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The Ozark Character That Fans Think Is The Coolest

In the span of four years, Netflix's "Ozark" managed to become one of the biggest television shows on the planet, with the series garnering over 40 Emmy Award nominations and multiple wins for the cast's incredible acting performances. Actors Jason Bateman and Julia Garner have both taken home gold statues for their respective portrayals of Marty Byrde and Ruth Langmore — a feat that Garner's done twice now in the outstanding supporting actress in a drama series category. But they're just the tip of the "Ozark" acting iceberg, with fellow stars Laura Linney, Lisa Emery, Skylar Gaertner, Charlie Tahan, Sofia Hublitz, and Tom Pelphrey, among many others, all delivering acclaimed performances. But out of all these characters being portrayed on screen, regardless of who viewers or critics think is best, which one would you guess is the coolest or "most badass" in the eyes of fans?

Looking back at the four-season run of "Ozark," it's easy to assume that Marty, Ruth, or perhaps Gaertner's Jonah Byrde could be deemed the coolest person in the Netflix series. One scene in particular from Season 3, Episode 7, shows Marty at his criminally-cunning best as he stands up to the Kansas City mob and finally cuts all ties with them, even going so far as to threaten Frank Cosgrove Jr.'s (Joseph Sikora) life. But actually, the person who fans think is the coolest isn't any of these main players. It's someone many viewers — and characters on the show — might least expect.

Fans believe Damian Young's Jim Rattelsdorf is the coolest Ozark character

According to Redditors, it's Jim Rattelsdorf — Wendy's political advisor, ally, and legal confidante — who has been the coolest and craftiest character in "Ozark" history. Actor Damian Young played him in all four seasons, with Jim somehow managing to survive until the very end despite a longstanding belief that he would die at some point. "Jim is definitely the most badass guy in this whole series," wrote Redditor u/Grouchy-Specific6517 in an "Ozark" discussion thread, prompting numerous upvotes. 

The coolness and mystique of the Jim character has grown to pretty big heights in recent years, with many people calling for a spin-off based on the intriguing political underworld shown in "Ozark" throughout the Midwest and other places. "There need to be more shows on Fixers and Background Investigation people like [Jim]," wrote Redditor u/asecuredlife. "Exactly," said u/Grouchy-Specific6517. "Jim should have his own spin off show." 

Executive producer Chris Mundy has previously said that "Ozark" spin-offs would be a very big possibility in the future, and fans have also expressed widespread interest in them. "It's definitely something that people have talked about a bunch," Mundy told TVLine in May 2022. "There's nothing definitive. We're lucky that people seem to really like the show so there's obviously going to be some interest there."