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Here's Why Jeff Goldblum Constantly Googles Himself

When you hear that a certain celebrity constantly Googles themselves, you might think that the individual is pompous or arrogant, but that's certainly not the case when that celebrity is Jeff Goldblum. The Pennsylvania native, who's currently starring in his own National Geographic documentary series ,The World According to Jeff Goldblum, doesn't take himself too seriously. In his spare time, he performs with his jazz band, spends time with his family, and constantly scans the internet for his name.

This all sounds like a regular activity for a celebrity, but Goldblum tends to be more light-hearted with these tasks. When he searches #JeffGoldblum on Instagram, it's usually for one reason: to find hilarious content of himself. The actor, an avid over-sharer, has always found humor in what others have to say about him. Whether it's a tattoo, an Instagram post, a hoax, or a photo with a fan, Goldblum wants to know why you are typing his name.  

Jeff Goldblum is here for the memes

Admit it, you've googled yourself at least once. Most likely, your social media accounts pop up, but not much more. Everyone does this, celebrities included. They, on the other hand, have probably have a lot more content coming up in the search results. Jeff Goldblum does not keep it a secret that he enjoys attention. The actor has made numerous claims about getting "a kick out of" seeing what fans say about him. It's never an attempt to blow up his ego, but more of a way to get a laugh. A perfect example of this is when he recreated his classic Jurrasic Park pose on his Instagram.

"I must say, I'm a little bit of an idiot," Goldblum said during an appearance on The Project. "I don't mind going on Instagram [and checking the] hashtag Jeff Goldblum. And checking out what people have said, and pictures they've posted, and what tattoos they've gotten of me. I get a kick out of it. I think it's very funny."

Jeff Goldblum wants to see those concert pics, too

The actor also plays the piano with his jazz band, Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, he performed a few times a month at Rockwell Table And Stage in Hollywood (now permanently closed). After his performances, he would talk with fans and even take some pictures. While most celebrities wouldn't think twice about a fan-photo, Goldblum wants to know how it turned out. This is another reason why he constantly googles himself; he wants to know how his fans react to him, his performance, and his generosity.

"People seem to, in some way or another, on a case-by-case basis, have some kind of enjoyment of me," Goldblum told Financial Times in 2018. "It's pleasurable, I must say. I don't feel like — who did The Jazz Singer? Al Jolson! It doesn't feel like that: 'I'm not really alive until I get what I so need.' I like when I go out on the street, and people seem delighted. That's sweet. And they allow me into the sweet part of themselves. That's kind of a privilege and delightful."

It's not all fun and games on Google for Jeff Goldblum

While all of this points to the fact that Jeff Goldblum's internet searches can be playful and fun, not everything online is positive. In 2009, the actor was trending on Google after a spoof website posted a fake article claiming the actor died by falling off a cliff while filming in New Zealand. Unfortunately, his mom had no idea this was a hoax at first. "Yes, someone had put online that I had fallen off a cliff in New Zealand," Goldblum said during a 2018 appearance on Watch What Happens Live (via People). "Before we got the word out and I could call everybody, yes, my mom. She called and was like, 'Jeffrey, are you alright? Are you alright?'"

Another recent instance is when a Jeff Goldblum lookalike got into a fight in Virginia last year, and the video went viral (NSFW). While Goldblum didn't participate in the incident in any way, it's another example proving the actor may not always like what he finds when searching for himself.