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The Most Eye-Opening Scenes From The Boys Season 3

When it comes to eye-opening moments, "The Boys" is a series that provides in abundance. It seems like every episode becomes a regular watercooler topic due to the sheer outrageousness and unbelievability of the scenes on display. Considering the show's reputation for pushing the boundaries, Season 3 needed to once again up the ante for the fans — and oh, does it push it! In fact, it had the critics picking their jaws up from the floor.

Throughout these eight episodes, we laugh, we cry, and we wonder what exactly it was that we just saw more times than we can count. However, there are a few moments that stand head and shoulders above the rest, for a wide variety of reasons. Whether it be Termite proving the Thanus theory to be plausible or Love Sausage swinging in for the festivities of Herogasm, these are the scenes that will be remembered as iconic moments in the history of the show. So without further ado, let's take a look at the most eye-opening scenes from "The Boys" Season 3.

Major shrinkage

Ever listened to the hit KISS song "Love Gun"? The lyrics to the chorus go something like this: "No place for hiding, baby, no place to run. You pull the trigger of my love gun." In Season 3's opening episode, "Payback," the audience witnesses a version of this that sends pain to the nether regions. Termite has the time of his life at a party, doing all sorts of things that would most certainly not result in a clean urine sample. However, the fun doesn't stop there, as Termite finds a partner who wants the full, unabridged experience of his superpowers.

Remember the briefly popular Thanus theory? If not, don't worry — it isn't exactly canon. According to this humorous fan theory, Thanos could have been defeated if Ant-Man had simply shrunk down, climbed up Thanos' rear end, and returned to his normal size. Well, Termite and one of his new friends pave the way to how it could be done. 

However, their intentions are entirely different to begin with, as the supe shrinks down to size and then climbs inside his partner's, ah, orifice. The tingly escapade sends shivers down the partner's spine as he encourages Termite to go further and hit the right spot. Unfortunately, the foreplay turns into a bloody mess as Termite sneezes, presumably from all the drugs consumed throughout the evening, and transforms back to his regular size. By doing so, he destroys his partner's love gun and a good part of his insides, as well. If Thanos ever comes back to the MCU, Ant-Man should be taking notes.

Butcher supes up

There are many DC fans who want Karl Urban to play Batman, although they might be missing an obvious casting after "The Boys" Season 3 — the "Injustice: Gods Among Us" version of Superman. In the episode "The Only Man in the Sky," Billy Butcher becomes the very thing he despises most: a supe. He has a reason, though, which some may consider valid in the grand scheme. He rationalizes taking V24 — a new type of Compound V — so that he stands a chance against Gunpowder, who handed him a brutal beatdown in their first encounter.

When Butcher meets Soldier Boy's former sidekick again — this time inside a parking garage — he has super strength and heat vision, similar to the Man of Steel. In a scene that could be straight out of an R-rated cut of a superhero film, Butcher doesn't just defeat Gunpowder. Instead, he pounds Gunpowder face to a bloody pulp and then slices him in half with his heat vision. More importantly, the scowl on his face shows that he doesn't regret his actions for one second. Somewhere in a parallel universe, Homelander and Butcher would be high-fiving each other after that vulgar display of power.

Black Noir unmasks

Who is the man behind the mask? That's a question that "The Boys" fans have had about the silent but violent member of the Seven, Black Noir. Much like Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe, he never takes off his helmet, ensuring he remains one of the most intriguing enigmas in superhero television. That is, until Season 3's episode "Barbary Coast."

In a flashback showing President Ronald Reagan's off-the-books project Operation Charly, Black Noir is shown as a member of the Payback team, standing alongside the likes of Soldier Boy and Crimson Countess. However, the biggest revelation comes when the young Stan Edgar speaks with Black Noir. For the first time, the enigmatic superhero shows his face. Black Noir looks like a normal young guy, and he vents about how no one knows who he is under the mask, remarking that he could be someone famous, like Eddie Murphy, if people knew who he was. 

Edgar chats to him about the challenges of being a Black superhero and how it might not be as simple as he thinks. Noir listens intently, but it's clear that he wishes he didn't need the helmet. In Episode 7, a cartoon sequence reveals that Soldier Boy damaged Noir's face — which further explains why he never removes his helmet in the future.

The Deep experiences sushi for the first time

In "Peacemaker," there was a recurring gag in which Christopher Smith repeated a rumor about Aquaman not only speaking to fish but pursuing more intimate encounters with them as well. One-upping Aquaman in "The Boys" Season 3, the Deep shows his love for his aquatic friends extends beyond caring for the ocean. In particular, he develops a particularly close relationship with a sentient octopus named Timothy.

The dastardly Homelander knows everyone's secrets, though. In a twisted show of who's in charge and how he will destroy someone both physically and psychologically, the psychopath brings out fish as a meal for all his guests, including the still-alive Timothy the octopus. The Deep is instantly taken aback, staring at his friend on the plate before him. With everyone around him watching and waiting for the Deep to prove his loyalty to Homelander, he's forced to eat Timothy alive. The event traumatizes the aquatic super, who cannot believe what he has done to the poor octopus, and he looks beside himself with shock afterward. 

R.I.P. Timothy — gone but never forgotten in our hearts.

Kimiko uses the Seven in the wildest way

"The Boys" has never been afraid to show bloody or violent fights. Kimiko Miyashiro, in particular, has been involved in more than a few of these skirmishes. That said, she takes the violence to an outrageous new level in the episode "Glorious Five-Year Plan," after Butcher volunteers her services to take care of one of Little Nina's enemies in Russia. Even though Kimiko can't take her own weapons into the gangster's house, she finds a range of unexpected and hilarious weapons at her disposal.

Upon entering the mobster's bedroom, he proudly shows off his range of the Seven themed sex toys, which he plans to use for pleasure later in the evening. Needless to say, Kimiko takes hold of these and uses them to slay her target and his goons in an epic fight that proves the sex toy is mightier than the sword in the right hands.

Interestingly enough, showrunner Eric Kripke revealed to Digital Spy that he's trying to convince Amazon to invest in some unique merchandising options after this episode. "I have been campaigning Amazon to sell these things. I'm like, 'You are leaving so much money on the table. These are effective and fascinating adult massage devices.'"

Soldier Boy is unleashed

"The Boys" Season 3 does a good job of building up the arrival of Soldier Boy. While the audience sees him in flashbacks, the might of his power is only truly felt in the episode "The Last Time to Look on This World of Lies." If there was any doubt that he was as powerful as Homelander, the explosive scene at Crimson Countess' trailer proves that he is.

Soldier Boy is now awake and seeking out Crimson Countess for revenge. After finding out that she wasn't paid to betray him and did it only because she hated him, he becomes enraged. His chest starts to glow as his anger boils over. A massive blast erupts out of him, burning down the trailer and turning Crimson Countess into a flame-grilled corpse. Despite the damage and destruction done, Soldier Boy walks away from the wreckage unscathed and unbothered.

"The Boys" showrunner Eric Kripke explained to Variety the reasoning behind why Soldier Boy received his specific set of powers. "We said, what would be the scariest thing to Homelander?" he detailed. "And the scariest thing in the whole world to Homelander is just to be a regular dude. So giving Soldier Boy these blasts of sort of radioactive, walking-Chernobyl power that are frying the Compound V out of supes' systems is going to make him very, very scary to Homelander."

The explosive Herogasm party

Are we even surprised that an episode called "Herogasm" is as eye-popping and eyebrow-raising as it sounds? It's clear this is one part of "The Boys" Season 3 that the cast and crew don't want us to forget too quickly. Quite frankly, even if we pour bleach over our brains, it would be impossible to unsee everything we do here.

From Love Sausage's slithering return to the Deep treating an aquatic friend in the same way that Jim Levenstein did his mother's apple pie, the Herogasm event doesn't disappoint in name or execution. Judging by the graphic content, it's easy to see how no television network would be able to broadcast this. Even so, it's remarkable the limits that "The Boys" pushes past in these scenes.

Chace Crawford told Men's Health that the people involved were equally taken aback by the filming of the episode. "Every time you ran into somebody, it would be like hearing war stories," he said. "People coming back from a scene like, 'Have you been to set yet?' Crew members standing outside the studio just ripping cigarettes, never smoked a day in their life, muttering, 'The things I've seen...'" He wasn't exaggerating either, as Herogasm was everything everyone expected it to be and so much more.

A-Train uses road rash to his advantage

A-Train experiences a topsy turvy arc in "The Boys" Season 3. He has moments when one believes he may see the light and turn his back on Homelander, but there are plenty of occasions that remind us he still has a long way to go on the road toward redemption. One of his most important scenes in Season 3 involves him gaining revenge on the racist supe Blue Hawk, who viciously assaulted and crippled his brother, Nathan, earlier in the season.

At the Herogasm event, A-Train confronts his brother's attacker. An exchange briefly takes place before A-Train grabs hold of Blue Hawk and dishes out punishment. He speeds through the streets, dragging his adversary across the asphalt, giving him a serious exfoliation treatment that truly gets in deep and cleans out the pores. Unsurprisingly, Blue Hawk is nothing more than roadkill by the end of this super-speed sprint. A-Train's vengeance isn't without consequence, though, as he suffers a heart attack in the middle of the street after using his powers.

Butcher vs. Homelander: The Dawn of Injustice

Since "The Boys" debuted on Amazon, fans have waited for the inevitable clash between Butcher and Homelander. Unfortunately, everyone knows that Homelander's powers, coupled with his psychopathic nature, give him the advantage in almost every situation. There's simply no way that Butcher can go toe-to-toe with him and live to tell the story.

In Season 3, however, Butcher has an ace up his sleeve. In fairness, it's actually two. The first is V24, the new compound which gives him temporary superpowers and evens the playing field. The second is Soldier Boy — a supe who might be more powerful than Homelander. In the episode "Herogasm," Butcher and Homelander finally get to slug it out. Butcher, though, doesn't come alone. With the help of Soldier Boy and Hughie, they actually subdue Homelander and nearly destroy him before he escapes in the nick of time. 

Soldier Boy's shocking revelation

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it? In "The Boys" Season 3, it should have been expected that Homelander and Soldier Boy would have some kind of close connection, especially considering their similar powers and questionable behavior. However, no one expected the shocker that Soldier Boy drops on Homelander.

The groundwork for this revelation begins when Mindstorm whispers something in Soldier Boy's ear before dying. At the time, it's unclear what the news could be since Soldier Boy doesn't give too much away and continues as his usual prickly self. However, at the end of the episode "Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed," Soldier Boy picks up the phone and calls Homelander. He doesn't dance around the topic too much, detailing how he gave a genetic sample to Vought in the 1980s that he thinks was used to create Homelander. 

In short, this is his "I am your father" moment — though Homelander doesn't quite scream in agony like Luke Skywalker did when he found out the news.

Everyone vs. Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy wasn't a nice guy in the past, nor is he any better now. While Butcher believed he could use him as a weapon to exterminate Homelander once and for all, he and the rest of the Boys quickly discover that he has no intentions of becoming righteous or heroic in the slightest. Instead, he's ready for carnage and destruction, much like his test tube bouncing baby boy. In the finale of "The Boys" Season 3, everyone needs to work together to put a stop to this Captain America wannabe.

The last stand sees Mother's Milk, Butcher, and Starlight all using their resilience and intelligence against Soldier Boy. One on one, it is shown that they can't take him down — or even compete against him — but they have a chance as a team. Eventually, Hughie increases the brightness of the lights in the room in order to aid Starlight's abilities, a decision that both helps the team and demonstrates that he has finally come to terms with the fact that his own abilities will never truly match Starlight's. Like Supergirl absorbing energy from the sun, Starlight glows up and blasts Soldier Boy with such ferocity and power that it sends him reeling.

Queen Maeve's sacrifice

If there's one person who has been put through the wringer in "The Boys" Season 3, it is Queen Maeve. She shows her cards early in the season when she tries to give Butcher the ammunition he needs to take down Homelander. Later, she is captured, with many fearing that Homelander has destroyed her after discovering her betrayal. However, Maeve shows up in the finale in a heroic manner and ends up having one of the most significant moments of the season.

After Soldier Boy finds himself beaten, his chest begins to glow, indicating that he's about to blow everyone up. Queen Maeve, who has already lost an eye at this point, bravely tackles him, and they sail out of a window. She doesn't let go of him as he erupts and engulfs her in the blast. To the world, Maeve is now dead. However, it is revealed that she survived the incident — even though she is powerless now — and plans to take on a new identity, staying as far away from the supe business as possible.