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Disney's Tinkering With Jessica Jones May Signal Big Things For The MCU

Before Disney+ started producing its own highly acclaimed Marvel shows such as "WandaVision" and "Loki," "The Defenders" saga on Netflix was the talk of the town. While some of these shows were more well-received than others, most of them were praised for their gritty sensibilities, which provided a refreshing alternative to the family-friendly nature of the MCU film franchise. Some fans might even argue that Netflix's Marvel offerings never got to realize their full potential. That said, now that they're all available to stream on Disney+, the journeys of their respective heroes and villains might not be over yet.

As evidenced by its high scores on Rotten Tomatoes, "Jessica Jones" received substantial praise from critics and fans alike. Starring Krysten Ritter as the titular superhuman investigator, the series gave viewers a layered drama that revolved around a complicated hero with flaws and grey areas. As such, fans would love to see her back in the MCU, and Ritter wants to return to the role of Jessica Jones down the line. But is it on the cards? 

Well, Marvel fans, there is reason to feel cautiously optimistic about the future of "Jessica Jones," as some recent developments from the Disney camp suggest that the character could have a future in the MCU.

Jessica Jones has a new name on Disney+

Jessica Jones is one of the many characters fans want to see in "She-Hulk," and rumor has it that she might be part of the upcoming series, according to Comic Book Movie. It remains to be seen if the tough-as-nails investigator will feature in "She-Hulk," or any other Marvel release for that matter. However, speculation about the character returning to the MCU is rife following a recent development on Disney+.

As noted by The Direct, the title card for "Jessica Jones" on the streaming service reads "AKA Jessica Jones." This is a nod to the series' title when it was still an in-development project for ABC. But what could the rebranding mean for "Jessica Jones" moving forward? 

Per The Direct, it's possible that Disney plans on renaming the current seasons of "Jessica Jones" to separate the series from a possible revival down the line. After all, there is a new season of "Daredevil" in the works, presumably with Charlie Cox reprising his role as The Man Without Fear. Now that the House of Mouse has made it evident that the "Defenders" saga is canon (per Instagram), "Jessica Jones" could be the next hero to be resurrected under the Disney umbrella.