Futurama Fans Can't Help But Love This Iconic Robot

For some fans, it's practically impossible to pick a favorite character from "Futurama." The satirical sci-fi animated sitcom that follows the adventures of a quirky space delivery crew throughout the 31st century has provided some of the most-recognizable animated TV characters in recent memory. From its beloved main cast to its collection of colorful supporting characters, there's no shortage of interesting personas on "Futurama," many of which have managed to become iconic in their own rights. 

Being a series that primarily takes place in a future setting, however, many of these characters are not simply human. Rather, creator Matt Groening and his team have fun with a sci-fi premise that allows them to introduce a variety of aliens, underground mutants, and, most prominently, robots, as a part of both the main and supporting cast. And while 50% of "Futurama" fans agree their favorite character is Bender Bending Rodriguez (John DiMaggio), there are also other robots in the series who leave just as much of a hilarious mark. One of these mechanical faces belongs to one of the show's most outrageously colorful characters who, despite his bizarre habits, has managed to build up quite a fan base of his own.

Fans see more in Hedonismbot than meets the eye

One of several "Futurama" characters voiced by Maurice LaMarche, Hedonismbot is one of the show's most memorable recurring characters. The golden robot is modeled after a Roman hedonist, complete with being his own cline, and as such, he is an incredibly self-indulgent individual. Most of his activities involve over-the-top sexual acts, all of which he is exquisitely happy to describe in great detail.

Fans too are happy to describe their love of the hilarious robot. Redditor u/stakoverflo started a thread on the r/Futurama subreddit where they called Hedonismbot their favorite secondary character of the series. Several commenters proudly reverberated the user's sentiments, with a surprising number of fans admitting just how much the wayward robot influences them. The most upvoted comment on the thread came from u/GarnetSardonyx, who wrote, "I secretly aspire to be Hedonismbot." Other commenters weren't far off, such as u/Felstorm1231, who called the robot one of the greatest characters on the show. Humorously, this user also said, "I try to work, 'I trust the orgy pit has been scraped and buttered' into as many conversations as possible." Similarly, u/captaindammit87 shared that they frequently use his "I apologize for nothing" phrase.

And perhaps it's that unapologetic nature that makes Hedonismbot so weirdly lovable. Oddly enough, it would seem that by watching Hedonismbot, viewers can learn how to love themselves a bit and not be ashamed of it. It almost makes some viewers wish that the character had more time in the spotlight. For example, u/worrymon wrote, "Secondary? Hedonismbot is the main character!" And with Marice LaMarche excited about the show's upcoming 2023 revival (via SyFy), there's surely a chance that the beloved artificial intelligence could return at some point soon.