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That One Time Drew Carey Took A Spill Off The Price Is Right Stage

Let nobody ever tell you that hosting "The Price Is Right" doesn't come with certain hazards. Drew Carey knows this. In fact, he knows it all too well. Granted, by this point, Carey had already been hosting the beloved daytime game show for over a decade after taking over from Bob Barker. And with almost fifty seasons of "The Price Is Right" to watch, Drew Carey probably thought he knew what to expect from a regular day at the office.

However, on one fateful day in January of 2018, things didn't exactly go as planned. Carey –- again, having already hosted the game show for over a decade –- is probably very used to contestants' excitement when they guess an item's price correctly. After all, they stand to win some of the pretty sweet prizes "The Price Is Right" keeps in storage. This means when they come on stage with him, they're at the very least grinning ear to ear.

This contestant, whose name tag identified her as Sonia, came thirty bucks under the retail price, closer than any of the other three contestants up there. Screaming and jumping with delight, she ran onstage — which is when things took an unexpected turn.

The fan completely knocked Carey down

Sonia was so excited that she impulsively hugged Drew Carey. Unfortunately, she had not stopped jumping (or screaming, for that matter) before she grabbed onto him. You can probably guess what comes next, as she brought Carey crashing down. Thankfully, a row of lightbulbs stopped him from completely rolling off the stage.

The crowd gasped. Sonia apologized. As for Carey, he took it all like a professional, of course, laughing the whole time. Even getting back up, realizing his microphone pack had come undone, Carey smiled and took it in stride. "Hey everybody!" he said, grinning into the camera, "I'm fine. I'm fine."

Carey isn't exactly a stranger to this kind of antics. Not only was he the butt of innumerable jokes while hosting "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (to say nothing of many plots on "The Drew Carey Show"), he probably learned a pratfall or two when he made a surprise appearance in the world of professional wrestling (via WWE).

After a stern warning not to break the host or set, announcer George Gray informed Sonia that she would be winning a brand new car. Which, to be fair, seems worth getting extremely excited for.