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30% Of Fans Are Most Excited To See This Character When Futurama Returns

As fans know by now, "Futurama" is poised for a return. It's been nine years since we last heard from Fry (Billy West), Leela (Katey Sagal), and the rest. And even though that iteration had already been brought back from the land of cancellation once, we all apparently deserve even more from the dysfunctional crew of Planet Express.

"Futurama understood that the future would always subvert our expectations," wrote Colin Lecher at Popular Science. "So the show did the only reasonable thing: revel in all the ways the future could be absurd, wild, poignant, hilarious, bizarre, terrible, wonderful, and so, so close to reality without being a thinly veiled version of the present." And we're about to get more of it. More robot uprisings. More unnameable horrors from beyond (with mango chutney). More television commentary from Lrrr.

There's a lot to be excited about for sure. Then again, everyone has their favorites when it comes to a show as beloved as this one. And it's not like "Futurama" was ever at a loss for memorable characters. Some are more eagerly awaited than others. Perhaps that's because some characters seemed to better encapsulate the show's whole madcap satirical spirit. The character viewers are most excited to see return might surprise you, but it will also likely strike you as obvious when you hear who it is.

30% of fans are most excited to see the return of Bender

According to a recent survey conducted by Looper, 30.61% of "Futurama" fans are most excited to witness the return of everyone's favorite cigar-smoking, hard-drinking bending unit, Bender (John DiMaggio). Of course, nobody would be all that surprised that Bender is returning, given how popular and iconic his character is. But then, it wasn't always so certain that Bender would return to a new "Futurama." Or at least not in the form we remember him. 

When the reboot was announced, it was also reported that Hulu had yet to successfully negotiate compensation with DiMaggio (via Entertainment Weekly). DiMaggio publicly said that he wasn't just holding out for better pay for himself, but for the whole cast as well. It doesn't appear that DiMaggio's holding out earned him any more money, but he eventually agreed to return to the role, securing a complete reunion for the beloved series (via Deadline).

Though Bender topped the poll, there was still a notable amount of enthusiasm for other characters. Of the 575 respondents, 22.43% were excited about the return of Professor Farnsworth (also Billy West), 19.48% were excited to see Leela, and 17.22% were excited for Fry. From there the numbers dropped pretty significantly, with only 5.74% of respondents excited about the return of Barbadian bureaucrat Hermes (Phil LaMarr). And in last place, with a measly 4.52% of respondents excited? Who else but Zoidberg?