scorpio mindset. All in all, Johanna is a worthy bearer of the zodiac's second water sign.

Sagittarius: Death

The last fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) is a wanderer. Represented by the archer, it's a sign marked by a desire to travel, explore, and experience new things. Sagittarians also tend to have a real passion for life — a love of the world around them that ignites their desire to seek new horizons.

It might seem ironic that the incarnation of death itself is the best icon for Sagittarius in "The Sandman," but that's completely the case. Kirby Howell-Baptiste's rendition of the character is joyful, optimistic, and fun. But she's also, well, Death. It's an interesting duality to be sure, and one that Death's brother Dream struggles to fully accept. But like the best Sagittarians, Death welcomes him into her world with open arms.

In "The Sandman," Death sees every human as someone worth knowing and every town as somewhere worth exploring. She loves tasting food, talking to people, and experiencing the parts of life that make death such a powerful thing. It might seem odd to compare all Sagittarians to the Grim Reaper, but fortunately, they've got a great sense of humor.

Capricorn: Lucienne

The last Earth sign of the zodiac is arguably the one most reflective of its element. Measured, calculated, and dutiful, Capricorns (December 22 to January 19) are known for their natural skill as leaders and organizers. It should come as no surprise, then, that Lucienne, librarian of the Dreaming, is the Capricorn of this list.

For a hundred years while Morpheus was imprisoned, Lucienne kept the cogs of the Dreaming turning, even as all others deserted and the walls crumbled around her. If that kind of dedication from a librarian doesn't scream Capricorn, nothing does. Like others who wear the sign, Lucienne can also be a bit condescending, even to the Lord of Dreams himself. Of course, that's only because she knows her realm so well.

Without Lucienne, it seems likely that all of Dream's ventures might completely fall apart — a feeling that those who've worked with a Capricorn can certainly relate to. Morpheus might be the dynamo at the center of the Dreaming, but Lucienne is the foundation on which it's all built.

Aquarius: Corinthian

Though Dream faces a number of enemies throughout "The Sandman" Season 1, his main recurring foe is the Corinthian (played by Boyd Holbrook), a nightmare gone rogue. Corinthian attempts to destroy his creator and the Dreaming itself by corrupting Rose Walker's vortex powers, but he ultimately fails. Still, he leaves a lasting impression and establishes himself as the show's natural Aquarius (January 20 to February 18).

The last air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is defined by a passion for individuality and a general aloofness. Those who wear the sign are often seen as activists — people driven by causes and beliefs. The Corinthian definitely fits into that category, even if the cause he's fighting for is a dark and vile one. He truly believes that there's merit in his violent vision for the world, and he goes to great lengths to make it a reality, unperturbed by the obstacles in his path. Obviously, his actual beliefs are reprehensible, but other Aquarians may well find some kinship in his dedication and independent nature.

It's also worth noting that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which conveys a sense of aggression and a desire for change. Fortunately, the change Corinthian dreams of never comes to pass, but if redirected down a better path, his drive could certainly take him far. Perhaps when Morpheus eventually reforms him we'll get to see that happen.

Pisces: Rose Walker

Rounding out our "Sandman" zodiac is Rose Walker, the dream vortex herself, representing the water sign Pisces (February 19 to March 20). Pisceans are often seen as blending childlike wonder and sage wisdom into a singular persona, and Rose certainly exemplifies that in the Netflix series. She's forced to grow up fast due to a complicated family situation, but she never loses the kind-hearted nature of the child she used to be. The main reason that Rose fits so well as a Pisces, though, is her status as the dream vortex — a rare being capable of breaking down the walls between dreamers and between realms.

Pisces is known to be one of the most psychic signs in all of the zodiac, capable of tapping into nonmaterial realms that others can only dream of. Fantasy and reality can become blurred for some Pisceans, and Rose experiences that dilemma herself quite literally. And, of course, the sign has a strong compatibility with Taurus, which might explain why Morpheus has such a soft spot for Rose (despite, you know, nearly killing her at one point). Compassionate, empathetic, and hopeful even in the darkest times, Rose represents the best that Pisces has to offer, and she's a perfect character to close out our "Sandman" zodiac.