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Amazon's Comic-Con Schedule Says A Lot About Its Creative Vision

Last year alone, Amazon Prime Video aired a number of hit original series, contending with some of the top names in streaming. Some of the best Amazon Prime series of 2021 include animated superhero drama "Invincible," literary historical epic "The Underground Railroad," and the Australian rules football docu-series "Making Their Mark," among others.

Of course, this past year, Season 3 of edgy superhero show "The Boys" was a major draw for Amazon subscribers. In fact, Amazon renewed "The Boys" for Season 4 a mere two weeks after its third season premiered, citing an already sizable viewership at that point in time.

While a number of series are currently in the works for Amazon Prime, it appears that the fantasy genre, broadly speaking, will remain a hallmark of the streaming service's slate of originals. For instance, Amazon is rumored to be working on a "God of War" show based on the fantasy video game series of the same name. Furthermore, Amazon's newly-announced San Diego Comic-Con 2022 schedule provides some additional insight into what the streaming service's creative vision might look like moving forward.

Amazon will be showcasing three series during Comic-Con

On July 8, the official press website for Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Studios shared a rundown of the panels that the company will host during San Diego Comic-Con 2022. As it turns out, Amazon will showcase three original series at this year's Comic-Con.

First, on July 21, Amazon will lead a deep dive into "The Wheel of Time: Origins," which is an animated companion show to its mainline "Wheel of Time" series that premiered in 2021. This panel will consist of interviews with some of its creators, as well as what the company is describing as a video presentation.

Then, on July 22, Amazon will showcase "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power." Just what this panel will include currently seems to be under wraps, though it will take place within the venue's massive Hall H.

Finally, also on July 22, Amazon will host a talk with some of the cast and crew featured in its upcoming comic book adaptation "Paper Girls," as well as a "Paper Girls" fan screening later that day.

While the Comic-Con locale may have some influence on Amazon's choice of featured series, it appears that for the time being at least, some of the biggest projects in the works at Amazon all fall broadly within the fantasy genre, suggesting that this niche may continue to drive Amazon's creative direction for the foreseeable future.