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The Grey's Anatomy Duo Fans Wish Had More Screen Time

"Grey's Anatomy" is known for its steamy romances, but some of the most interesting relationships on the show are platonic. In between over-the-top plotlines and medical emergencies, the more intimate moments between friends and colleagues prove to elevate an already compelling narrative. The show has used this blueprint since the early seasons by evolving alliances within the hospital to explore different dynamics, such as the working relationship between Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) or the playful camaraderie between Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). Two characters might start as rivals and become best friends a season later, a tactic that keeps viewers on their toes.

The series is ultimately an ensemble drama, so not every relationship always gets equal coverage. There are characters that fans wish had more screen time, but there are also certain friendships that longtime viewers would have appreciated seeing more of. Here's the duo fans think should have been given a brighter spotlight.

Alex and Cristina's dynamic deserved more attention

According to viewers, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Cristina Yang's (Sandra Oh) friendship is underrated. In a Reddit poll that asked which duo deserved more screen time, "Grey's Anatomy" fans agreed that the pair's relationship should have been more explored. 

At a glance, Alex and Cristina couldn't be more different. Cristina was raised in Beverly Hills and attended prestigious universities, while Alex spent time in foster care and went to a state school in Iowa. Alex is more laid back, while Cristina is known for being overly ambitious. However, they frequently demonstrate that they are more similar than they might realize. They both have complicated relationships with their parents and use humor to deflect their emotions. Despite their similarities, Alex and Cristina often butt heads and tease each other relentlessly, a dynamic that fans love.

"The mocking and the sibling energy always made them my favorites," said u/virgin-oracle. User u/PinkGirlNY shared similar sentiments about their banter: "Cristina and Alex had me rolling over laughing every time! Loved them as roomies!!"

After Cristina's departure in Season 10, Alex easily slips into the role of Meredith's "person." Although Alex and Cristina no longer work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, viewers were able to watch them become incredibly skilled surgeons before their respective departures.