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You Won't Believe How Committed Ezra Miller Was To Peacemaker's Aquaman Joke

Ever since the "Peacemaker" television series debuted, fans have gotten very familiar with the titular hero's feelings about the Justice League (lots of general and plentiful disdain). They've also heard Peacemaker (John Cena) spout off scandalous hearsay about specific members. He's on record saying he hates how Batman is too cowardly to kill criminals who deserve death — something his justice-dealing-self would never do. When it comes to Aquaman, there's another reason why the trigger-happy antihero claims Aquaman loves (in the most physical sense of the word) his fish friends a bit too much.

Peacemaker alludes to this Aquaman rumor several times throughout this first season of the HBO Max series, but it isn't until the season finale, "It's Cow or Never," that we see the Atlantis-dwelling Justice Leaguer defend him. Following an epic final fight between the 11th Street Kids and the Butterflies, the Justice League arrives too late to save the day. Instead, they watch as Peacemaker and his injured team emerge from the wreckage, having done their jobs for them. As Peacemaker and Co. storm away from the scene, Aquaman's (Jason Momoa) fishy fetish is directly addressed, and, of all people, it's loudmouth Barry Allen (aka The Flash) who has something to say about it. In fact, you won't believe how committed The Flash actor Ezra Miller was to making jokes about Aquaman's alleged extracurricular activities.

James Gunn now has an archive of Ezra Miller's NSFW fish jokes

As it appears in the final episode, you wouldn't think there was very much else to Ezra Miller's Aqua-sex jokes. He only makes one small comment about it after Peacemaker tells Aquaman to "go f*** another fish." Aquaman states that he hates that rumor, and The Flash dryly replies that it's "not a rumor," while the other Justice League members (Wonder Woman and Superman, only visible in silhouette) say nothing.

While this simple exchange may seem rather cut and dry, Season 1 finale episode director James Gunn revealed in a new interview with Total Film that Ezra Miller actually went on for much longer about the skeletons in Aquaman's proverbial closet. "I have tons of stuff I didn't use," Gunn told Total Film. "Ezra went on — and I'm not kidding — for 16 minutes about Aquaman having sex with fish. It was really funny."

While Gunn never shared any of the other fish-related jokes that Miller made up during filming, we can only imagine that the situation was one worth seeing. Maybe, if Warner Bros. ever decides to release a behind-the-scenes for "Peacemaker," we'll be able to see the DCEU actor grill some fish for 16 minutes. Until then, fans will have to enjoy the scene as it is now and keep in mind that Aquaman should never be one's first choice as a pet-sitter.