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Not Everyone Loves This Popular Grey's Anatomy Character

Starring Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey, the runaway success of "Grey's Anatomy" is due in part to series creator Shonda Rhimes' ability to introduce compelling characters and balance over-the-top storylines with grounded narratives. Although only three members of the original cast remain, new faces continue to populate the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The names may change, but the challenges stay the same. Love affairs heat up and fizzle out, alliances ebb and flow, and patients live or die, a formula that fans are still eating up over a decade after the show first premiered in 2005. 

For a show that features a revolving door of cast members, it makes sense that some characters don't always hit the mark, while others, such as Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) and Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George), were so well-liked that they warranted their own binge-worthy spin-off series. Plenty of physicians have come and gone over the years, but there's one fan favorite character that some viewers aren't so fond of. 

Derek Shepherd isn't all that dreamy

Some viewers hold the opinion that dearly departed Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Demspey) isn't as charming as he's made out to be. It's a pretty surprising opinion, considering that Derek is portrayed as the ultimate good guy. On the surface, he perfectly represents that trope. However, fans on Reddit have voiced how they really feel about Derek Shepherd and they make some valid points. 

Although Meredith and Derek's remain one of the show's more notable pairings, there are those who think that the couple is overrated. "Honestly after my 5th rewatch, the epic romance of Meredith and Derek started to falter and I just started seeing him as an entitled a****** who was condescending and saw Meredith as an addition to his "greatness," writes Reddit u/Funmiby

Even the most stalwart MerDer shippers have to give some credit to this. In Season 5, Meredith has to convince Derek to credit her properly when he dubs a surgical technique, which they developed together, as the Shepherd Method. When Meredith asks for a little acknowledgement, Derek callously dismisses her as immature. This entitlement is cited as another reason viewers dislike the character. "He's so cocky and despite being a very good doctor and surgeon, he makes so many decisions based on ego. For a grown man, it's so embarrassing," said Reddit u/sneezingbees

Whatever your thoughts on the late neurosurgeon, the nuances in his personality make him one of the most memorable characters to ever appear on "Grey's Anatomy."