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Spy X Family Fans Have Some Big Opinions About Anya And Damian

"Spy x Family" has had an incredibly successful first season, making a considerable mark on the current anime scene with its first round of episodes. While there happens to be more "Spy x Family" coming shortly, fans of the series have already fallen in love with its likable cast of characters and the ridiculous world they inhabit.

The very silly premise of "Spy x Family" follows a conflict between two rival nations in a sort of Cold War scenario and how superspy, Twilight/Loid Forger (Takuya Eguchi/Alex Organ), must form a fake family to get close to his latest target. Unfortunately for him, Twilight's phony wife, Yor Forger, (Saori Hayami/Natalie Van Sistine) and daughter, Anya Forger, (Atsumi Tanezaki/Megan Shipman) happen to have some pretty big secrets of their own.

However, it's Anya's tenuous relationship with her schoolmate, Damian Desmond (Natsumi Fujiwara/Caitlin Glass) that fans are really beginning to question as they wait for more in the next part of the story.

Some fans want Anya and Damian to grow closer

On the r/SpyxFamily subreddit, fans are wondering where the relationship between Anya and Damian will go in the series. "I'd really like to see a development where Anya matures to see him as a person," said u/QuintanimousGooch in their thread. "Outside of a step in her interpretation of the mission and then, maybe, as a friend."

Characters judging each other upon first meeting or based on extraneous information is a common occurrence in "Spy x Family," but the characters regularly come to question what they thought they knew as they get to know one another. With this in mind, the user's hopes could well be fulfilled as the series continues.

Meanwhile, some viewers believe this has already started happening in the show. "I think there has already been a few moments that show Anya appreciates Damian as a person rather than simply a target," observed u/NotAllThatEvil. "Such as when she says he may secretly be nice when he takes a bullet for her during dodgeball."

Still, other users were quick to point out that their young age means they probably won't become romantic in any way. "Loid's mission is the catalyst that initially brings Anya and Damian into each other's company," said u/Detroyes1. "But Operation Strix will be long over before either reach the age where they are likely to become anything more than just frenemy schoolmates."

Anya's voice actor helps make their relationship believable

Megan Shipman, who provides the English voice of Anya, sat down with Gamerant to talk about getting the character right in "Spy x Family." "When she was crying I made it really over the top, when she was happy I made it really big," said Shipman of playing the fan-favorite character. "And just kind of making it really extreme, both in just her cuteness as well as her range of emotions. Making it extreme."

When Damian and Anya first meet, the two despise each other. However, as Anya gets inklings of his thoughts through her abilities, she begins to see him differently from time to time. Meanwhile, Damian softens on Anya, despite his own preconceptions. Shipman's performance helps to sell this element, as she makes Anya so cute that even Damian can't resist cracking his hardened outer shell for her. As we see more of the two in upcoming episodes of "Spy x Family," it will remain to be seen how close the two will get, but it seems already like they may at least have little-kid crushes on one another.