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This Is The Superhero Role Keanu Reeves Is Holding Out For

After seeing him dodge bullets in one iconic franchise with "The Matrix" and inject them into henchmen's skulls in another with "John Wick," fans of Keanu Reeves have had high hopes he'll take the superhuman leap into the genre still dominating the box office. It wouldn't be his first time, of course. Back in 2005, Reeves brought the DC hero John Constantine to life in "Constantine." It was not an accurate portrayal of the character, who is a blond Englishman in the comics — understandable, after his "Dracula" accent. Nonetheless, he has expressed interest in reprising the role.

While that may never come to pass, it hasn't stopped him from still being a highly sought-after star for other projects. In 2021, it was confirmed that Reeves did have a mysterious chat with Marvel head Kevin Feige about finding a potential spot for him in the MCU, but there's been no word on any developments since then. However, it seems there's another avenue Reeves is willing to walk down, as it's been revealed he has his eye on another DC role of far more iconic stature. It's a character that (release schedules permitting) will have been played by three different stars in live action in a little over a year, and one that he himself has tackled in the recording booth, as well, for an animated iteration.

Keanu Reeves dreams of being Batman

In the upcoming animated feature "DC's League of Super-Pets," Keanu Reeves is voicing a brighter iteration of the Dark Knight — vocally, at least. While he might not be a central character in the movie, which instead focuses on the furry friends of DC's finest, Reeves admitted that he has high hopes of donning the legendary cape and cowl eventually. "It's been a dream, but Pattinson's got Batman right now, and he's doing awesome," Reeves told ExtraTV, acknowledging the success of "The Batman." That didn't crush his spirit entirely, though, with the Bat-fan hopeful he might get a call eventually. "Maybe down the road. Maybe when they need an older Batman."

Unfortunately, a seasoned guardian of Gotham spot has also already been filled in Warner Bros.' film slate. Not only will Michael Keaton be reprising his role from the Tim Burton films in "The Flash" (alongside Ben Affleck's iteration as well), but he'll also be in "Batgirl," starring Leslie Grace. Even so, given that a sequel to Robert Pattinson's "The Batman" is in the pipeline and Keaton's Bat is thought to be a Nick Fury-type figure of sorts for the impending DC universe, could there still be space in the Batcave for another Dark Knight? 

Indeed, there are some off-kilter, less conventional Batman options he could consider.

Keanu Reeves could bring the Thomas Wayne Batman to life

There are two perfectly suited iterations of the iconic vigilante that Keanu Reeves could take on, if the Bat signal ever shined in his direction. Throughout DC history, a number of non-Bruce Wayne Batmen have dared to descend on Gotham's underworld, a notion that — so far — only Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight Rises" has toyed with. With that in mind, could Keanu Reeves find a place in the live-action DC universe not as the billionaire playboy, but as his father Thomas Wayne, who became a far more vengeful vigilante in a different timeline?

In the Flashpoint story-arc (which looks to be a big inspiration for the upcoming solo film for "The Flash"), the scarlet speedster found himself in another timeline that saw Bruce Wayne being killed in Crime Alley, instead of his parents. This led to his father Thomas donning a cape and cowl as a more brutal, pistol-packing protector of Gotham City. To make matters worse, the tragedy led his wife, Martha, to become this timeline's Joker, turning the history of two famous foes on its head.

While Batman taking up arms has been a debate that feels as old as time itself, seeing Keanu Reeves taking shots at this version feels like a dream casting choice. He's frequently proven how good he is with guns (lots of them, in fact), so seeing him as Thomas Wayne's version of the bloody and brutal Bat feels perfect. 

Failing that, of course, there's another alternate Bruce Wayne that Reeves could bring to life in an amazing way, and that's the incarnation seen in "Batman Beyond."

Or could Keanu Reeves mentor Terry McGinnis in a Batman Beyond movie?

While the actor jokingly suggested being an older version of the character, that's actually an idea Warner Bros. has entertained before. In 2000, the studio considered adapting the beloved animated series "Batman Beyond," which followed an aged Bruce Wayne passing the cowl to a new protege, Terry McGinnis. From there, the new Bat on the block protected the cyberpunk-influenced landscape of Neo-Gotham as a capeless crusader ... with Wayne forever in his earpiece, keeping a watchful eye on things and never quite letting go of the role. 

Back in the early 2000s, Clint Eastwood was being discussed as the prime choice to take on the role of OG Bat (per a Kevin Smith interview with "Batman Beyond" co-creator Paul Dini, via MovieWeb). These days, Michael Keaton feels like an obvious choice for the gig. Arguably, though, if a live-action "Batman Beyond" project ever started up again, Reeves' action movie experience might make him a smarter choice.

Just think of it: The "Matrix" and "John Wick" star training a young hero-in-the-making how to fight crime. It feels like a character type we've not seen him handle just yet, but an inevitable one for him to take on in the future. Could he do it as one of the greatest comic book heroes in history? Either way, whether Reeves were to play an elderly Bruce Wayne or a grizzled Thomas Wayne, there are some terrific ways for him to play a Batman unlike any we have ever seen before. We already know he looks good in black, after all. What's one more iconic outfit to add to the wardrobe?