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This Fan-Favorite MCU Actor Is Replacing Hugh Grant In Kaos

Charlie Covell's Netflix series "Kaos" — which is set to be a snarky take on Greek myths and legends, per Deadline —just landed a major Hollywood and MCU star to replace actor Hugh Grant as Zeus. 

The initial casting of Grant as the King of The Gods had been announced in June 2022, along with details about what "Kaos" will look like as a series (via Deadline). According to reports, "Kaos" will ultimately explore all three realms in Greek mythology — the Heavens, the Earth, and the Underworld — but in a much more open and fluid way. "Nothing is sacred in Covell's bold reinvention of Greek myths (think tracksuits not togas)," the official synopsis reads, "except the treachery and arrogance of a bunch of inconstant gods and their cosmic machinations." 

Grant was set to play what Netflix described as a historically wrathful yet surprisingly self-conscious take on the Greek deity, who wakes up one morning to find a wrinkle on his forehead, leading him to believe the end of his reign is near. But Grant evidently had to pull out due to scheduling issues, leaving the streaming giant to dip into the MCU's pool of famous actors for a super-quick replacement. Thankfully, they found an actor widely known for entertaining audiences around the world, when he's not constantly Googling himself

Jeff Goldblum will now play Zeus in Netflix's Kaos

According to Deadline, Jeff Goldblum has been cast to play Zeus in "Kaos" following Hugh Grant's departure. The "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Jurassic World Dominion" star appears to be a perfect fit for the darkly comedic Netflix show, and Charlie Covell's contemporary take on the sky and weather god, seeing how he's honed his comedy chops and cool guy legacy over the years. 

Social media appeared to approve of the choice. "I can imagine his playing this like Grandmaster," wrote Twitter user @armonfraud, referencing Goldblum's character from "Thor: Ragnarok." Meanwhile, for user @jackinfinity203, this casting has already proven to be a selling point, as they wrote, "I'll watch this for Jeff Goldblum. Him as Zeus should be awesome!"

Goldblum has yet to appear in a Netflix project, but he does have some experience in the world of streaming. The longtime actor has his very own docuseries on Disney+ called "The World According to Jeff Goldblum," which has so far put out two seasons. Goldblum has previously said that he's always looking to reinvent and reimagine himself in different mediums and quirky roles, so who knows what sort of wild take he has in store for Covell's Zeus. 

"More and more, I aspire to more self-trustfulness," he told Rolling Stone in November 2021. "It's sort of interesting to me to keep my eyes on my own paper and keep developing and working on what I love and what seems to bring my insides to full life."