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New Set Photos From NC-17 Marilyn Monroe Biopic Are Jaw-Dropping

Marilyn Monroe fans still have a few more months before Netflix's widely-talked-about biopic "Blonde" finally comes out, but that doesn't mean the public can't get a few sneak peeks in while they wait.

New set photos show Ana de Armas in all her Marilyn glory as she portrays the Hollywood vixen in some scenes from the movie. The film, which is directed by Andrew Dominik, has sparked controversy as a result of its NC-17 rating and subject matter. De Armas, meanwhile, has been earning significant praise for taking on the challenging role. In fact, a variety of critics and social media users seem to be convinced that she'll play a pitch-perfect version of the late American icon.

"That Oscar is calling out Ana de Armas name for her performance in it," wrote Twitter user @hoyeonsjungs in a June 16 tweet. With everyone on social media still losing their minds over De Armas' Marilyn and anticipation for "Blonde" steadily growing, it was only fitting that Netflix release some set photos and give people a jaw-dropping inside look at what to expect when the film finally drops on September 23.

Ana de Armas stuns as Marilyn alongside two of her biggest co-stars

Images released by Vanity Fair on Wednesday, July 27, show some behind-the-scenes moments from the set of "Blonde," as well as shots from the actual film. The most stunning of the bunch features Ana de Armas in separate photos alongside her two main co-stars, Adrien Brody and Bobby Cannavale, who play Marilyn Monroe's two most famous husbands, playwright Arthur Miller and Yankees baseball great Joe DiMaggio.

In one profound shot, de Armas' Marilyn can be seen standing with Brody's Miller along a fence line. She is the living definition of melancholy, looking both happy and shattered inside. "I saw an opportunity to describe an adult life through the lens of mistaken childhood beliefs and trauma," explained director Andrew Dominik to Vanity Fair. In the same photo, Brody's Miller can be seen gazing at Marilyn with a sense of childlike wonder. 

In real life, Miller and Monroe had long known each other before marrying in 1956 (via Biography). They divorced in 1961, just one year before Marilyn's death. In the time after their divorce, Miller publicly described how he believed Hollywood and fame had "destroyed" the 36-year-old model-turned-actor and ultimately led to her death. Writing to fans in a public essay, Miller said, "She was destroyed by many things, and some of those things are you" (via Mirror).

The other major shot released by Vanity Fair is a shot of de Armas sitting on a bookshelf with Cannavale's DiMaggio as Dominik directs them. The scene is an exact replication of a photo made famous by the duo that was taken while Monroe's foot was in a cast. Dominik can be seen holding the photo as he directs de Armas and Cannavale. It's an awesome example of just how precise and important the "Killing Them Softly" filmmaker's attention to detail will likely be in "Blonde."